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HP's storage gets a case of the greens

Technology Forum HP is going greener than a green thing from a green land with its latest storage boxes

Gateway recalls 14,000 batteries

When laptop batteries aren't bursting into white-hot flames, incinerating loved-ones, treasured possessions and airline luggage compartments in a ball of fiery plasma — they're right useful products.
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Pillar packs more storage in Axiom boxes

Storage unstart-up Pillar Data Systems has contracted a case of the market's green fever, but focusing its appeal to data centers worried over skyrocketing operational costs through power and cooling, but the size of their box.
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Nota bene: World goes notebook crazy

iSuppli, the tech market researcher, has raised its forecast for PC shipments this, following a surge in notebook sales in the first quarter. It now estimates that PC makers will ship 264 million units in 2007, up 11.2 per cent on 2006's 239 million units. Previously it pegged market growth for the year at 10.7 per cent.

Handy guides to SharePoint Server 2007

Books The latest version of Microsoft's popular collaboration and productivity platform, SharePoint Server, was released towards the end of last year, and this next generation of software expands on the core capabilities of the 2003 version.
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CruiseControl builds for the Enterprise

If there is one concept that is central to the Agile development process, it's probably Continuous Build. Although small projects can rely on manual builds, automation is the key to using Agile for ever larger projects.

SAP expands mobile reach

SAP has begun recruiting partner ISVs to its NetWeaver platform update for mobile devices to increase uptake of its applications in the field.
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Post Office loses Amazon contract

The Post Office has lost its £8m contract for Amazon.co.uk's second class deliveries.
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Consumers happy to pay 'green premium'

Results of a survey released Tuesday show that a majority of European consumers are willing to pay that little bit extra for environmentally friendly technology.
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Will Murdoch swap MySpace for Yahoo! stake?

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is considering swapping MySpace for a stake in Yahoo!
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Employers must spot signs of depression

Mental ill health is the second largest cause of time lost due to sickness absence in UK organisations with stress, depression, and anxiety accounting for over 50 per cent of these mental health problems, according to a report published this month.
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Open Rights Group recounts e-voting horror story

The Open Rights Group (ORG) has condemned the May 2007 pilots of e-voting and electronic vote counting in the English and Scottish local elections, saying the technology involved is simply not suitable for use in statutory elections.
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UK extends ecommerce directive to terrorism laws

Regulations come into force this week that explain how and when a foreign company can be brought to justice in the UK over blog postings that encourage terrorism. The regulations integrate Europe's ecommerce laws with the UK's Terrorism Act.

Gateway recalls 14,000 more laptop batteries

Gateway has asked a further 14,000 of its customers to send back their laptop batteries in a recall that stretches back more than four years.
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Amero case spawns effort to educate

A group of security professionals, legal experts, and educators who helped former Connecticut substitute teacher Julie Amero overturn a conviction on charges of exposing her students to pornographic pop-up ads has formed a permanent organisation that aims to educate the courts and legislators about technology, crime, and digital forensics.
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Fring thing comes to Windows Mobile

Symbian VoIP and messaging client Fring has launched a version for Windows Mobile 5 and 6, connecting them to multiple VoIP and messaging services from a single client for free.
Bill Ray, 20 2007
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DSG computing sales up, profits down

The increasing popularity of laptops helped deflate margins at DSG international's computing operation, the firm revealed in its full year results today.
Joe Fay, 20 2007

Google takes aim at Microsoft, carbon, China

Google's acquisition spree of recent weeks has continued with the acquisition of Zenter, another PowerPoint-but-online outfit.

Samsung spins up 1TB desktop HDD

Samsung has become the latest hard disk drive maker to get a 1TB desktop product out the door, with the launch of its SpinPoint F1 series. It follows hot on the heels of Seagate, which got its own terabyte drive out last week.
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Need hard facts? Try Conservapedia

The Wikipedians among you should take note that your days of punting liberal bias may be numbered. Enter stage right Conservapedia, a "conservative encyclopedia you can trust", which has been enjoying a certain amount of attention stateside for its unashamedly and decidedly non-liberal content.

