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eBay pirates plead guilty to selling $6m software for pennies

Two Americans pleaded guilty today to selling $6m worth of counterfeit software over eBay.

US porn spammers guilty as charged

Two men who ran a spam operation to promote pornographic websites had the book thrown at them today. A federal jury in Phoenix, Arizona convicted Jeffrey Kilbride, 41, of Venice, California and James Schaffer, 41 of Paradise Valley, Arizona of eight counts, including conspiracy, fraud, money laundering, and transportation of obscene materials.

Google calls for court to tighten Microsoft's anti-trust leash

Google has escalated its legal tussle with Microsoft over search features built into the Vista operating system. It has asked a federal judge to extend a 2002 antitrust consent decree to ensure Microsoft fulfills its pledge to fully resolve the stand-off.

Sun's new supercomputer and switch are bigger than yours

Sun Microsystems is sick and tired of rolling over while the likes of IBM and Cray dominate the low margin, high profile world of super computers.
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MPs satisfied with FoI regime

Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee has categorically rejected the government's case for new arrangements in handling Freedom of Information requests
Kablenet, 26 2007

Vendors start testing 802.11n kit

The Wi-Fi Alliance has started testing kit conforming to the second draft of the 802.11n standard, expecting certified products to be on the shelves by September, despite the fact that the final version of the standard isn't expected until next year.
Bill Ray, 26 2007

Nvidia to beat AMD to release on-the-fly GPU switching tech?

Nvidia is said to be moving forward with a plan to allow notebook computers fitted with both integrated and discrete graphics chips to flip between the two GPUs, the better to balance battery life with all-out performance.

Vasco makes e-business accessible

I am not a security expert but I recognise that security is fundamental to the successful implementation of ICT solutions. Different security solutions are used in different environments; simple user-id and password solutions are still popular, because they are inexpensive to implement, but they are not very secure.
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Psion: the last computer

Special Feature The Series 5 pocket computer from Psion was launched 10 years ago this week. It was a remarkable achievement: entirely new silicon, a new operating system, middleware stack and applications were developed from scratch in just over two years.

Analyst alleges iPhone already hitting Palm sales

Apple's iPhone is going to hit Palm hard, a US analyst has forecast. Research in Motion's consumer-friendly BlackBerry Curve will harm the PDA pioneer too, Piper Jaffray wireless hardware analyst T Michael Walkley claimed this week.

Safari gets four new fixes

Apple has released four new fixes for its Safari cross-platform internet browser - less than two weeks after its launch. The new patches mark the second update to Safari since its release, and are part of a larger Safari 3.0.2 beta release for Mac OS X and Windows.

Sony clocks up PSP processor by 25%

Sony has pulled off a covert PSP firmware release that secretly removes a processor speed limit from the hardware, boosting the handheld games console's clock speed from 266MHz to 333MHz, an increase of over 25 per cent.
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When acquisitions are bad news

Acquisitions may or may not be good deals for the purchaser, but at best they pose serious questions for the users of the acquired company. In my recent article TIBCO acquires Spotfire: why?, I discussed the possibility that TIBCO was likely to be focusing the Spotfire BI solution in a different direction from previously, which might serve its best interests but not necessarily those of existing users of the Spotfire software. However, they are likely to be much better off than the users of one, and possibly two, other acquisitions that have recently been announced.

HP and Microsoft take supercomputing mass-market

HP and Microsoft have agreed to continue cooperating on plans to take supercomputing to the mass enterprise and mid-sized markets.

New way in for Cisco engineers

Cisco has introduced an entry-level qualification for engineers wanting qualifications in installing and maintaining its routers.
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Paris Hilton walks to freedom

Paris Hilton's three-weeks and two-days stint in the slammer has come to an end, with the blonde jailbird and hotel heiress walking free today.
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ITIL 3 launch: best practices at best prices

ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. Providing a cohesive set of best practice guidance drawn from the public and private sectors across the world, it has recently undergone a major and important refresh programme.
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Google buying phone company?

Google is close to buying phone management company GrandCentral which provides one number for life which can be routed to various actual numbers.

iRiver shows off VoIP phone media player

It's an MP3 player. It's an FM radio. It's an e-book reader. It's a VoIP phone. It's a navigation gagdet. It's iRiver's W10, the South Korean company's latest attempt to out-perform the iPod - and now the iPhone too, it hopes.

