22nd June 2007 Archive

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  • Hacker breaks into Pentagon email system

    DoD shuts down 1,500 computers

    Security 22 00:20

  • Bush official goes nuclear in Net Neut row

    Shouting match with delegates

    Broadband 22 01:00

  • How to counter premature optimisation

    Is optimisation the root of all evil - or, at least, many bugs

    Developer 22 08:48

  • Internet users living secret lives online

    Irish users 'fess up to their web shame

    Bootnotes 22 09:14

  • Intel chip boffins in litho brainstorm

    Let's gets pixelated

    Hardware 22 09:16

  • Manhunt 2 shut out by Sony and Nintendo

    Refuse to release game unless it gets a lower rating

    Games 22 09:28

  • 'Shut your head and be pheasant'

    A friend of Rufus writes

    Letters 22 09:30

  • Rufus fights back

    Battling tech support hero's right to reply

    Letters 22 09:32

  • Wii gets wee add-on screen

    What, no telly?

    Games 22 09:34

  • Orange and Littlewoods breach Data Protection Act, says ICO

    Not keeping customer information secure

    Law 22 09:42

  • Sling tosses in Windows Mobile 6 player app

    Phones 22 09:55

  • Britney's album: Hair Of The Dog or Revulva?

    The people must decide

    Bootnotes 22 10:06

  • NASA to unleash 'mind meld' intelligent machines

    neoLuddite Resistance Army to Defcon 'Armageddon'

    Science 22 10:12

  • BOFH: Printer cartridge? What printer cartridge?


    BOFH 22 11:02

  • Open sourcers rattle EU sabre at BBC on demand player

    Anti-competitive DRM accusations ramped up

    Media 22 11:25

  • Icebergs collect mini ecosystems, lock up carbon


    Science 22 11:26

  • Evesham poised for buyout as senior execs walk

    Boss says 'every man has his price'

    The Channel 22 11:37

  • Business.com: yours for $400m

    Party like it's 1999, multiplied by 53

    Financial News 22 11:38

  • AMD's Phenom to arrive in time for Christmas?

    Schedule tweaked, moles claim

    Hardware 22 12:08

  • Making a splash in academia with open access

    Let them read journals

    Science 22 12:16

  • Web users get a finger language class

    Say more with your fingers than just 'Up yours!'

    Management 22 12:19

  • Here comes the summer - holiday kit on test

    The gadgets you shouldn't leave home without

    Hardware 22 12:26

  • UK Gov seeks 'scientific' basis for nationality

    Didn't we hear that one somewhere before?

    Government 22 12:56

  • US gov in Bill Gates inspired robot probe

    Is sex with robots legal if they aren't turned on?

    Science 22 13:03

  • Fake flash player site used to spread malware

    Shockwave horror

    Security 22 13:07

  • Cornish separatists torch abandoned brewery

    CNLA 'apologises for the inconvenience'

    Law 22 13:10

  • 3 looks to Brew up applications

    Qualcomm finally gets Brew apps into the UK?

    Mobile 22 13:11

  • Japanese firm exhibits droid construction worker

    Features 'cantilevered crotch joint', potential for bot-crack in future

    Data Centre 22 13:49

  • Harry Potter, the NHS, e-voting and Amazon

    To subscribe to The Register's weekly newsletter - seven days of IT in a single hit - click here

    Business 22 14:22

  • For sale: Herman Munster's MasterCard number

    ID thieves duped by TV fan

    Security 22 14:27

  • Welcome to Xanadu-on-Thames

    O2's big wireless tent

    Data Centre 22 14:29

  • BlackBerry squeezes MS on security, management, and control

    The benefits of maturity?

    Workshop 22 14:34

  • Ohio data leak was 'accident waiting to happen'

    Warning unheeded as thousands of records exposed

    Security 22 14:46

  • Unmanned aircraft rubbish, says senior US pilot

    And don't waste my time with your roadside bombs

    Science 22 15:00

  • Microsoft strips Office from charity PC scheme

    App-free Windows coming to a poor community near you...

    The Channel 22 15:23

  • EU privacy watchdogs extend search engine probe

    Equal treatment for all our big brothers

    Applications 22 15:56

  • Pump-and-dump scammers issue German prospectus

    PDF ruse attempts to smuggle junk past spam filters

    Security 22 16:08

  • Vibrating cube brings music to your ears

    Hardware 22 16:30

  • DLO mix'n'matches iPod FM transmitter and remote control

    Hardware 22 16:48

  • ITC upholds Qualcomm phone ban

    Blockage remains blocked

    Broadband 22 19:22

  • Unplugged life supports and padlocked manhoods abound

    Rival wiki smackdown slated on World of Warcraft

    Letters 22 19:23

  • IBM launches MySpace for mainframes

    Discuss your addiction to Big Iron here...

    Servers 22 19:52

  • Windows Vista aligned with good management practice

    No, really!!

    Reg Technology Panel 22 20:08

  • Of the Sun Blade 6000

    Switch blade

    Servers 22 20:57

  • Atlantis touches down in California

    Safely back after two-week mission

    Science 22 21:13

  • Digital data can bite you in the ass, researcher warns

    Beware of those contributions on Flickr and Myspace

    Security 22 22:21

  • Day-of-silence protest hits Net radio

    Stations battle royalty hike

    Media 22 23:16