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Joost everywhere, embedded in hardware

This week, Joost started publicly talking about getting equipment manufacturers to embed its video-playing software in TV sets and other consumer hardware.
Faultline, 15 Jun 2007
Warning: train

Compuware makes Optimal delivery

As businesses get bigger, the problems surrounding applications delivery get more complex, while the tools designed to service them aim to become more comprehensive and integrated.
Martin Banks, 15 Jun 2007

FTC eyeing Microsoft, Yahoo!

Two weeks after the Federal Trade Commission opened an anti-trust investigation into Google’s proposed acquisition of online ad company DoubleClick, The Wall Street Journal reports that the FTC plans to examine deals by Microsoft and Yahoo! as well.
Cade Metz, 15 Jun 2007

Oz boffins to polish perfect pair of balls

Oz scientists and engineers are preparing to create the ultimate kilogram standard - a pair of polished balls lovingly crafted from a single crystal of silicon-28.
Lester Haines, 15 Jun 2007

Pluto demoted again

Pluto has suffered a further humiliation following its 2006 ejection from the league of planets - official demotion to "second biggest dwarf planet" status.
Lester Haines, 15 Jun 2007

Rock star says piracy battle is lost

Major record labels are still fighting the piracy battles of 1997 according to a leading rock musician and digital rights activist.
OUT-LAW.COM, 15 Jun 2007

Eden laptop theft sparks ID theft fears

There's trouble in paradise after a third-party supplier lost a laptop containing the personal details of hundreds of workers at Cornwall's Eden Project. The theft of the PC from the car of a worker for Moorepay, the firm that handles the project's payroll, has sparked ID theft fears.
John Leyden, 15 Jun 2007
Ingram Micro

Ingram goes consumer with distributor buy

Ingram Micro is upping its consumer electronics business with the purchase of US distie DBL Distributing Inc.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2007

Lorenzo will come, health chief says

Richard Granger, director of NHS IT has assured MPs that a core information exchange system for the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) will be available to UK hospitals next year.
Kablenet, 15 Jun 2007

EC to help older people 'age well'

The European Commission has announced that it is to invest more than €1bn on research into new technologies that can improve the lives of older people.
Charlie Taylor, 15 Jun 2007

Sony Ericsson intros 5Mp Cyber-shot phone

Sony Ericsson is to beef up its line of Cyber-shot camera phones with a new five-megapixel model, but you're going to have to wait until nearly Christmas to get your hands on it.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2007

Police will share data across Europe

European police forces will have easier access to each others' information on criminals and suspects after ministers agreed a new data swap system. But Europe's data protection chief told OUT-LAW that his concerns over the system had been sidelined.
OUT-LAW.COM, 15 Jun 2007

UK border agency puts risk assessment on trial

The Home Office has started testing how it might pick potential terrorists and criminals out of immigration queues by using computers that which give them risk scores generated from their personal details.
Mark Ballard, 15 Jun 2007
Flag India

Indian trade body sets up data protection group

An IT industry trade body is setting up a data privacy watchdog in India. The Data Security Council of India will not have legal powers, but will certify companies' data security.
OUT-LAW.COM, 15 Jun 2007

Last of the Time Lords heads for GayPride

Concerns that this month's GayPride festival might lose out because it clashes with the season finale of Doctor Who have led organisers to show the sci-fi favourite on giant screens in Trafalgar Square.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2007

Hundreds of records unlawfully intercepted by FBI

An internal audit has discovered that the FBI overstepped the mark in intercepting communication records at least 1,000 times since 2002.
John Leyden, 15 Jun 2007
Flag United States

NATO, US gear up for cyberpunk warfare

The threat of military cyber attack must be taken seriously, according to NATO: but the alliance isn't sure what to do about it. Meanwhile, the USA is preparing not only its cyber defences, but the ability to mount network assaults.
Lewis Page, 15 Jun 2007

Mirapoint - the appliance of security?

Deploying solutions is difficult at the best of times, but what if you need to deploy a highly secured messaging server?
Nigel Stanley, 15 Jun 2007

Psion founder: Britain needs R&D

Britain can't depend on the City of London alone for its future prosperity, veteran entrepreneur Sir David Potter warned this week.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jun 2007

Old timer ices crazed squirrel with zimmer frame

A battling German septuagenarian brought to a swift and bloody end a crazed squirrel rampage in Passau, Bavaria, by knocking the animal to the ground with his zimmer frame and squashing it, Ananova reports.
Lester Haines, 15 Jun 2007

Sony Ericsson shows shake-to-shuffle Walkman phone

Sony Ericsson's been busy, busy, busy this week: in addition to announcing an upgraded Cyber-shot camera phone, it debuted a pair of new Walkman music phones - once controlled simply by shaking, rattling or rolling it.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2007

Intel price cuts to pave the way for cheaper 'Santa Rosa' laptops

Looking for a cheaper 'Santa Rosa' Centrino-branded laptop? Moles in Taiwan reckon you should wait a little while - they claim Intel will be pruning its mobile processor prices sometime during the third quarter.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2007

UK mulls drink-drive limit cut

The government is considering cutting the UK's drink-drive limit under "mounting pressure...from road safety groups and also the British Medical Association", the Telegraph reports.
Lester Haines, 15 Jun 2007

Giant bird-lizard unearthed in China

Paleontologists have unearthed a T-Rex-sized "bird dinosaur", dubbed Gigantoraptor erlianensis. The beast, which lived 65 million years ago, stood five metres tall, was eight metres long, and would have weighed in at around 1.5 tonnes.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Jun 2007

