25th June 2007 Archive

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  • Google gestures German pullout on privacy principles

    Anonymity ist verboten

    Law 25 08:12

  • Lotus leaps into social networking

    But will it do Web 2.0 without Notes?

    Applications 25 09:22

  • Mobile device mayhem, or...

    Who decides?

    Workshop 25 09:54

  • AMD to roll out 45nm Phenoms, Semprons H2 '08?

    Single-core Athlons for the chop sooner, it's claimed

    Hardware 25 10:00

  • Jisc sees road to data curation

    Report sets out data management recommendations

    Government 25 10:04

  • New EU member states enjoy IT boom

    IT markets set to continue to grow

    The Channel 25 10:10

  • PlusNet does Pole dance for migrants

    Wygięcie nad w tył

    Broadband 25 10:21

  • Videogaming not addictive... for now, doctors say

    Five years' research needed to be sure

    Games 25 10:27

  • Sun appoints new UK and Ireland boss

    Veteran Kim Jones gets the nod

    Servers 25 10:29

  • Social networkers lack loyalty: report

    Many court other sites on the side

    Broadband 25 10:30

  • Mugwort buys the furniture - Fytte 6...

    Why make developers comfortable? We pay them enough for them to put up with anything.

    Developer 25 10:38

  • Don't be evil

    Third party data dangers

    Security 25 10:56

  • MEPs give rejected bidders on public contracts new rights

    In national law in three years

    The Channel 25 11:07

  • Bluetooth speaker set slices all wires

    Broadband 25 11:17

  • UK Ltd not bovvered by green blether

    All mouth, no organic hemp trousers

    Data Centre 25 11:22

  • Yahoo! loses! sales! head!

    Oh! Noes!

    Financial News 25 11:31

  • Pure digital radios to get music download tech

    Cliq coming

    Hardware 25 11:48

  • Acer TravelMate ProFile 6292 business laptop

    Acer's... um... ace up its sleeve?

    Hardware 25 12:10

  • Two year old's IQ on a par with Hawking

    Just short of Vorderman though

    Science 25 12:17

  • eBay resumes Google advertising

    But AdWords ain't all that, tat house snipes

    Financial News 25 12:21

  • Comet goes head-to-head with Geek Squad

    Push-up support

    The Channel 25 12:23

  • Senate Frankensteins bid to revive dead wearable-tech gear

    Land Warrior axed by Pentagon but may live again

    Government 25 12:29

  • UK Gov boots intelligent design back into 'religious' margins

    Not science, not likely to be science

    Government 25 12:35

  • Bluetooth bikini sews up iPod apparel market

    Hardware 25 12:42

  • Sweaty spooks feel the heat as NSA runs short of juice

    Sweeping powers yes, electrical power no

    Servers 25 12:47

  • DVD ripping to be rendered impossible?

    DVD Copy Control Association ponders further restrictions

    Media 25 12:52

  • Euro Roaming Tariff into law by the weekend?

    Ruled not to be uncompetitive

    Mobile 25 12:57

  • CERN plans LHC switch-on for May next year

    Warm up tests are for wimps

    Science 25 13:14

  • Spanish police arrest moby virus writer

    No one expects the moby-virus police

    Security 25 13:18

  • Terracotta cracks Oracle pricing

    An antidote to through-the-roof pricing

    Software 25 13:29

  • IBM looks for nano solutions with BASF

    Teaming up to go down to 32nm

    Hardware 25 14:23

  • Don’t play whack the gopher

    Requirements management exciting - shock

    Developer 25 14:27

  • US dial-a-warrant spy judge: don't trust President, feds

    But you can trust me

    Government 25 14:51

  • Symantec showers free software on bug-afflicted Chinese


    Security 25 14:56

  • Do you have a licence for that sporran, sir?

    EU to demand Highlander's credentials

    Bootnotes 25 15:05

  • IBM waves green magic wand

    Meanwhile, Dell plants some trees...

    Servers 25 15:09

  • Patientline results prompt share meltdown

    Debt restructure ahead

    Broadband 25 15:15

  • Strong laptop demand drives Apple US retail share to 13%

    Shift from PowerPC to Intel paying off?

    Hardware 25 15:26

  • Plaxo looks to social networking market

    Reinvents self to be more competitive

    Applications 25 15:38

  • Samsung punches out 64GB SDDs

    Hardware 25 15:45

  • TIBCO buys Spotfire: why?

    Does it really need interactive visualisation?

    Developer 25 16:00

  • Jock Stirrup: Eco apocalypse will mean more wars

    Luckily, most vulnerable countries already aflame

    Government 25 16:08

  • Blinkx raises the stakes in online video

    Video search AdHocracy

    Applications 25 16:13

  • Underwater MP3 player washes ashore

    Hardware 25 16:22

  • Social networking: Now it's CDW's turn

    Publish and be damned

    The Channel 25 17:47

  • ICANN goes to the Caribbean

    Over 1 billion served

    Law 25 18:30

  • Seagate joins 1TB HDD battlefield

    Right click —> save-as this story. You've got the room

    Storage 25 18:45

  • Dell cleans up crapware

    No I don't want to register any E-Monkey Assistants DAMN IT!

    Hardware 25 21:11

  • Google abstains from blades, VMware and the rest of the hype

    Should you?

    Servers 25 21:36

  • Appeal judge moots 'middle ground' in Vonage patent flap

    Asks if provisions for 'workaround' are appropriate

    VoIP 25 23:15

  • Jury spanks Lexmark in toner refill case

    The stink about ink

    The Channel 25 23:54

  • IBM gives Cluster 1350 an Opteron nudge

    3.0GHz hot box

    Servers 25 23:57