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WiMAX to lead $13bn capex boost in 2007-2012

Capex investment on pre-4G wireless systems will reach a cumulative total of $13bn by 2012 if new spectrum allocations, and technology roll-outs, stay on schedule. The main systems attracting this global spend will be 802.16e and its successor 802.16m, and LTE. However, while the latter will see a strong uptick in growth from the turn of the decade, it will not overtake WiMAX in capex terms until 2014.
Faultline, 29 Jun 2007

Blu-ray, HD DVD combo discs due early '08

Warner Home Video may not release dual-format HD DVD/Blu-ray Disc media - launched in January this year under the Total HD brand - until 2008 and not late 2007 as originally planned.
Tony Smith, 29 Jun 2007

Seeking common factors in the Web 2.0 bubble

ColumnBoy oh boy! - has Andrew Keen upset the world of Web 2.0. I'm tempted to tell him: "Things change. Deal with it." but instead, I'm going to suggest you watch a talking rabbit discuss the end of the world and American culture.
Guy Kewney, 29 Jun 2007

WD debuts DVR friendly add-on hard drive

Finding the hard drive in your DVR no longer capacious enough for all the digital TV programmes you want to record? If you don't fancy transplanting in a new drive, Western Digital may have the answer: an external HDD for DVRs.
Tony Smith, 29 Jun 2007
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UK oldies go crazy for e-shopping

On-line shopping is the nation's favourite use for a PC, and over-55s are the UK's most frequent computer users, according to an on-line survey sponsored by Microsoft.
Bryan Betts, 29 Jun 2007

Programming Flex 2

Book reviewThe move towards rich internet applications (RIA) seems to be unstoppable. Aiming to offer browser-based applications with the speed, flexibility and functionality of traditional desktop applications, companies like Google and others continue to raise the bar as to what you can do in a browser. One of the key technologies in this area has been Ajax, but even with the proliferation of Ajax toolkits and frameworks, there are an increasing range of alternatives. These include JavaFX from Sun, JBoss Seam, Google’s GWT and Microsoft’s Silverlight.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 29 Jun 2007

Apple iPhone from all angles

Apple's iPhone goes on sale in the US this evening. The queues have formed, and limits placed on how many of the handsets punters can take away with them. What is all the fuss about? Find out by reading Register Hardware's most popular iPhone stories...
Register Hardware, 29 Jun 2007

BlackBerry gets free international calls

Internet phone service specialist EQO has added BlackBerry to the list of around 400 handsets that it says can now make local-rate or free international calls - without using Wi-Fi or VOIP to the handset. Users also get cheap text messaging and free access to all the popular IM services, the company said.
Bryan Betts, 29 Jun 2007

O2 set to ditch handset upgrade lock-in

UK telecommunications operator O2 will aim to break the mobile phone handset upgrade cycle with a new selection of tariffs that will be cheaper than the pay-as-you-talk and monthly contract offerings currently available.
Christopher Williams, 29 Jun 2007

Mobile content market opening up: Valista

Valista has said that while mobile operators are continuing to hamper the growth of digital commerce through overcharging, the situation is changing.
Charlie Taylor, 29 Jun 2007

Record e-auction saves £100m

The UK government has smashed its previous record for cost savings achieved from a reverse e-auction
Kablenet, 29 Jun 2007

Gartner reaps iPhone backlash after making business case

Analyst firm Gartner stuck its neck out in a raw bid for fame this week by writing to every comment-writer and saying: "Quote us!" - and then going on to slam the iPhone for not being a business tool.
Guy Kewney, 29 Jun 2007

Fon VoIP network being disrupted by protest over Wi-Fi adverts

Why are people "moving" their FON routers into the lake? It's because of a clever idea - or so it seemed: let people "earn" 15 minutes of free Internet time on the FON Wi-Fi network by watching adverts.
Guy Kewney, 29 Jun 2007

Lawmakers worry over government network breaches

Long an afterthought for U.S. lawmakers, cybersecurity has received renewed attention in some parts of Congress.
Robert Lemos, 29 Jun 2007
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Capgemini jumps on Infosys takeover talk