Sony debuts dual-box HD-editing PC

Sony has taken the wraps off a desktop system that contains not only system unit but two, one for the bulk of the PC's innards, the other for the optical drives - one of which is a Blu-ray Disc unit.
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Lag caught with phone charger up jacksie

A lag at Swaleside Prison on the Isle of Sheppey was caught with an entire phone charger up his jacksie after officers noticed his "discomfort" during a search of his cell, The Sun reports.
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Neverland director to helm Bond 22

Finding Neverland director Marc Forster will take the helm of Bond 22, the BBC reports.

Albatron brings Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS in on a budget

Albatron was the first of many graphics card companies to tell us today it has released a graphics card based on Nvidia's new, 65nm GeForce 8400 GS chip, developed as an entry-level DirectX 10 product.
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Jack Straw: let MPs use handhelds, laptops in Commons

Backbench MPs struggling with a tide of emails led by former foreign minister Jack Straw are pressing to be allowed to use handheld networked devices and even laptops during Parliamentary debates.

iPhone variants on the way?

With the offical US launch of Apple's iPhone now just days away, the rumour mill has begun grinding out news that variants on the device are also on the horizon.
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Texas cops taser diabetic seizure man

A Texas man who called 911 to request medical assistance for a diabetic seizure earned a tasering from local cops for his trouble, the Waxahachie Daily Light reports.

Phishermen, not zombies, causing biggest security woes

Data-swiping phishing sites are causing a greater security headache than expected while botnet numbers have taken an unexpected dip over recent months, according to revised security predictions by net security firm McAfee.
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Sex game bloke traps modesty in padlock

A Kent man who got his manhood trapped in a padlock "after a sex game went wrong" had to be cut free by firemen, The Sun reports.
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Boeing offers 'optionally manned' jets for US Navy

Aerospace giant Boeing unveiled its bid for the US Navy's Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) programme at the Paris Air Show yesterday.
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Swedish man gets benefits for Black Sabbath addiction

A Swedish man is to receive sickness benefits for his addiction to heavy metal music.
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Byrne explains the UK's wondrous, biometric, ID card future

Immigration Minister Liam Byrne this week unveiled - to a certain amount of derision - his vision of the ID Card scheme as some sort of 21st Century equivalent of the 19th Century railway network or the 20th Century national electricity grid. It will be pervasive, and in 20 years time it will be a great British institution, "part of the fabric of British life."
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Newspapers not killed by net - shock!

A survey into the newspaper reading habits of the British has some rare good news for newspapers - and a warning for their net strategies.

Evesham 26in Alqemi V and VX HD TVs

Review Evesham is rapidly building a rep for releasing inexpensive but decent low-cost LCD TVs, and its Alqemi line is leading the way. The range stretches from flat-friendly 26 inchers right up to palace-perfect 42in models, but we decided to audition its two cheapest: the Alqemi V and the Alqemi VX.
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Yahoo! and MSN up the mobile browsing stakes

Hot on the heels of Opera's latest browser, Microsoft has updated its MSN Mobile service, and Yahoo! is to launch its intelligent client on Friday.
Bill Ray, 20 2007
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Pentagon's raygun-packing 747 to visit DC

The Airborne Laser, the US Missile Defence programme's raygun-equipped jumbo jet, is to visit Washington tonight in an attempt to drum up support on Capitol Hill.

Logitech out to lure laptop users with latest accessories

Mouse maker Logitech has rolled out a raft of accessories aimed at laptop owners - and, let's face it, these days a lot of us are. Among the selection: backpacks, notebook stands and assorted add-ons.
Dell 1320c smallest colour laser

Dell outputs its 'smallest' colour laser printer

First we had the mini skirt, then we had the mini motorcyle and now we have the mini printer or, more specifically, the Dell 1320c – the manufacturer's smallest colour laser printer to date.
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Mobile Clinic: How do you make mobile data secure?

Mobile Clinic We asked and you responded in kind with the key issues you're facing with mobilising your workforce. Below, we've got three industry experts - all of whom have racked up more years in the mobile world than most of us have had hot dinners - who are trying to give you some pointers on nailing this stuff.

