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Hacker breaks into Pentagon email system

The Pentagon took as many as 1,500 computers offline yesterday to stamp out a security breach in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
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Bush official goes nuclear in Net Neut row

Supernova 2007 A San Francisco tech show degenerated into a shouting match today, after a pugnacious Bush commerce official squared off with heated supporters of net neutrality.
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How to counter premature optimisation

There was a time in my career, in the 1960s, when optimisation wasn't optional. System memories were measured in kilobytes, instruction times in tens or hundreds of microseconds. We planned our programs around those limited resources.
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Internet users living secret lives online

As many as 17 per cent of Irish males and 13 per cent of females claim to be secretly ashamed of things they have done online, a new study indicates.

Intel chip boffins in litho brainstorm

Intel R&D Day Your digital camera is more powerful than you think. Using the basic concepts of digital photography, Intel researchers are reinventing the art of silicon lithography – the technique used to etch circuit patterns onto PC microprocessors.
Cade Metz, 22 2007

Manhunt 2 shut out by Sony and Nintendo

Both Sony and Nintendo have confirmed that they will not authorise the release of controversial video game Manhunt 2 on their games consoles - the PS2, PSP and the Wii - in the US.
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'Shut your head and be pheasant'

FoTW It appears that the now-legendary Rufus - he of Gadspot.com's battling tech support who called one customer a "a pain in the butt" then reserved the right to "server" him "for being mean" - has has become a torchbearer for obstreperous dictionary-dodgers worldwide.
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Rufus fights back

Our recent piece on battling tech support operative Rufus, who called one customer a "pain in the butt", provoked a heated debate as to whether he should be put up against the wall and shot or appointed head of the United Nations.
The clip on Wii screen

Wii gets wee add-on screen

If you didn’t see the point of the tennis racket shaped add-on to the Wii Remote, then you definately won’t see the point of a 7in clip-on screen from Japanese computer peripherals manufacturer Century.
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Orange and Littlewoods breach Data Protection Act, says ICO

Mobile operator Orange has breached the Data Protection Act's security requirements and home shopping giant Littlewoods has breached the Act's marketing rules, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has ruled.

Sling tosses in Windows Mobile 6 player app

Sling Media has brought its SlingPlayer mobile TV viewer application into the Windows Mobile 6 era with a version of the code that supports Microsoft's latest smart-phone system software. Its pre-release Palm OS app has been tweaked too.
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Britney's album: Hair Of The Dog or Revulva?

Reader poll The recent and resolutely non-IT-related news that Britney "Short Back and Front" Spears is asking fans to vote for a title for her forthcoming album provoked a flurry of creative activity among you, our beloved readers.
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NASA to unleash 'mind meld' intelligent machines

RoTM All members of the neoLuddite Resistance Army are hereby ordered to go to Defcon "Armageddon"* and prepare to battle a new breed of mind-melding intelligent machines and systems under development by NASA's Ames Research Center and the Machine-to-Machine Intelligence Corporation (M2Mi).
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BOFH: Printer cartridge? What printer cartridge?

Episode 22 Episode 22 "Simon, Stephen, this is David and uhh... " the Boss says, petering out as his memory fails. "Carl," David says. "Carl. And they'll be running the new Multifunction Printing Device rollout." "I... What multifunction printing device rollout?" the PFY asks. "The Multifunction Printing Device Project? There was a …
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Open sourcers rattle EU sabre at BBC on demand player

The BBC is being threatened with an anti-trust challenge in Europe over its use of the Windows Media format in its on demand service, iPlayer, which is in the final stages of testing.
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Icebergs collect mini ecosystems, lock up carbon

Icebergs, released by global warming from the icy embrace of Antarctica, have surprised scientists by playing host to many forms of life.

Evesham poised for buyout as senior execs walk

Exclusive: Evesham Technology has parted company with its managing director and financial director as several firms look to buy the PC manufacturer, The Register has learned.
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Business.com: yours for $400m

A piece of prime web real estate, which set a price record at the height of the dotcom bubble, is being punted to potential buyers for up to $400m.

AMD's Phenom to arrive in time for Christmas?

AMD is on track to release four processor models under its eagerly anticipated Phenom brand during Q4, it has been claimed. That's a quarter later than previous reports had suggested.
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Making a splash in academia with open access

Boffins at the University of Southampton will next week announce plans to develop a new tool for evaluating the effect of self archiving on scientific research.
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Web users get a finger language class

Fancy learning a new language - with no need to go abroad to use it? And no, it's not Welsh...

Here comes the summer - holiday kit on test

Round-up Packing your bags for the annual sojourn overseas is getting more complicated every year, as the lines of what is and isn't essential gadgetry blur ever further. Which is why we've rounded up some of the tastiest travelling technology currently on offer. Something for everyone, in fact...
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UK Gov seeks 'scientific' basis for nationality

Attempts to define race through science haven't had an entirely positive press subsequent to the collapse of the Third Reich, but the Weird Science Department of the UK Government could well be skittering on that very patch of thin ice. Lord Triesman, the Prime minister's Special Envoy for Returns, this week said that work on the "scientific and technical identification of nationality" will be "an important tool" to be used for the return of illegal immigrants to their countries of origin.
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US gov in Bill Gates inspired robot probe

Robots, robots everywhere. That's the way of the future, according to US legislators. And American robotics-policy issues need a damn good probing.

