19th June 2007 Archive

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  • Google launches self-protection blog

    Calls it a 'public policy dialogue'

    Law 19 01:04

  • HP's Hurd can't dance, but he can preach BT

    That's Business Technology to you

    Servers 19 01:55

  • South Korean robot officiates at marriage

    Industry shift from spying and killing?

    Science 19 09:02

  • MPs under fire for £3bn IT consultancy bill

    PAC decries government 'profligacy'

    Government 19 09:19

  • ThirdForce acquisition gets green light

    Firm casts eyes over the Atlantic

    The Channel 19 09:22

  • TalkTalk slams slamming charges

    Even if we did it wasn't deliberate

    Broadband 19 09:37

  • 'Alu-mac' iMacs due next month?

    Next-gen boxes to be pitched at back-to-school buyers

    Hardware 19 09:39

  • APS aims at 'Windows' of SaaS

    Giving SaaS providers some common ground

    Developer 19 09:50

  • Nokia turns on to Bluetooth cans

    Hardware 19 10:07

  • Supremes back Wall Street on dot com era ladder deals

    Take it to the SEC

    Financial News 19 10:36

  • AT&T not planning to buy Vodafone

    Or any of the other biggies, for that matter

    Networks 19 10:37

  • ESA greenlights Sentinel-1 deal, inks agreements with NASA

    Official pens seeing plenty of action

    Science 19 10:57

  • Samsung parades designer sliders

    Phones 19 11:04

  • Text bug blights Trillian

    Rather Dented

    Security 19 11:09

  • Toshiba laptop goes up in smoke

    Sony-made battery was covered by last year's recall

    Hardware 19 11:21

  • German teen unplugs pensioner's 'noisy' life support machine

    Can I have the machine that goes ZZZZ

    Science 19 11:32

  • Investigators find secret White House email accounts

    88 senior officials implicated

    Government 19 12:12

  • Apple GPS System rumoured to debut in Mercedes cars

    From Mac to tarmac

    Science 19 12:27

  • US Army funds hydrogen-fuelled drone aircraft

    To join DARPA airship-bot flotilla 12 miles up

    Science 19 12:34

  • Vyke moves VoIP battle to SMS

    Operators charging more than NASA for messaging

    Mobile 19 12:50

  • Goodbye ICSTIS, hello PhonePayPlus

    Rebrand to beat off premium rate rip-off merchants

    Broadband 19 12:51

  • Manhunt 2 banned

    Censor acts to prevent game's sale

    Games 19 13:28

  • Ubuntu chief mua muas Microsoft

    Dirty uncle not welcome

    Developer 19 13:44

  • Minister: ID cards 'another Great British Institution'

    What like the Cones Hotline? Or the East India Company?

    Government 19 13:56

  • Samsung grows stick-phone line

    Phones 19 14:07

  • Business getting clever about IP?

    PwC report tells a tale of two economies

    Small Biz 19 14:34

  • Too busy to read this?

    IT management? We're listening

    Reg Technology Panel 19 14:44

  • TVonics DVR-250 Freeview Playback DVR

    Sky+ functionality... on Freeview

    Hardware 19 15:02

  • F-22 superjets could act as flying Wi-Fi hotspots

    Pricey stealth fighter finally useful?

    Broadband 19 15:20

  • Toshiba names new HD DVD laptops

    Hardware 19 16:07

  • DATAllegro: an update on Version 3

    What the Dell and EMC partnerships really mean

    The Channel 19 16:10

  • Blade PC start-up manages to nail IBM, ClearCube and Verari


    Hardware 19 19:38

  • HP buys web security firm SPI

    Crosses swords with IBM's Watchfire

    Security 19 19:41

  • YouTube acknowledges foreign countries

    How very un-American

    Media 19 19:46

  • Google gets into green transport policy

    Prince Charles style move by ad colossus

    Science 19 19:52

  • Feds told they need warrants for webmail

    Fourth Protocol

    Security 19 19:55

  • Opera tries to out-do the iPhone

    All it takes is a decent browser

    Mobile 19 20:27

  • Video games, TV ruin Best Buy's profits

    Exercise would make it worse though

    The Channel 19 20:30

  • Start-up forced to admit that Sun invented Java

    Settling in with Azul

    Servers 19 21:39

  • Say goodbye to Office 2003, Microsoft tells PC builders

    Office 2007 or bust

    The Channel 19 22:09

  • FCC chairman says ‘broadband for all!’

    Meaning everyone in America

    Broadband 19 22:22

  • Google cookie cuts $600m data center in Iowa

    Powered by ethanol, colored balls and love

    Servers 19 22:32

  • Microsoft 'tweaks Vista' for Google desktop search goodness

    All is fair in love and litigation

    The Channel 19 23:24