28th June 2007 Archive

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  • Serious security hole plugged in RealPlayer and HelixPlayer

    Shhh, don't tell anyone

    Security 28 Jun 01:09

  • Windows Server 2008 CTP packs IIS punch

    Fat lady goes back to trailer

    Applications 28 Jun 01:31

  • E-voting vendor succumbs to California source code demands

    Worried about 'personal agendas'

    Government 28 Jun 01:50

  • Dell: 'We'll clobber pricey NetApp with new iSCSI kit'

    'We didn't say that'

    Storage 28 Jun 02:30

  • Blockbuster and Netflix stop suing each other

    Will secret 'sweetheart' deal stifle the competition?

    Applications 28 Jun 03:21

  • Vodafone looking to Reach excluded youth

    Foundation offering £5m to charities

    Mobile 28 Jun 08:53

  • GPS becomes more than a back-seat driver

    Telmap shares locations, while Vodafone dodges traffic

    Mobile 28 Jun 08:55

  • Robot brains? Can't make 'em, can't sell 'em

    Why dopes still beat boffins

    Science 28 Jun 09:02

  • Mobile industry group leaps into VoIP debate

    Industry body calls for customer awareness

    VoIP 28 Jun 09:02

  • Google Desktop finds Linux at last

    Search app goes open source

    Applications 28 Jun 09:07

  • HP steals agenda setting crown from IBM

    Playing with its big stick

    CIO 28 Jun 09:15

  • Home Office, civilians all fingers and thumbs on biometrics

    UK finds old habits hard to break

    Security 28 Jun 09:25

  • Nintendo readies Wii game-making tool for all

    Amateur coders to create the next Mario?

    Games 28 Jun 09:38

  • Intel releases updated quad-core CPUs

    Cooler stepping

    Hardware 28 Jun 10:02

  • Could open source BI close out incumbents?

    A threat to traditional markets?

    Developer 28 Jun 10:05

  • Press code bans snooping in wake of royal eavesdrop case

    Voluntary code strengthened

    Security 28 Jun 10:11

  • SanDisk promises 8GB Micro SDHC card... sometime

    Hardware 28 Jun 10:19

  • Sony Ericsson leaves smartphone sufferers spitting

    No more bugfixes for you

    Phones 28 Jun 10:21

  • GPLv3 set for formal launch

    Let the countdown begin

    Software 28 Jun 10:35

  • Underwater MP3 players surfaces

    Hardware 28 Jun 10:44

  • International effort on privacy protection is launched

    OECD countries to cooperate on data protection

    Law 28 Jun 10:46

  • Top BT exec wholesales himself to New Zealand

    Reynolds out, 21CN in

    Broadband 28 Jun 10:54

  • UK boffins form nanotech taskforce

    Says government has failed to act

    Government 28 Jun 10:56

  • Ghostly plastic bathtoy flotilla nears Cornish coast

    Greed-crazed salvage junk bonanza mob frenzy brewing

    Science 28 Jun 11:07

  • Paris Hilton says jail term has changed her

    'Mystery meat' was hard to swallow, though

    Bootnotes 28 Jun 11:21

  • YouTube uber-Daddy of online vid sites

    US traffic growing strongly

    Financial News 28 Jun 11:22

  • Morse will dash for AIM under new CEO

    Reshuffle after demerger

    The Channel 28 Jun 11:49

  • Body that spawned the internet wants to rebuild it

    Broke or not, DARPA's fixin' to fix it

    Data Networking 28 Jun 12:05

  • Qualys: When rules finally meet technology

    Automating credit card compliance

    Security 28 Jun 12:12

  • Don't touch that Microsoft Security Bulletin email

    Trojan hides under patch update

    Security 28 Jun 12:15

  • Bush and Cheney subpoenaed for wiretapping

    Snooping inquiry gets legal

    Security 28 Jun 12:32

  • Lots of rain and too much Sun: climate change is on its way

    The Channel 28 Jun 12:55

  • Dr Google will see you soon

    Vegetarian giant to eat more data, weigh less

    Applications 28 Jun 13:01

  • Pedal to the metal: bike-friendly iPod dock launched

    Hardware 28 Jun 13:05

  • Apple limits buyers to two iPhones

    Only one per buyer at AT&T stores

    Phones 28 Jun 13:34

  • Celebrating the iPhone's Newtonian past

    Devices share more than a gravitational connection

    Applications 28 Jun 13:50

  • PowerColor ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT graphics card

    AMD's HD 2600 XT and HD 2400 XT debut

    Hardware 28 Jun 14:26

  • Nokia restructuring from strength for mobile internet

    Will recombine handset activities

    Mobile 28 Jun 14:44

  • UK could get privileged access to American kill-tech

    Slippery Brits promise no reselling

    Government 28 Jun 15:11

  • Synchrotron boffins sign collaboration deal with Brazilians

    Order and progress in Oxfordshire

    Science 28 Jun 15:14

  • Microsoft UK changes mind on distie beauty parade

    Lady's prerogative

    The Channel 28 Jun 15:19

  • American trademark attorneys to consume own young

    New breed raised in intellectual cages and fed raw meat

    Law 28 Jun 15:45

  • MPAA unleashes legal eagles on YouTV and Peekvid

    Won't somebody think of the copyright?

    Law 28 Jun 15:46

  • Brown splits DTI, creates ministers for biz & boffinry

    Royal Society: we'd like to see the word 'science' somewhere ...

    Small Biz 28 Jun 16:08

  • Alienware beams down dual-core, dual-GPU laptop


    Hardware 28 Jun 17:09

  • FTC sides against Net Neutrality

    Let God sort 'em out

    Broadband 28 Jun 18:29

  • Red Hat tight lipped on Microsoft talks

    But middleware will make it chatty

    Applications 28 Jun 19:42

  • Microsoft's Silverlight gets Linux treatment

    Genuine cross platform - not by us

    Developer 28 Jun 21:14

  • FCC wants public comment on XM-Sirius merger

    What do you think, folks at home?

    Broadband 28 Jun 21:26

  • Data Domain's stock rocks, Netezza seeks $80m

    Storage appliance IPO a-go-go

    Storage 28 Jun 22:33

  • How furry is it?

    Silicon Valley subculture of stuffed animals is the largest in the world

    Science 28 Jun 23:12

  • Core 2 Duo: Intel's insecurity blanket

    Is OpenBSD founder prophet or scaremonger?

    Security 28 Jun 23:54