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Google gestures German pullout on privacy principles

Google is threatening to close the German version of Gmail if the Bundestag goes through with new laws to ban anonymous email accounts.

Lotus leaps into social networking

IBM is the latest big company to jump onto the social networking bandwagon, via its Lotus subsidiary which has at last released its much-hyped information-sharing and community-building software, Lotus Connections.
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Mobile device mayhem, or...

In our recent mobile state of the nation survey, we asked you about what was important in a mobile device. In many respects, the results were pretty predictable in that, surprise surprise, battery life and decent voice capability were top of the list:
Dale Vile, 25 2007

AMD to roll out 45nm Phenoms, Semprons H2 '08?

AMD looks set to introduce Socket AM3 processors in the second half of 2008, reports coming out of Asia suggest. Sooner, though, it will begin phasing out single-core Athlon-branded chips, the moles also allege.

Jisc sees road to data curation

A new report has outlined the next steps in the long-term management of data for the Joint Information Systems Committee and other higher education institutions.
Kablenet, 25 2007
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New EU member states enjoy IT boom

The IT markets of the 10 countries that joined the EU in 2004 are set to stay hot for the foreseeable future according to a new report by IDC.
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PlusNet does Pole dance for migrants

The UK Polish community has got its own ISP, courtesy of Sheffield-based PlusNet.

Videogaming not addictive... for now, doctors say

Think you're addicted to computer games? Think again, US addiction specialists have said. More research is needed before they will classify excessive gaming as a mental illness, the American Medical Association (AMA) was told this weekend.

Sun appoints new UK and Ireland boss

Sun Microsystems has appointed Kim Jones as UK president after the shock departure of Trudy Norris-Grey last week.
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Social networkers lack loyalty: report

Social networking users tend to get around, as they say, and not stay faithful to one network, according to a new study.
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Mugwort buys the furniture - Fytte 6...

Mugwort has been getting less and less favoured by the iteration. However, there is hope following an isolated period of success for the young demon. Several key members of his victim’s development team have left and, due to inadequate training, this means that Mugwort’s intended victim, our young project manager, has struggled to keep the existing project on track.
Phil Rice, 25 2007

Don't be evil

A series of developments raise the specter that remotely stored or created documents may be subject to subpoena or discovery all without the knowledge or consent of the document's creators (pdf).
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MEPs give rejected bidders on public contracts new rights

The European Parliament has voted to give businesses new powers to challenge public procurement decisions when they consider that a public authority has awarded a contract unfairly. National laws are expected to change within three years.

Bluetooth speaker set slices all wires

UK retailer Advanced MP3 Players has brought out what it claims the world's first pair of truly portable, truly wireless Bluetooth speakers. So if people playing their music too loudly on the bus already annoys you, then get ready for the next step...
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UK Ltd not bovvered by green blether

Companies in the UK are doing little more than paying lip-service to the idea of reducing their environmental impact, and will continue in the same vein until they are forced to do otherwise.
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Yahoo! loses! sales! head!

Yahoo! is using the departure of its US head of sales to reorganise its sales department.

Pure digital radios to get music download tech

Imagination Technologies, the company behind the Pure Digital radio brand, is to build music download technology into future products to allow listeners to buy copies of songs they've just heard.

Acer TravelMate ProFile 6292 business laptop

Review The Acer TravelMate 6292 is the first of the company's new ProFile range, which promises to be "concrete, protective and productive", apparently. Designed for a hardy life on the road it features a magnesium alloy cover that's supposedly 20 times stronger yet considerably lighter than plastic. Would you like to know more?
Will Head, 25 2007
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Two year old's IQ on a par with Hawking

Mensa, the club for people too clever to sign up for a social network, has recruited its youngest member, a two year old girl from Hampshire
Joe Fay, 25 2007
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eBay resumes Google advertising

After their bust up over a spolier party earlier this month, eBay and Google are back in bed together, albeit with less cash changing hands.
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Comet goes head-to-head with Geek Squad

Comet has bumped up its eagerness to offer IT support to UK home users and small businesses, with the nationwide launch today of its "Comet On Call" service.
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Senate Frankensteins bid to revive dead wearable-tech gear

The US Army's controversial wearable-tech programme for foot soldiers, known as "Land Warrior," may not be dead after all.
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UK Gov boots intelligent design back into 'religious' margins

The government has announced that it will publish guidance for schools on how creationism and intelligent design relate to science teaching, and has reiterated that it sees no place for either on the science curriculum.

Bluetooth bikini sews up iPod apparel market

Nike's iPod Bluetooth add-in for your trainers was a nice idea. On paper at least. Marks & Spencer gave a new twist to the suit by stitching in iPod controls. But the iPod bikini is now ready to take beaches by storm this summer.

Sweaty spooks feel the heat as NSA runs short of juice

The National Security Agency (NSA), America's ultrasecret electronic spy agency, may be on the verge of a disastrous power overload at its Maryland headquarters.

DVD ripping to be rendered impossible?

Buying a DVD and then copying it for use on your PSP, iPod or laptop could soon become impossible, if the DVD Copy Control Association gets its way.
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Euro Roaming Tariff into law by the weekend?