Shares in Capgemini jumped this morning on talk of a takeover or merger approach from Infosys.
John Oates, 29 Jun 2007

Apple's first handheld: the Newton MessagePad

Forgotten TechSome say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and when you consider the history of the PDA, that statement holds many truths.
James Sherwood, 29 Jun 2007

Blackholes make simulated universe debut

Scientists have a better understanding of the role black holes have played in the evolution of galaxies in our cosmos, thanks to a new and unprecedentedly detailed simulation of the universe developed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Jun 2007
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8300

BlackBerry still making jam

Research in Motion - the company behind the BlackBerry emailer - turned over $1.08bn in the first quarter ended 2 June 2007, an increase of 76.5 per cent on the same quarter of last year.
John Oates, 29 Jun 2007

Air France starts mobile check-in

Air France and KLM have launched a mobile phone check-in service using SMS for confirmation.
Jan Libbenga, 29 Jun 2007

Portable bots get cattleprod zapguns, hover capability

Aficionados of the killer-robot world barely get time to catch their breath these days. Yesterday was no exception, with two military droids making their debut.
Lewis Page, 29 Jun 2007

MP's son jailed over VAT scam

The son of Labour MP and millionaire businessman Mohammed Sarwar has been jailed for three years after being found guilty of an £850,000 VAT scam involving imported mobile phones.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jun 2007
Pirates ahoy!

Scots police raid Honeywell for alleged music piracy

Strathclyde Police raided the Motherwell offices of engineering firm Honeywell this morning after a member of staff tipped off the BPI that company servers were hosting a "major filesharing network".
John Oates, 29 Jun 2007

Unwanted e-card conceals a Storm

There's a new version of the Storm Trojan on the loose, disguised as an e-postcard but actually recruiting zombies for a botnet, according to the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Centre.
Bryan Betts, 29 Jun 2007

DoJ alerts US citizens to spam attack

The US Department of Justice has issued a warning to the public urging them not to respond to a bogus email that purports to be from the DoJ.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jun 2007

HTC rolls out old-style PDA phone

Another day and another bland PDA phone slips into the market. This time it's the turn of HTC's P6300, an unassuming tri-band GSM/GRPS offering with a 3.5in, 240 x 320 touchscreen.
James Sherwood, 29 Jun 2007

Logitech pumps up webcams to 720p HD

Everything is going HD these days, it seems, and the latest gadget to take advantage of high-def imaging is Logitech's latest line of QuickCam Pro webcams.
James Sherwood, 29 Jun 2007

3Com mounts school Wi-Fi fightback

3Com has decided to fight the hysteria over WiFi in schools. The company has hooked up with a reseller that specialises in the education market called 802.UK to promote "second-generation wireless" - by which it means enterprise-class managed WLANs - for schools.
Bryan Betts, 29 Jun 2007

Gateway brings a new twist to the tablet PC

Gateway clearly thinks it's onto a winner with its tablet PC range, so much so that it's sketched out two additional models: the E-295C for budding artists, and the C-140 for home users.
James Sherwood, 29 Jun 2007

Cyberstalker to spend six months in jail

Convicted cyberstalker Felicity Jane Lowde has been sentenced to six months in chokey for her "vicious, vitriolic and vindictive" campaign of harassment against Rachel North, a survivor of the July 2005 London bombings. Her sentence was handed down at Thames Magistrate Court yesterday, along with an anti social behaviour order (ASBO) and is the maximum jail term the judge could impose.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Jun 2007
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Waste computer edict finally hits UK

The long-awaited Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive finally comes into force on Sunday, 1 July.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jun 2007

AMD to crush AMD with 2.0GHz 'Barcelona'

Barcelona has arrived, sort of, and AMD is talking more about beating itself up than knocking Intel with the new chip.
Ashlee Vance, 29 Jun 2007
BBC logo 75

MPs rap BBC over Siemens deal

The Public Accounts Committee said the BBC failed to ensure it got best value when it outsourced its IT department to Siemens.
John Oates, 29 Jun 2007

