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NHS IT boss quits

The boss of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT), the huge government project to improve technology use within the National Health Service, is to leave his post in October.

Humans, not tech, are the greatest security risk

The Department of Trade and Industry has made £4m available for four research projects aimed at reducing the IT risk created by human error.
Kablenet, 18 2007
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Mobile internet set for take-off?

The mobile internet is more toll road than superhighway, but the logjam could clear up.
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DARPA scramjet nudges Mach 10

Australia's Woomera Test Facility last Friday hosted the successful launch and firing of a scramjet engine which reached speeds of "up to Mach 10", the country's Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) has announced.

HP hails Print 2.0

At Hewlett-Packard's annual Imaging and Printing Conference recently, the company unveiled "Print 2.0" and described how it would seek to capture a significant share of the 53 trillion digital pages estimated to be printed in 2010, an opportunity valued at more than $296+ billion.

Anti-hacking laws 'can hobble net security'

Jeremiah Grossman has long stopped looking for vulnerabilities in specific websites, and even if he suspects a site to have a critical flaw that could be compromised by an attacker, he's decided to keep quiet.
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Queen honours civil liberties and astro-boffins

Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights group Liberty, has been nominated for a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) in the Queen's birthday honours list. She is being recognised for her services to human rights.
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Anam introduces SMS payments

Anam Mobile and TR2 Communications have launched a service allowing cash payments over SMS, but you'll have to wait until network operators implement it before chucking the cheques.
Bill Ray, 18 2007

Sony apologies over virtual cathedral firefight

Sony has gone down upon penitent knee and apologised to the Church of England for including Manchester Cathedral as a location for a brutal gun battle in its Resistance: Fall of Man video game.
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Microsoft versus BlackBerry versus, er, BlackBerry?

The results of our latest Reg panel survey (completed last week) confirm that many organisations have already selected a solution for mobile email.
Dale Vile, 18 2007
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ISPs accuse TalkTalk of hijacking customers

PlusNet has called on Ofcom to investigate claims that the BT-owned ISP’s customers are being unwittingly switched to TalkTalk services in violation of industry codes.
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Atlantis readies for departure after ISS computer repairs

The computers on the International Space Station (ISS) are all fixed, and the crew of the shuttle Atlantis have completed their final spacewalk and are now preparing for the journey home. The guidance system is due for a final test today.
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PatchLink snaps up whitelist firm SecureWave

Vulnerability management firm PatchLink has agreed a deal to acquire endpoint security firm SecureWave.
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Beyond the valley of the drolls

Stob There's another of those lists of supposedly amusing/sage/cute adages going around, bouncing from blog to email, accumulating fresh contributions and occasional edits and doing all the meme-ish things that memes do. This one differs from all the others that you have deleted irritably from your email inbox in that it includes a contribution taken from this very column.

Nokia pitches 3G at the mainstream

Nokia has introduced a pair of mid-range 3G handsets - a clamshell and a candybar - it hopes will drive mainstream interest in video-calling and faster downloads. It also launched a third hansdet, this time a budget 2.5G model.
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Mugabe gets email snooping green light

Zimbabwean despot "laughing" Bob Mugabe's government has rubber-stamped new laws granting his cronies free reign to snoop on communications in the impoverished state.
Warning Go

CSC opens gate to iSoft takeover

CSC is no longer blocking the takeover of iSoft by Aussie firm IBA Health.
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New regs for US tech export to China now online

Draft texts of the new US rules for export of technology to China are now available online. They will be officially published in the Federal Register this week.

Chip tech holder sues Nintendo

Super Mario and friends are facing legal action from a US-based semiconductor intellectual property company over an alleged patent infringement - potentially within the Wii games console.

YouTube offers online editing

YouTube users can now edit and improve their clips using an online tool from Adobe.
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Fancy some hot buttered storage?

Competition It is a Monday, and we're all looking at another five days of miserable toil before the glory of the weekend beckons once more. We can't do much about that, but how's this for a way to ease the pain of a new week?
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German Flickr censorship causes web outcry

Flickr's introduction of content filters in Germany last week has provoked protests in blogs and web forums globally.

Ladybird speakers set to wow Beatles fans?

One for the summer, this - and perhaps for the more horticulturally inclined iPod owner. It's a ladybird-alike* speaker ready to bring your music to lazy sunny afternoons in the garden, picnics etc.

