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Google launches self-protection blog

A week after Privacy International ranked the privacy practices of 23 major web companies and put Google at the very bottom of the list, the Mountain View-based search giant has launched a brand new blog where it will regularly address matters of Internet privacy and other public policy issues, including copyright and trademark protection, online safety for children, content regulation, and patent reform.
Cade Metz, 19 Jun 2007

HP's Hurd can't dance, but he can preach BT

Technology ForumTo see HP CEO Mark Hurd speak in Las Vegas is to witness a contradiction.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Jun 2007

South Korean robot officiates at marriage

Korean roboticists announced over the weekend that their industry had achieved yet another world first, as a droid officiated at a wedding south of Seoul.
Lewis Page, 19 Jun 2007

MPs under fire for £3bn IT consultancy bill

MPs and unions have lambasted the government for spending £3bn on external advice in areas such as IT.
Kablenet, 19 Jun 2007
Warning Go

ThirdForce acquisition gets green light

E-learning provider ThirdForce has received approval from shareholders to make a $18m acquisition of US firm MindLeaders.
Emmet Ryan, 19 Jun 2007

TalkTalk slams slamming charges

TalkTalk has denied ISP industry allegations it is stealing thousands of customers from competitors every month.
Christopher Williams, 19 Jun 2007

'Alu-mac' iMacs due next month?

We've got around a month to wait before Apple unveils the anticipated next-gen iMac design, it has been claimed. Expect to see the 20in and 24in machines on shop shelves between the middle of July and mid-August, moles maintain.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2007

APS aims at 'Windows' of SaaS

In much the same way that applications have, in the past, been developed to run on a known operating system – with Microsoft’s Windows being the not the least significant target example – so it is time for the same approach to start appearing at the next level of abstraction.
Martin Banks, 19 Jun 2007

Nokia turns on to Bluetooth cans

Nokia has launched a trio of Bluetooth headsets: a pair of standard mobile phone extensions and a full-size pair of wireless cans for music fans.
James Sherwood, 19 Jun 2007

Supremes back Wall Street on dot com era ladder deals

Disappointed US investors cannot use anti-trust laws to sue banks they accuse of fixing the price of initial public offerings (IPO) of some 900 companies in the late 1990s.
John Oates, 19 Jun 2007

AT&T not planning to buy Vodafone

AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson has told the Financial Times that despite speculation it's not planning to buy Vodafone.
Bill Ray, 19 Jun 2007

ESA greenlights Sentinel-1 deal, inks agreements with NASA

It's all go this week for the European Space Agency, ESA. The agency has ordered the first satellites for its Global Monitoring for Environment and Security programme, and finalised details of how it will work with NASA on two massive projects: the James Webb Space Telescope and the LISA Pathfinder mission.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Jun 2007

Samsung parades designer sliders

Samsung today unveiled a trio of designer slider-phones, one of which - for the first time - slaps a Yahoo! key right on the front, part of a smart backlit touch-sensitive control panel, for all to see.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2007
Warning: biohazard

Text bug blights Trillian

Users of the popular Trillian instant messaging client need to update their software following the discovery of a serious security bug.
John Leyden, 19 Jun 2007

Toshiba laptop goes up in smoke

Toshiba has no doubt left Sony feeling a little hot under the collar after announcing that yet another of the laptop battery packs made by its Japanese rival has burst into flames, nuking the notebook good and proper.
James Sherwood, 19 Jun 2007

German teen unplugs pensioner's 'noisy' life support machine

Police in Southern Germany are quizzing a 17-year-old car crash victim who turned off a fellow hospital patient's life-support machine because it was keeping him awake.
Joe Fay, 19 Jun 2007

Investigators find secret White House email accounts

The Committee of Oversight and Government Reform has released its initial findings after investigating the use of parallel email accounts by officials in Bush's White House.
John Oates, 19 Jun 2007

Apple GPS System rumoured to debut in Mercedes cars

Apple is secretly working on a GPS unit for cars with Mercedes owners likely to get hold the technology long before lesser drivers, a German magazine has claimed.
Jan Libbenga, 19 Jun 2007

US Army funds hydrogen-fuelled drone aircraft

Fuelled by a seemingly inexhaustible stream of federal military/security research cash, the US flying-robot industry seems to produce fresh wonders every day.
Lewis Page, 19 Jun 2007

Vyke moves VoIP battle to SMS

VoIP provider Vyke has added text messaging to its mobile phone client, enabling its customers to text each other for free and charging just over a penny to text anyone else.
Bill Ray, 19 Jun 2007

Goodbye ICSTIS, hello PhonePayPlus

The watchdog formerly known as ICSTIS has rebranded itself PhonePayPlus and promised to come down harder on TV shows, after a series of rip-off scandals in the last year garnered it widespread criticism.
Christopher Williams, 19 Jun 2007