The much-awaited Euro Tariff cap for mobile phone roaming took one more step towards becoming law today, with approval from the EU ministers in charge of competitiveness.
Bill Ray, 25 2007
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CERN plans LHC switch-on for May next year

CERN's new particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, will start up in May 2008, the facility's director general announced on Friday last week.
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Spanish police arrest moby virus writer

Spanish police arrested a 28-year old man on Saturday they suspect of involvement with a mobile phone virus.

Terracotta cracks Oracle pricing

A tiny open source company is lining up to become the latest roadblock to database vendors happily charging enterprises fat software licenses.

IBM looks for nano solutions with BASF

IBM and BASF have announced a partnership to create materials to help Big Blue manufacture the next generation of computer chips.
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Don’t play whack the gopher

Who would have thought that some 50 people, from CIOs to developers, would feel strongly enough about anything to do with business to turn up at 7.30am in a London hotel, just to suffer a seminar. But that is what they did to witness a presentation by Luke Barrett, a senior analyst at Thoughtworks.
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US dial-a-warrant spy judge: don't trust President, feds

The judge who used to sit in charge of the American star chamber secret court issuing surveillance warrants says that his organisation should not have been sidestepped by the Bush administration in the wake of 9/11.

Symantec showers free software on bug-afflicted Chinese

Chinese PC users whose machines were crippled by a dodgy software update from Symantec have two weeks to apply for compensation. The company has announced that the 50,000 users affected by the error are entitled to some free Norton anti-virus licenses.
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Do you have a licence for that sporran, sir?

Legislation designed to protect endangered species will require sporran-wearing Scots to be able to prove their fur-pouch was legally killed, according to reports on the BBC.
Bill Ray, 25 2007
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IBM waves green magic wand

IBM has beefed up its data output while apparently watching its carbon footprint step by adding a new $86m "green data centre" space to its Boulder site in Colorado, USA.
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Patientline results prompt share meltdown

Patientline saw its share price nearly halve today after it released prelimary financial results for 2007.

Strong laptop demand drives Apple US retail share to 13%

Apple's share of the US retail computer business grew faster than the rest of the market last month to grab 13 per cent, market watcher NPD has revealed.

Plaxo looks to social networking market

Online address book provider Plaxo has introduced a major overhaul in an effort to catch up with networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Samsung punches out 64GB SDDs

Samsung now purports to be the largest producer of high-capacity solid-state drives (SSDs) in the world, following a decision to push its 1.8in 64GB unit into mass production.

TIBCO buys Spotfire: why?

TIBCO recently announced that it had acquired Spotfire, the business intelligence vendor. Since this is not an immediately obvious acquisition, the question is why?
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Jock Stirrup: Eco apocalypse will mean more wars

The head of the British armed forces said today that Western armed forces must be ready to deal with the consequences of global warming.
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Blinkx raises the stakes in online video

Blinkx ('blinks'), the transatlantic video search engine, has beaten Google, Yahoo! and MySpace to a big technology punch by going live with a system that "listens" to speech in clips in order to allow advertisers to target users more specifically.

Underwater MP3 player washes ashore

Century, the Japanese IT peripherals manufacturer, which has already brought you such innovations as the 7in Wii clip-on screen, has unveiled its latest must-have gadget: the underwater MP3 player.

Social networking: Now it's CDW's turn

So you are a small business and you buy your PCs from CDW? Need customer support? Why don't you get support from customers instead?
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ICANN goes to the Caribbean

ICANN Puerto Rico 2007 ICANN Puerto Rico 2007 0 The ICANN Puerto Rico meeting kicked off this morning with the usual platitudes and words of gratitude for the host nation and sponsors, but it did give us an overview of what to expect from ICANN in the next few months. Dr. Paul Twomey, ICANN's president, described the internet as the most empowering …
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Seagate joins 1TB HDD battlefield

Seagate is releasing a big fish into its Barracuda product stream, with the company's first foray into the 1TB disk drive market.
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Dell cleans up crapware

Dell's tradition of shoveling bloatware into newborn PCs may be coming to a close. All it took was a few years of outrage.

Google abstains from blades, VMware and the rest of the hype

Analysis Blade servers, virtualization software and fancy accelerators might be all the rage in the server business, but Google doesn't want any part of the hype.
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Appeal judge moots 'middle ground' in Vonage patent flap

The black clouds that for the last three months have been hanging over VOIP service provider Vonage parted ever so slightly today, allowing through the tiniest sliver of sunshine as a federal appeals judge raised the possibility of a compromise in its patent war with Verizon.

Jury spanks Lexmark in toner refill case

Lexmark must rue the day that it elected to sue a small components supplier, which had developed a chip to enable toner recartridge manufacturers to produce printer clones. In the latest round of its fight against Static Control Components SCC), a jury in Kentucky - Lexmark's home state - ruled the printer giant "unreasonably restrained competition" in the way it ran a used cartridge return program. Worse, the jury agreed with SCC that Lexmark has the "substantial ability to exploit customers".

IBM gives Cluster 1350 an Opteron nudge

IBM has regussied the System Cluster 1350 with some new servers just ahead of the International Supercomputer conference in Dresden.