Sun wants to support everybody's boxes

Sun is looking to burnish its support credentials by offering to look after other vendors’ hardware as long it is running its Solaris OS.
Joe Fay, 26 2007

Casio Exilim EX-Z75 and EWC-10 underwater case

Review How do you sell a seven-megapixel camera when so many rivals are doing the same? You can't rely on the usual features - big LCD, anti-blur tech, slimline metal casing, etc - because everyone else has those too. No, you need something a little different, and in Casio's case that means offering your latest compact camera with an optional underwater kit.
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Bush on cyber war: 'a subject I can learn a lot about'

When the presidents of the USA and Estonia met on Monday, cyber warfare was still very much on the Estonian agenda.

IBM turbo charges world's fastest supercomputer

IBM has unleashed a new iteration of its chess-playing powerhouse Blue Gene, which it also reckons is useful in academic and commercial fields like drug discovery and mineral exploration.
Dell Inspiron 1420

Dell calls to consumers with coloured Inspirons

Dell has revamped its Inspiron laptop line with a set of three models all available in a choice of eight "vibrant" colours and with a pick of Intel or AMD processors.

HP coughs up surprise update to desktop PC range

HP has quietly snuck through an update to its home desktop PC range with the computer giant now officially shipping its media centre systems with hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD drives.

Avnet doubles Sun reseller fleet

Avnet's Partner Solutions Sun Division has doubled the number of Sun resellers it serves in the UK.

IBM forks out $7m in Dollar General settlement

IBM has agreed to pay $7m to settle a Securities and Exchange Commision investigation into financial statements from Dollar General in 2000. The money will go into a Dollar General general shareholder fund.

Voltage secures patents on identity-based encryption

Voltage Security has been granted five patents covering the core functionality of their "identity-based" encryption products, though they're keen to share the technology with everyone on a reasonable and non-discriminatory basis.
Bill Ray, 26 2007

USB adaptor helps iPod Shuffle users cut the cord

Calling all owners of Apple's second-gen iPod Shuffle - here's a handy, dirt cheap alternative to the USB cable that came packed with your player: a plug-in USB adaptor.

Sharp intros four-port powerline network box

Home networking, it seems, has become too complicated. Enter Sharp, coming to the rescue with its HN-VA40S and HN-VA10S adaptors, designed to help consumers build home networks using their existing electrical power wiring.
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BAE shares tank as US feds break cover

UK arms colossus BAE Systems is under investigation by US authorities for alleged corruption.
Warning: quayside

Soggy IT pros check in from flooded Sheffield

We're getting reports of rampant heroism from IT support staff in flooded Sheffield. The city received about two months rainfall in a matter of hours yesterday. Three people have been killed by the floods and thousands forced to leave their homes.
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Court rules 3G licences weren't VAT inclusive

Europe's highest court has ruled that the huge amounts telcos paid for their 3G licences didn't include VAT, so there's no opportunity for the companies to reclaim £3.3bn quid from the treasury.
Bill Ray, 26 2007
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Biggest barrier to green IT is cost

Cost is the single biggest factor hampering companies that want to adopt a 'green' IT structure, according to new research.

Clarion trumpets UK acquisition

Irish firm Clarion Consulting has acquired a majority stake in UK consulting firm The Planning Loft, in a deal that will increase its turnover to €7m.

NEC follows the path of XenSource

XenSource has signed an agreement with NEC which it hopes will push demand and boost sales for its virtualisation server platform, XenEnterprise.

Cell hack geek stalks pretty blonde shocker

Cellphone-hack surveillance techniques, long the preserve of government operatives, may have gone mainstream as a family in the western USA reports unusually competent cellphone stalking.