Manhunt 2 banned

Rockstar Games' Manhunt 2 has been to all intents and purposes banned in the UK after the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) refused to certify the PS2 and Wii title. Without a BBFC certificate, the game can't legally be sold here.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2007
Ubuntu teaser

Ubuntu chief mua muas Microsoft

Leader of the Ubuntu tribe Mark Shuttleworth has no plans to invite dirty uncle Microsoft over for patent protection talks.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Jun 2007

Minister: ID cards 'another Great British Institution'

Sometimes the Reg likes to think it casts a satirical eye over the day's news. And sometimes government ministers are so out of touch with reality that they do our job for us.
John Oates, 19 Jun 2007

Samsung grows stick-phone line

Samsung today extended its family of stick-like music phone, the F series, with a pair of lower cost models designed to broaden the range's appeal as an alternative to cheap Flash-based MP3 players.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2007

Business getting clever about IP?

In the West, litigation is so last century. These days, intellectual property is all about the value and the strategy.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Jun 2007

F-22 superjets could act as flying Wi-Fi hotspots

US defence contractors have carried out the first flight tests in which America's latest cutting-edge fighter targeting radars have been put to novel use - as high-capacity wireless datalinks. This crafty use of existing hardware has the potential to ease military bandwidth bottlenecks, and could offer a chance for expensive superfighters to be of use even in the absence of serious aerial opposition.
Lewis Page, 19 Jun 2007

Toshiba names new HD DVD laptops

Toshiba has re-iterated its plan to build HD DVD drives into a range of laptops - well, three at least. And you'll have to wait a while to get your hands on one: they're not due to go on sale until the back-to-school sales period in Q3 - think August.
Tony Smith, 19 Jun 2007

DATAllegro: an update on Version 3

When DATAllegro announced earlier this year that it had partnered with Dell to provide node processing capabilities and EMC to be its disk provider I was not particularly impressed.
Philip Howard, 19 Jun 2007

Blade PC start-up manages to nail IBM, ClearCube and Verari

Okay, okay. You've heard this before. The world is ready for a blade PC revolution.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Jun 2007

HP buys web security firm SPI

Two weeks ago, Hewlett-Packard stared jealously across the street as IBM pulled into the driveway with a brand new web application security specialist company. Not to be outclassed by a neighbor, HP has bought one too.
Austin Modine, 19 Jun 2007

YouTube acknowledges foreign countries

UpdatedLast week, it was Flickr. This week, it’s YouTube.
Cade Metz, 19 Jun 2007

Google gets into green transport policy

Noted bot-vs-bot information nexus Google has joined Prince Charles in swerving away from core business to offer environment strategies.
Lewis Page, 19 Jun 2007

Feds told they need warrants for webmail

A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court's ruling against warrantless seizures of email. Law enforcement agents need to obtain a warrant before looking at a user's email even if it is stored online, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal ruled on Wednesday.
John Leyden, 19 Jun 2007

Opera tries to out-do the iPhone

Opera has launched a beta of its mobile browser, Opera Mini: version 4 supports smooth zooming around web pages and server-based page optimisation, giving Opera claim to deliver the whole internet ahead of Apple's much-anticipated iPhone.
Bill Ray, 19 Jun 2007

Video games, TV ruin Best Buy's profits

Best Buy, the largest US consumer-electronics chain ,reported a net income drop of 18 per cent to $192m (39 cents per share), despite strong sales in the first quarter.
Austin Modine, 19 Jun 2007

Start-up forced to admit that Sun invented Java

Sun Microsystems and start-up Azul Systems have settled their patent spat. Neither company will say squat about the settlement, leaving you wondering who came out the victor in this exercise.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Jun 2007
Microsoft Office logo

Say goodbye to Office 2003, Microsoft tells PC builders

Microsoft is making Office 2007 its default productivity suite for system builders, less than five months after the suite's full-scale launch.
Gavin Clarke, 19 Jun 2007

FCC chairman says ‘broadband for all!’

Appearing via satellite at the annual NXTcomm conference in Chicago, U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin urged telecom leaders to provide the entire country with broadband access.
Cade Metz, 19 Jun 2007
DVD it in many colours

Google cookie cuts $600m data center in Iowa

Google will build yet another backwoods data center for $600m – this time in Iowa.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Jun 2007
MS Windows Vista logo

Microsoft 'tweaks Vista' for Google desktop search goodness

Microsoft is changing Vista to level the desktop search playing field for Google and other third parties, Reuters is reporting. The rivals are to file a joint report on the proposed changes in federal court today, according to an anonymous source cited by the newswire.
Drew Cullen, 19 Jun 2007

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