26th June 2007 Archive

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  • eBay pirates plead guilty to selling $6m software for pennies

    Jail-time beckons

    Security 26 00:05

  • US porn spammers guilty as charged

    Canned by CAN-SPAM

    Security 26 01:12

  • Google calls for court to tighten Microsoft's anti-trust leash

    Doesn't trust Microsoft to supervise itself

    Software 26 01:33

  • Sun's new supercomputer and switch are bigger than yours

    Market's 90-pound weakling beefs up

    Servers 26 05:54

  • MPs satisfied with FoI regime

    Lambasts DCA's 'unnecessary' focus on reducing costs

    Government 26 09:39

  • Vendors start testing 802.11n kit

    Certified by September, but spec not due till 2008

    Data Networking 26 09:44

  • Nvidia to beat AMD to release on-the-fly GPU switching tech?

    'SLI Power' becomes 'Hybrid SLI'

    Hardware 26 09:44

  • Vasco makes e-business accessible

    Secure transactions for the disabled

    Security 26 09:47

  • Psion: the last computer

    Secrets of the Sony we never had

    Vintage 26 09:58

  • Analyst alleges iPhone already hitting Palm sales

    New Windows Mobile alternative

    Phones 26 10:09

  • Safari gets four new fixes

    Quick fix tames vulns

    Applications 26 10:12

  • Sony clocks up PSP processor by 25%

    Hidden firmware update feature

    Games 26 10:26

  • When acquisitions are bad news

    Vae victis

    Developer 26 10:28

  • HP and Microsoft take supercomputing mass-market

    Clusters for everyone

    Software 26 10:32

  • New way in for Cisco engineers

    Certifications get rejigged

    The Channel 26 10:35

  • Paris Hilton walks to freedom

    Jailbird celeb finally completes jail term

    Bootnotes 26 10:40

  • ITIL 3 launch: best practices at best prices

    10% off a host of ITIL books

    Developer 26 10:58

  • Google buying phone company?

    Rumours de jour

    Financial News 26 11:05

  • iRiver shows off VoIP phone media player

    Hardware 26 11:06

  • Sun wants to support everybody's boxes

    As long as they're running Solaris

    The Channel 26 11:30

  • Casio Exilim EX-Z75 and EWC-10 underwater case

    Diving with a digicam

    Hardware 26 11:33

  • Bush on cyber war: 'a subject I can learn a lot about'

    Real gov network strike might be scarier than botnet DDoS

    Security 26 11:35

  • IBM turbo charges world's fastest supercomputer

    Blue Gene has long division licked. Next: killer sudoku

    Data Centre 26 11:39

  • Dell calls to consumers with coloured Inspirons

    MacBooks, Vaios challenged

    Hardware 26 11:43

  • HP coughs up surprise update to desktop PC range

    Breeds flock of hybrid DVD boxes

    Hardware 26 11:46

  • Avnet doubles Sun reseller fleet

    Hails successful channel push

    The Channel 26 11:48

  • IBM forks out $7m in Dollar General settlement

    Neither admits, nor denies, wrongdoing

    Financial News 26 11:57

  • Voltage secures patents on identity-based encryption

    Assumes you are who you say you are

    Security 26 12:01

  • USB adaptor helps iPod Shuffle users cut the cord

    Hardware 26 12:19

  • Sharp intros four-port powerline network box

    Broadband 26 12:42

  • BAE shares tank as US feds break cover

    The hunt is on

    Government 26 12:45

  • Soggy IT pros check in from flooded Sheffield

    Wellies and pizza keep servers running

    Servers 26 12:50

  • Court rules 3G licences weren't VAT inclusive

    Mobile firms feel pain yet again

    Mobile 26 13:11

  • Biggest barrier to green IT is cost

    Spending green to feel green

    Servers 26 13:53

  • Clarion trumpets UK acquisition

    Snaps up The Planning Loft

    The Channel 26 14:03

  • NEC follows the path of XenSource

    Finding peace with virtualisation deal

    The Channel 26 14:13

  • Cell hack geek stalks pretty blonde shocker

    Spookery goes mainstream as harasser hits the phones

    Security 26 14:23

  • Virgin Trains's mysterious full-price ticket promotion

    'Temporary data problem' scuppers cheap fares

    Applications 26 14:38

  • Trend Micro boosts Vista package, extends Hotmail deal

    What's good for Redmond is good for us

    Security 26 14:49

  • GSMA looks to 900MHz for more 3G

    Ofcom promises to think about it

    Mobile 26 14:58

  • iPhone contract charges unveiled

    Brace yourself for a $2,000 phone bill

    Mobile 26 15:35

  • Microsoft shill blogs steal Reg commercial strategy c.2001

    In the blogosphere, everyone can hear you squeal for cash

    Software 26 15:42

  • Sucky software? So add a virgin

    David Platt shows how developers get it wrong

    Developer 26 15:55

  • DHS forgets to mention border WiFi spy tower bungle

    Eye of Sauron poked after dodgy debrief

    Data Networking 26 16:02

  • 'The 3D Flickr' is go

    French to take MS Virtual Earth into another dimension

    Applications 26 16:09

  • Open source 'leaving Asia behind'

    Novell veep warns of collaborative culture clash

    Developer 26 16:22

  • Netgear promises 3G femtocells by end of year

    Still hedging bets with Wi-Fi included, too

    Data Networking 26 16:25

  • RegisterFly: the name not to be spoken

    Notes from the root zone

    Broadband 26 17:03

  • Revolutionary laptop stand promises musical chairs

    Hardware 26 17:05

  • Google tops US, UK mobile charts

    Though Brits aren't nearly as brainwashed

    Mobile 26 17:50

  • Judge rejects Google's Microsoft anti-trust plea

    Satisfaction through litigation

    Operating Systems 26 19:00

  • Novell kicks off Hackweek

    Sends its SUSE Linux developers on a seven-day busman's holiday

    Developer 26 20:27

  • America wastes gazillions with always-on PCs

    Switched off to the environment

    Hardware 26 20:28

  • Symantec offer sticks in craw of some Chinese users

    'Lacks seriousness and sincerity'

    Security 26 20:40

  • HP and Microsoft embrace and extend around HPC

    Robust cuddling leads to test centers

    Servers 26 22:08

  • Microsoft finds good facts to sell Windows Vista

    Driver test

    The Channel 26 22:09

  • Iron Mountain buys records management firm

    Finding your data's undisclosed location made simple

    Storage 26 22:11

  • Red Hat's Exchange roars like a muted lamb

    Broad and thin

    Servers 26 23:07

  • How to sniff out private information on Facebook

    Social network makes it a snap

    Security 26 23:13