21st June 2007 Archive

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  • Dell's vertical line issues lengthen

    More notebooks | affected

    Hardware 21 00:55

  • Trusted storage specs near completion

    New HDD security guidelines drafted

    Storage 21 00:58

  • Hacking WoW and the pursuit of knowledge

    The Warden vs. The Governor

    Security 21 01:12

  • American gamble or bluff: WTO members bet on Antigua

    EU, Japan, and India join sanctions call against US

    Law 21 03:34

  • Toshiba laptop line to go totally HD DVD in 2008

    Counter to PS3?

    Hardware 21 07:02

  • One in four web merchants do not know web shopping laws

    Most e-shoppers unaware of right to cancel

    The Channel 21 07:38

  • Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.10

    First palindromic version number?

    Hardware 21 09:01

  • Companies failing to exploit value of IP, says PwC

    While tech execs think lawsuits are harassment techniques

    Law 21 09:07

  • NetSuite pitches at being easy

    Everyone's a 'developer' now

    Developer 21 09:11

  • Councils need performance management buy-in

    Report recommends private sector input

    Policy 21 09:34

  • Harry Potter and the Pedant of CIX

    Psychic spoilers

    Bootnotes 21 09:53

  • Yahoo! buys! Rivals!

    No, not the Jilly Cooper tome

    Bootnotes 21 09:56

  • No BlackBerries for Sarkozy cabinet, say French spooks

    Nous crachons sur la baie noire - tool of Anglo spies

    Security 21 10:01

  • Bush kills stem cell research bill

    Debate will now be political

    Science 21 10:04

  • Nvidia GPGPU line sparks into life with Tesla

    GeForce 8800 to power engineering apps

    Servers 21 10:06

  • US car thieves floored by manual gearbox

    Stick shift dummies

    Security 21 10:06

  • Ofcom responds to threatened luvvies

    But still wants free market to decide on wireless specs

    Mobile 21 10:21

  • Levi's announces mobile phone

    But is it pre-shrunk?

    Phones 21 10:34

  • Computerland racks up profits

    product margin dip

    The Channel 21 10:35

  • Eta Carinae brightens Chandra's day

    New pics of an old explosion

    Science 21 10:37

  • Intel to chop 1066MHz FSB CPUs earlier than expected?

    Big push for 1333MHz FSB chips

    Hardware 21 10:57

  • Who needs an iPhone when you can get married by a robot?

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    The Channel 21 10:58

  • Chileans mislay large lake

    Last seen in March, current whereabouts unknown

    Science 21 10:59

  • United grounded by computer failure

    Unfriendly skies

    Management 21 11:00

  • Manhunt 2 rated 18+ in US

    Slasher game maker wanted 17+

    Games 21 11:27

  • Iraq collapse may pose new WMD threat, say UN monitors

    Failed state plus expertise plus insurgency equals...

    Security 21 11:36

  • Sun loses UK head

    Surprise departure

    The Channel 21 11:57

  • Police deploy thin Bluetooth line

    Lock your doors and windows, criminals are everywhere

    Data Networking 21 12:01

  • Torex takeover angers shareholders

    Banks win, we get nothing

    The Channel 21 12:03

  • Atlantis ready to come home

    Dodging thunderstorms en route

    Science 21 12:04

  • NZ couple fight to name kid '4Real'

    Are you for real?

    Bootnotes 21 12:07

  • LG locates Google phone in Europe

    Vodafone gets first shout

    Phones 21 12:55

  • Sony NAS-50HDE Gigajuke audio system

    If stereos were Stetsons, this would be a ten gallon hat

    Hardware 21 12:58

  • Dell's vertical line issues lengthen

    Hardware 21 13:01

  • CSC to slash hundreds of jobs

    Blue Monday

    Developer 21 13:31

  • Registration open for reality TV style Mars mission trial

    ESA offers £29k pay for 17-month Big Brother simulator ordeal

    Science 21 13:39

  • Wind-powered phone-charger coming to market?

    Designer gauging interest

    Hardware 21 13:40

  • Citizen Kane declared greatest US movie

    Godfather pipped into second spot

    Bootnotes 21 13:45

  • Alaskan man guilty of flogging seal penises

    Illegally handled aphrodisiac 'oosiks'

    Science 21 13:46

  • Teenagers prefer mobiles to sex

    But what if there wasn't a vibrate function?

    Mobile 21 14:18

  • VoIP firm launches headset smashathon

    Jajah deploys leggy SWAT team

    The Channel 21 14:21

  • UK firm pays biggest ever fine over 'pirate' software


    The Channel 21 14:27

  • Israeli futurologist predicts terror horror

    Run for the hills

    Government 21 14:34

  • Toshiba 'world's lightest' laptop wafts down

    Hardware 21 14:41

  • Ebuyer in hard-drive warranty debacle

    Sells Seagate OEM drives to end users

    The Channel 21 15:24

  • Czech authorities report bird 'flu at turkey farm

    Samples sent to Surrey for confirmation

    Science 21 15:28

  • Blogosphere is the net spawn of Satan: official

    Only 'folksonomy' inspires more fear and loathing

    Bootnotes 21 15:31

  • Creative rocks on with Zen Stone... Plus

    Hardware 21 15:38

  • Congress chops economy-class nuke programme

    Cheap, reliable atom bombs strangely unpopular

    Government 21 15:38

  • Austrian domain registrar 'aids' phishers

    Spamhaus gives black mark to Nic.at

    Security 21 18:07

  • SiCortex sticks to Summer supercomputer ship

    Ready to wow

    Servers 21 18:08

  • AMD chief condemns Intel 'abuses'

    Calls for end to illegal monopolies

    The Channel 21 20:32

  • A Mariner from Serena

    Developments in Portfolio Management

    Developer 21 21:51

  • Google goes global with new-fangled ad engine

    You pay only for results

    Small Biz 21 23:45

  • About those 844 security breaches... 'fess up, Congress tells DHS

    Once more unto the security breach, DHS

    Security 21 23:56