Virgin Trains's mysterious full-price ticket promotion

Anyone wanting to book a ticket on Virgin Trains would be well advised to wait a little while as the company is currently unable to sell its discounted tickets, though its website will happily service travellers willing to fork out the full fare.
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Trend Micro boosts Vista package, extends Hotmail deal

Security provider Trend Micro yesterday announced a brace of Microsoft-based strategies, rolling out improvements for its combo offering on Vista and proclaiming that it will handle antivirus for Hotmail/Live webmail services for a further year.
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GSMA looks to 900MHz for more 3G

The GSM Association, trade body of the mobile phone industry, is calling for regulators around the world to allow the use of 3G technology in the 900MHz band.
Bill Ray, 26 2007

iPhone contract charges unveiled

AT&T and Apple have announced what the iPhone will cost customers over the two-year contract they'll be obliged to sign - and it's pretty-much what AT&T charges customers already.
Bill Ray, 26 2007

Microsoft shill blogs steal Reg commercial strategy c.2001

The Register has been appalled by Microsoft paying bloggers to write advertorial for its latest hype campaign. The reason? We thought of it first, dammit.
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Sucky software? So add a virgin

Most software sucks, so statistically speaking the software you write probably sucks as well, according to the author of programming classics like Understanding COM+ (now out of print) and Introducing Microsoft .NET (now has a different title). His latest book, Why Software Sucks (buy it here), pillories applications with bad …
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DHS forgets to mention border WiFi spy tower bungle

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials have been lambasted by Congressmen after apparently attempting to conceal technical problems and programme slippages.
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'The 3D Flickr' is go

French firm Dassault Systemes today launched a site for sharing three-dimensional models that it hopes will become "the 3D Flickr".

Open source 'leaving Asia behind'

The open source community risks leaving Asian users and developers behind, thanks to cultural differences and western business's tendency to treat programmers there as code monkeys rather than software designers, a senior Novell staffer has warned.
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Netgear promises 3G femtocells by end of year

Netgear has announced it will be using technology from Ubiquisys to embed 3G femtocells into a home gateway product by the end of the year, though the box will also have Wi-Fi; in addition to being a DSL modem and VoIP router.
Bill Ray, 26 2007
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RegisterFly: the name not to be spoken

ICANN San Juan 2007 The afternoon brought meatier fare - something a correspondent can sink his teeth into, so to speak.

Revolutionary laptop stand promises musical chairs

Laptop docking stations have never been much more than 21st Century clocking in and out machines. But now they can be so much more, Pyramat, the maker of the Lap Blaster, claims.
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Google tops US, UK mobile charts

Yes, Google’s dominance extends beyond the desktop. Today, market research firm M:Metrics unveiled its latest rankings of the most popular mobile web destinations in the U.S. and Britain, and Google sits atop both lists.
Cade Metz, 26 2007

Judge rejects Google's Microsoft anti-trust plea

Analysis Google has failed in its attempts to ride the coat tails of Microsoft's landmark antitrust settlement, leaving the search giant one possible course of action: initiate its own costly and drawn-out antitrust case.
SuSE Linux

Novell kicks off Hackweek

Open source developers at Novell are spending this week on a 'working holiday' that the company calls Hackweek.

America wastes gazillions with always-on PCs

Next time you leave the office, turn off your machine. According to a new report, the typical mid-sized American business wastes more than $165,000 a year in electricity costs thanks to PCs left on through the night. That’s more than $1.72bn in wasted funds across the country.
Cade Metz, 26 2007
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Symantec offer sticks in craw of some Chinese users

We were skeptical on Monday when Symantec said it would atone for a bug that crippled the PCs of tens of thousands Chinese users by giving them free software. "Cockroach in your salad, sir? Have some free salad," was how we put it.

HP and Microsoft embrace and extend around HPC

HP and Microsoft have decided to hold hands as they go after the high performance computing (HPC) market.
Windows Vista teaser

Microsoft finds good facts to sell Windows Vista

Microsoft has launched a "get the facts" style campaign, only this time to push sales of Windows Vista.
Cat 5 cable

Iron Mountain buys records management firm

Accutrac Software has moved Iron Mountain to reach for its wallet.
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Red Hat's Exchange roars like a muted lamb

Have you heard of the Red Hat Exchange? Rest easy, you're not alone.
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How to sniff out private information on Facebook

Facebook users who like to control who gets to see your account details, take note: political views, religious back ground and other sensitive details may be wide open to prying eyes even though you've configured your profile so its viewable only to designated friends.