Tivoli integrates compliance management

IBM has finally finished digesting Consul InSight, the risk management software that it bought last December, and has re-released it in expanded form as Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager.
Bryan Betts, 29 Jun 2007

Euro iPhone launch will reveal 3G handset for Vodafone, T-Mobile

A new 3G (European) version of the iPhone will be launched Monday in the UK by Apple - in a joint promotion with Vodafone, T-Mobile of Germany, and Carphone Warehouse. It should answer the disappointment with the US version of the iPhone which has been widely slammed for its poor performance as a phone.
Guy Kewney, 29 Jun 2007
Warning Stop

How not to survey your customers

Blog[David Norfolk says: I don't like most surveys I see – they're normally from the armed and dangerous wing of the PR industry – but they can be useful, when done properly. So I was interested when Richard Collins (he wrote a piece for Reg Dev on test-driven development here earlier this year) pointed me at this piece from one of his staff – and I thought it was worth sharing with our readers – , Editor]

US gives in to EU demands over data

The US has capitulated to EU demands that its use of European data in counter-terrorism operations should be subject to foreign scrutiny.
Mark Ballard, 29 Jun 2007

Apple posts iPhone-friendly iTunes, accessories

With just hours to go before the iPhone officially goes on sale, Apple has paved the way with a new version of its iTunes jukebox software and a barrel-load of iPhone accessories.
James Sherwood, 29 Jun 2007
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Western Digital buys platter maker Komag

Western Digital has bought hard disk media manufacturer Komag, in a $1bn cash deal that sets it on course to go vertically-integrated, like Seagate and Hitachi GST.
Bryan Betts, 29 Jun 2007

Beavis and Butthead in London jihad

Police and securocrats know that there aren't enough real terrorists in the world, which is why they have to keep manufacturing them. This is because citizens tire of being watched by cameras, frisked and x-rayed, having their belongings searched, giving fingerprints to so-called friendly nations on entry, contemplating the myriad government databases where their details and activities are preserved, and wondering if some dour little bureaucrat is reading their email or listening to them on the phone.
Thomas C Greene, 29 Jun 2007

Intel has four-core Opteron stuffer set for August

ExclusiveIntel looks set to blunt AMD's August Barcelona processor release by handing customers a 2.0GHz version of its four-core Clovertown, The Register has learned.
Ashlee Vance, 29 Jun 2007

Children fight back against RIAA, take over Mensa

CommentsScience, smarts and children seem to dominate this week. We hope you all had the smarts to avoid the following occupations. Noted science red-top Popular Science has published a list of the ten worst jobs in science. "Microsoft Security Grunt" made number five, but you had your own suggestions:
Robin Lettice, 29 Jun 2007

Sun turns over cluster code

Sun Microsystems will make its Solaris clustering code available to the open-source community - the latest effort in the company's OpenSolaris project.
Austin Modine, 29 Jun 2007

The greening of Dell notebooks

Dell, the green movement's most recent recruit, is trumpeting yet another be-kind-to-the-environment initiative. This time it's mobile workstations and notebooks that have been greenwashed, with the firm's latest launches, the Dell D430 Notebook and the Dell Precision M4300 mobile workstation earning the Environmental Protection Agency's newest Energy Star 4.0 badge.
Drew Cullen, 29 Jun 2007
Warning: slippery road

Google embarasses MapQuest

You’ll never use MapQuest again. With a new addition to its Google Maps service, Google has completely reinvented the notion of online driving directions, letting you adjust routes with a simple drag and drop.
Cade Metz, 29 Jun 2007

'F*cked' record companies in 'cataclysmic' meltdown - manager

As some of the biggest figures in the music business weighed in on the future of music this week, there were very mixed views on its future.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jun 2007

Google flirts with online OS

It's only a matter of time before Google unveils a full-fledged online operating system. This week, Microsoft's biggest rival rolled out a new version of Docs & Spreadsheets - its online answer to Word and Excel - adding Windows-like folders, an improved search engine, and an all-around prettier interface.
Cade Metz, 29 Jun 2007

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