29th June 2007 Archive

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  • WiMAX to lead $13bn capex boost in 2007-2012

    Wi-Fi to be sidelined

    Data Networking 29 07:02

  • Blu-ray, HD DVD combo discs due early '08

    Total HD release slides?

    Hardware 29 07:28

  • Seeking common factors in the Web 2.0 bubble

    Or, why we're not all doomed, after all

    Media 29 08:02

  • WD debuts DVR friendly add-on hard drive

    Hardware 29 08:15

  • UK oldies go crazy for e-shopping

    Fave pastime is frittering away the kids' inheritance

    Security 29 09:00

  • Programming Flex 2

    A book on programming RIAs

    Developer 29 09:02

  • Apple iPhone from all angles

    The hooplah. The stories. The comment

    Phones 29 09:07

  • BlackBerry gets free international calls

    EQO service uses local minutes and data instead

    Mobile 29 09:09

  • O2 set to ditch handset upgrade lock-in

    Subsidy cuts

    Mobile 29 09:23

  • Mobile content market opening up: Valista

    Expects operators to reduce prices

    Mobile 29 09:26

  • Record e-auction saves £100m

    Further savings expected for public sector

    The Channel 29 09:51

  • Gartner reaps iPhone backlash after making business case

    Mixed messages

    Mobile 29 09:53

  • Fon VoIP network being disrupted by protest over Wi-Fi adverts

    Users submerging routers to neutralise flaw

    Data Networking 29 09:55

  • Lawmakers worry over government network breaches

    Congress interests itself in cyber security

    Security 29 10:01

  • Capgemini jumps on Infosys takeover talk

    The Indians are coming

    The Channel 29 10:43

  • ZyXel NSA-2400 network attached storage box

    Four-drive central storage for your LAN

    Hardware 29 11:04

  • Apple's first handheld: the Newton MessagePad

    Phones 29 11:14

  • Blackholes make simulated universe debut

    Supercomputed big bang

    Science 29 11:16

  • BlackBerry still making jam

    Juicy results

    Financial News 29 11:32

  • Air France starts mobile check-in

    Pour la convenance, naturellement

    Mobile 29 11:39

  • Portable bots get cattleprod zapguns, hover capability

    Working Daleks only a matter of time

    Science 29 12:10

  • MP's son jailed over VAT scam

    Sentenced to three years

    The Channel 29 12:54

  • Scots police raid Honeywell for alleged music piracy

    Servers imaged and staff questioned

    Security 29 12:57

  • Unwanted e-card conceals a Storm

    Don't download it - as if you needed to be told...

    Security 29 13:03

  • Boffins go HPC crazy while America stands in the iQ

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    Business 29 13:42

  • DoJ alerts US citizens to spam attack

    Pesky phishers impersonate keepers of Justice

    Security 29 13:48

  • HTC rolls out old-style PDA phone

    Phones 29 14:04

  • Logitech pumps up webcams to 720p HD

    Hardware 29 14:14

  • 3Com mounts school Wi-Fi fightback

    Touts 'second-generation wireless' against health hysteria

    Broadband 29 14:34

  • Gateway brings a new twist to the tablet PC

    Hardware 29 14:36

  • Cyberstalker to spend six months in jail

    Months on the lam end with maximum possible sentence

    Security 29 14:51

  • Waste computer edict finally hits UK

    Charity says don't junk kit, send it to Africa instead

    The Channel 29 14:57

  • AMD to crush AMD with 2.0GHz 'Barcelona'

    Hits stores in September

    Hardware 29 15:16

  • MPs rap BBC over Siemens deal

    Not good value

    The Channel 29 15:23

  • Tivoli integrates compliance management

    Automated tool contrast policies with behaviour

    Developer 29 15:29

  • Euro iPhone launch will reveal 3G handset for Vodafone, T-Mobile

    Ignore the US launch...

    Phones 29 15:36

  • How not to survey your customers

    A great customer turns bad survey questions into valuable feedback.

    Developer 29 15:38

  • US gives in to EU demands over data

    PNR and Swift finally put to bed - but still restless

    Security 29 15:58

  • Apple posts iPhone-friendly iTunes, accessories

    Phones 29 16:23

  • Western Digital buys platter maker Komag

    HD supplier in $1bn bid to match Seagate and Hitachi

    The Channel 29 17:46

  • Beavis and Butthead in London jihad

    Huh-huh-huh, let's break somethin'

    Security 29 17:51

  • Intel has four-core Opteron stuffer set for August

    Barcelona: 'It could have been a contender'

    Servers 29 17:53

  • Children fight back against RIAA, take over Mensa

    While Blighty faces new Armada

    Letters 29 17:58

  • Sun turns over cluster code

    Solaris agents no longer secret

    Applications 29 19:50

  • The greening of Dell notebooks

    Energy Star 4.0 badges for new launches

    Hardware 29 20:24

  • Google embarasses MapQuest

    Driving directions redux

    Applications 29 20:26

  • 'F*cked' record companies in 'cataclysmic' meltdown - manager

    So are live promoters the new pigopolists?

    Media 29 20:32

  • Google flirts with online OS

    Docs, Spreadsheets, Folders

    Applications 29 21:32