Fake flash player site used to spread malware

Hackers have developed a new ruse that attempts to trick users into downloading malware from a fake Adobe Shockwave Player download site.
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Cornish separatists torch abandoned brewery

The Cornwall National Liberation Army (CNLA) has claimed a disused Redruth brewery gutted by fire on Sunday was "a training camp for setting off incendiary devices", the Cornish Guardian reports.
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3 looks to Brew up applications

Qualcomm has proudly announced that UK operator 3 is intending to sell handsets incorporating Qualcomm's Brew technology, though it's not saying when, or which handsets exactly.
Bill Ray, 22 2007

Japanese firm exhibits droid construction worker

Japanese developers have produced a robot intended for manual labouring, which they reckon will be ready to sell to the construction industry by 2010.
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Harry Potter, the NHS, e-voting and Amazon

Good news, bad news for NHS A mixed week for the NHS, starting off with the bizarre departure of Richard Granger. His exit leaves the world's largest civil IT project looking for a boss. Meanwhile, the fight over the future of iSoft - a key supplier for the project - looks a little rosier. CSC, which was blocking the deal, …
For sale sign

For sale: Herman Munster's MasterCard number

ID thieves apparently not au fait with US 1960s TV series The Munsters attempted to sell Herman Munster's MasterCard number and personal details in an "underground chat room", AP reports.

Welcome to Xanadu-on-Thames

This Sunday the wraps come off what used to be the much-unloved Millennium Dome, and is now the really-hopes-to-be-loved O2. When El Reg fluttered in this week it looked like the opening event was an audition to play the construction worker from the Village People. But it's just that it's not finished yet.
Joe Fay, 22 2007
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BlackBerry squeezes MS on security, management, and control

Poll results Mobile email is a hot topic on enterprise agendas at the moment, with many already investing in this area or planning to invest, as we have previously seen.
Dale Vile, 22 2007
triangular warning sign featuring exclamation mark

Ohio data leak was 'accident waiting to happen'

A stolen backup tape containing personal data on Ohio state workers also contained the names and Social Security numbers of around 225,000 state residents.
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Unmanned aircraft rubbish, says senior US pilot

One of the US air force's most senior pilots has cast doubt on the usefulness of unmanned aircraft.
Microsoft Office logo

Microsoft strips Office from charity PC scheme

Software giant Microsoft is to abruptly ditch the use of Office through its popular global community refurbishment scheme.

EU privacy watchdogs extend search engine probe

EU privacy worrywarts will expand their investigation into Google to other search engines' data retention policies.

Pump-and-dump scammers issue German prospectus

The fraudsters behind pump-and-dump stock spams are trying a new technique in a bid to fool spam filters. Junk mails promoting worthless stocks seen this week are appearing with an attached PDF file.

Vibrating cube brings music to your ears

Despite sounding like a raunchy Ann Summers product, the Nimzy Vibro Max is actually the successor to a gadget designed to turn any flat surface into your very own Wembley Arena.

DLO mix'n'matches iPod FM transmitter and remote control

DLO's TuneStik wwith Remote could be the in-car iPod accessory to top all others. The product combines a dock-on FM transmitter to beam your songs to your car stereo, and a radio remote you can clip to your steering wheel.
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ITC upholds Qualcomm phone ban

The US International Trade Commission has denied Qualcomm's appeal against a ban that could stop millions of the company's phones from entering the US market.
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Unplugged life supports and padlocked manhoods abound

Comments Happy Friday, everyone! It's time for another round of comments.

IBM launches MySpace for mainframes

IBM aims to leverage social networking by building an online meeting place for users of its System z mainframes. It says the Web-based portal, called Destination z, gives customers a place to discuss and debate mainframe usage, exchange ideas and seek technical advice.
Windows Vista teaser

Windows Vista aligned with good management practice

Calling all BOFHs We got a survey that wants filling in. Help us out and we'll make sure to demand that your bosses give you lots of goodies next month when we write our annual sysadmin appreciation day article. Sounds like a deal? So if you have anything to do with systems management and/or support, form an orderly line to …

Of the Sun Blade 6000

Sun Microsystems has introduced the Sun Blade 6000 Modular System, which offers a choice of blades powered by the UltraSPARC T1 processor with CoolThreads technology, Intel Xeon processors, or AMD Opteron processors and supports Solaris, Windows, and Linux operating systems.
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Atlantis touches down in California

Brief The space shuttle Atlantis touched down at Edwards Air Force Base in California at 15:49 local time (19:49 GMT) today after bad weather forced a diversion from the planned landing at Florida's Kennedy Space Center.
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Digital data can bite you in the ass, researcher warns

Usenix When security consultant Dan Klein was culling decades-old snapshots for his digital scrap book, he specifically omitted photos taken during his college years, when some of his behaviors weren't exactly role-model material for his offspring. Left unscanned, for instance, was the picture of him wearing a tee-shirt bearing a marijuana leaf or another one showing him brandishing a six-inch switchblade while sitting in front of the pelt of an endangered animal.
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Day-of-silence protest hits Net radio

On Tuesday, more than 10,000 U.S. web radio broadcasters will participate in a nationwide "day of silence", canceling their usual programming in protest of an impending royalty hike that threatens to put most of them out of business.
Cade Metz, 22 2007