Google boss brandishes 'powerful' iPhone

On a jaunt to Paris yesterday, Google CEO Eric Schmidt whipped out his iPhone in public, waved it around and proclaimed it a "powerful new device".
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Brown asks cops for gadget wish list

Prime Minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown has asked the police to come up with a wish list of gadgets they can use to combat crime.
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BlackBerry versus Microsoft

Reader Poll Our workshop on selection of mobile email platforms taking place over here is leading to some interesting insights. In particular, a couple of readers with direct experience of both BlackBerry and MS Exchange/Windows Mobile contrast the two environments. Here are a couple of extracts from their feedback to give you a flavour:
Dale Vile, 20 2007

Woman cleans keyboard... in dishwasher

You've got a desktop keyboard. And it's stained, grimy and filled with crumbs - not to mention the odd short, curly hair that really can't have got there through natural means. What do you do? You put it in the Whirlpool, that's what.
Warning: electricity

Quick-charging electric cars could be round the corner

Updated The rules of the game for electrically-powered vehicles may be about to change, as new battery technology approaches road service.

Brits to US tech firms: we need you!

The UK's outgoing Home Secretary John Reid told US consumer electronics kingpins today that if they spent as much time turning their products into crime-stopping gadgets as they did making them look nice and work well, we might wash petty crime from our streets.

Apple buyout rumours circulate as iPhone launch nears

Scepticism about the launch of the Apple iPhone is growing, and it isn't helping the Apple share price. What a coincidence that exactly as things get tougher in the stock market, rumours start appearing that will "cause a 40 per cent premium on the Apple share price"!

Harry Potter transcript claim doesn't convince

A hacker posting on a full disclosure email list run by InSecure.org claims to have obtained a copy of a transcript of the forthcoming book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Police officer arrested over IT abuse

The Police Complaints Commission is to investigate "very serious" allegations about misuse of North Wales Police computers
Kablenet, 20 2007
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YouTube hits iPhone

YouTube is now available on Apple TV - but that's just a footnote. Apple also announced that it will include a specialized YouTube app with the iPhone when the long-awaited handheld device ships on 29 June.
Cade Metz, 20 2007
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Is that YouTube clip you just watched booby trapped?

Video clips from YouTube might come booby-trapped with malware, security watchers warn.

Opteron darling Newisys lives!

Newisys, while much thinner, continues to march on, contrary to recent reports.
Apple TV and remote control

Apple TV gets its first critical security patch

Apple has patched a security hole in its Apple TV box that made it possible for remote hackers to access a user's network and spy on traffic passing through it.
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Circuit City has outstandingly awful Q1

Circuit City had a crap first quarter, losing $54.6m, against net income of $6.4m same time last year. Net sales fell 4.3 per cent, driven by a comparable store sales decline of 5.6 per cent. Gross profit margins fell 1.9 per cent on lower merchandise margins and lower take-up of extended warranties.
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YouTube 'riddled with 40-plus security vulnerabilities'

Google researchers have at last responded to a hacker who says he's uncovered more than 40 YouTube flaws that put users at risk.

Sun appears to own part of Java server start-up Azul

Did Sun Microsystems acquire a stake in Azul when the two companies settled their patent infringement dispute earlier this week? We're guessing yes.
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Google calls for greater Windows Vista openness

Google has welcomed Microsoft's proposed modifications to Windows Vista which make it easier for third parties to conduct desktop to third-parties' search. But it says its rival must go further.
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Operating systems are old and busted

USENIX Operating systems aren't so great. They lounge like bloated monarchs on a database server — getting far more credit than they're worth. Clutched in their sausage fingers are the keys to a kingdom far too vast to properly manage.
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Rivals torture consumers via Microsoft

Comment It looks like you can start thanking Google for making Microsoft's Vista operating system even worse.

HP and Novell double team Sun

Technology Forum HP and Novell grabbed hold of their Transitive stick this week and smacked around poor Sun Microsystems.