MySpace to make friends with eBay

MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe has hinted the Murdoch-owned social network will bring in eBay to provide it with ecommerce features.
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Texas arrests seven MySpace sex offenders

Just weeks after social network MySpace asked for advice on how to legally hand over information about sex offenders using its pages, law enforcement authorities have started to make arrests.
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Rocket hiccup puts US spy sats in wrong orbit

In an expensive technical mishap, a brace of top-secret American spy satellites was fired into incorrect orbits last Friday.
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US and allies lay global foundation for biometric border checks

The UK has proposed a transatlantic arrangement for sharing biometric data about travellers as US coalition countries in the "war on terror" push for a global system to control migration.

World's 'first' solar-powered mobile phone unveiled

Danny Boyle's film Sunshine informed us earlier this year that "if the sun dies, so do we". And now that palpable statement could also ring true for your mobile - should you live in China, that is.
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Special-forces robot whisper-copter enters flight test

Flight tests of a revolutionary new robot helicopter have begun, according to the maker, US Aerospace giant Boeing.

Malware targets computer forensics tool

Virus writers have created a proof-of-concept virus that targets a widely-used computer forensics tool.

Blockbuster puts its money on Blu-ray

Blu-ray Disc adoption took a leap forward today following video and games rental chain Blockbuster's decision to roll out the format to 1,700 of its US stores from July.
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Cops smash paedophile ring

A detailed investigation by British police has led to the collapse of a paedophile ring involving 700 people, 200 of them in the UK.

Dell audit probe almost over

Computer maker Dell told the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) late last week that it has nearly completed its internal accounts probe.
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T-Mobile terminates Truphone

T-Mobile has stopped connecting its customers when they call someone using Truphone, saying the VoIP operator is overcharging for interconnection.
Bill Ray, 18 2007
Warning: slippery road

Not quite got to grips with Agile?

Books Considering that one of the principles of software agility is "less is more" (as in minimal, low-ceremony software processes), you could spend a lifetime reading about even niche aspects of agility. So here's the second part of our pick of the crop of agile planning books:
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Washington backing for Brit arms biz coming unstuck

The US authorities are definitely investigating allegations of corrupt practice by UK-based arms colossus BAE Systems, according to reports.

i-mate unveils 'skinny' Windows phone

Windows Mobile handset specialist i-mate is setting the sales forecasts for its new Jama pocket PC almost entirely on physical dimensions, but we can't see what all the fuss is about.
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Dutch police arrest 111 West Africans in 419 clampdown

Dutch police have arrested 111 suspected 419 scammers. The arrests on Saturday follow the end of a seven-month investigation - dubbed Operation Apollo, AFP reports.
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Microsoft looks for Chinese remote control

Seattle-based software behemoth Microsoft has bought a chunk of the Chinese television market in a deal with TV maker Sichuan Changhong Electric said to be worth 94.1m yuan ($12.32m).

Kelway CEO reviews future of Elcom staff

Kelway, which acquired the veteran reseller Elcom from administration on 8 June, said the firm is weighing up its strategy and was unable to comment on the future of some 80 workers based at two UK sites.

Apple toughens iPhone screen, boosts battery life

Apple has upped its claim for the iPhone's battery life, now saying the touchscreen smart phone will offer an eight-hour talk time. It's also decided to ship the machine with a glass front in a bid to beat the scratches spotted by so many early iPod Nano buyers.
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Semel resigns as Yahoo! CEO

Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel has resigned in the face of ongoing criticism from stock holders. He will be replaced by Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang, with former CFO Susan Decker taking over as president of the company.
Cade Metz, 18 2007

Cyber crooks hijack 10,000 websites

More than 10,000 websites have been infected by a sophisticated and fast-acting Trojan downloader that attempts to install malware on visiting PCs. At least one security firm, Trend Micro, is working with the FBI to contain the damage and track down the perpetrators.
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100Gb/s Ethernet talks break down

The fickle finger of an IEEE committee may be goading along a death rattle for the organization's goal of reaching a 100 Gb/s Ethernet standard.
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Zwei lawsuits for German ink vendor

Hewlett-Packard has filed a second lawsuit against Germany-based Pelikan Hardcopy Deutschland GmbH over an ink cartridge who-dun-it.
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AT&T sued by poor man's Formula 1

Eager to promote its re-branded wireless network, AT&T has upped the ante in a legal battle with NASCAR, the American auto racing association inspired by the law-defying exploits of hard-driving whiskey bootleggers. Yesterday, in Atlanta, Georgia, NASCAR filed a $100m suit against AT&T, decrying the company's sponsorship deal with stock car speedster Jeff Burton; and this morning, AT&T responded by extending the deal for another three years.
Cade Metz, 18 2007