Diamond out to wow with first 1GB Radeon HD X2900 card

Manufacturer Diamond Multimedia is billing it as "the world's fastest graphics card" and while Nvidia fans may dispute that claim, there's no doubt the Viper HD2900XT is the first board to couple AMD's ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT chip with 1GB of GDDR 4 memory.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2007

IBM mainframe support takes a break

IBMLink, the place Big Blue's mainframe customers go for online support, suffered a weekend of downtime between 8 June and 11 June.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2007

BOFH: Talking to tradesmen

Episode 21
Simon Travaglia, 15 Jun 2007
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Business Systems Group gets back in the black

Business Systems Group has dragged itself back into the black after the loss of a £2m contract hit the company hard.
John Oates, 15 Jun 2007
SuSE Linux

Novell opens office for SMBs

Novell is gunning for a chunk of the office market share from Microsoft with the release of its open workgroup suite for small businesses.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Jun 2007

Archos revamps Wi-Fi media players

Archos has updated its 600-series digital media player line, building on last summer's 604 with a new model that offers a bigger display and more storage.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2007

UK government tunes out debate on DNA database

The government has responded to an e-petition on the burgeoning DNA database but rebuffed its main complaint that the world's largest criminological genetic store has been built "by stealth" and without Parliamentary and public consent.
Mark Ballard, 15 Jun 2007

UK MoD reveals Watchkeeper spy-drone numbers

ExclusiveThe UK's MoD, after a sustained campaign of nagging by the Reg defence desk, has revealed how many robot surveillance planes the UK forces will receive under the Watchkeeper programme.
Lewis Page, 15 Jun 2007

Rufus, Mok and Lai urinate on mean customers' baggage

CommentsAnother Friday, and another batch of comments, some of which almost have an IT angle. Let's get stuck in.
Robin Lettice, 15 Jun 2007

Why is Hotmail so bad at spam?

ColumnI'm trying very hard to be sympathetic towards Hotmail, and I'm failing, badly.
Guy Kewney, 15 Jun 2007

Steve Jobs: struggling to redefine the TV paradigm

CommentGetting into the mind of Steve Jobs isn't all that simple, and sometimes you just have to wait until he tells you what went through his mind in order to explain the latest Apple phenomena. But the picture around Apple TV is starting to clear with some rumours and snippets revealed this week.
Faultline, 15 Jun 2007

Exams, contracts, and nuclear research: stupid, stupid, stupid

LettersA secondary school physics teacher sent an open letter to the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) and the AQA exam board. He accused the board of putting forward a paper which contained questions that were vague, stupid, insultingly easy, political, and non-scientific. Your thoughts:
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Jun 2007

Fossil, Sony restyle Bluetooth watch line for the mainstream

Sony Ericsson's partnership with watch-maker Fossil has again proved fruitful, this time yielding a trio of timepieces in the new MBW-150 series, successors to the MBW-100, which the two companies lift the cuff on in September 2006.
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2007

Winning the (propaganda) war on cancer

A couple of years ago, the American Cancer Society gaily reported that cancer survival rates have been improving dramatically and steadily. A few weeks ago, Cancer Research UK announced a similarly sunny prognosis for the public at large: UK survival rates have doubled in 30 years. Yes, we are all "surviving" longer with cancer, the experts can assure us.
Thomas C Greene, 15 Jun 2007

Outrage over 'sponsor a boob job' website

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)* has administered a righteous shoeing to a website offering girls the chance to pitch for a boob job and chaps the opportunity of sponsoring the enhancements.
Lester Haines, 15 Jun 2007
Sony PlayStation 3

Sony ponders PS3 price cut

The chairman and chief executive of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, has said the company was attempting to "refine" how much it could afford to reduce the price of the PS3 console by, and has been quoted as saying there was "no question" consumers wanted the price to be lower. Duh.
Scott Snowden, 15 Jun 2007

US PS3 sales hold up as Wii, Xbox 360 numbers dip

Nintendo's Wii may be outselling Sony's PS3 by an increasing margin in Japan, but the gap's narrowing in the US, the latest North American market figures show. Not that there's much in it, mind...
Tony Smith, 15 Jun 2007

3 adds video to the Groove

3 UK has added 1000 music videos to its online shop, which is powered by Groove Mobile, enabling customers to download videos from the four big labels onto their phone, and PC, for £1.49 each.
Bill Ray, 15 Jun 2007
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Britney's new album title - can you help?

Britney Spears is seeking help in selecting a title for her forthcoming album. Her website says the highly-talented chanteuse is "asking her most die-hard fans for some assistance".
Lester Haines, 15 Jun 2007

Azul bullies Java with 768 core machine

Azul Systems is rolling out a new generation of Java-crunching appliances armed with the ability to spread its workload across a total of 768 processing cores in a single box.
Austin Modine, 15 Jun 2007

Yahoo! fixes bug that gave free rein to user accounts

Yahoo! has plugged a site-wide coding error that made it possible for miscreants to gain complete access to a user's account simply by convincing the holder to click on a booby-trapped link.
Dan Goodin, 15 Jun 2007

Are you staying Rational?

I have to confess that I was feeling a little jaded when I got my invitation to attend the 10th anniversary IBM Rational Software Development Conference (June 10th - 14th in Orlando) - this being the fourth year in a row that I’ve covered it. Let me explain.
Adrian Bridgwater, 15 Jun 2007

FTC aQuantive probe is 'routine', Microsoft says

Microsoft has acknowledged that the Federal Trade Commission is reviewing its proposed $6bn acquisition of aQuantive, an online advertising company. "As part of the normal regulatory review process, the FTC has opened a routine, 30-day review period following the filing we submitted on the aQuantive acquisition," a Microsoft spokesman told The Register.
Cade Metz, 15 Jun 2007

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