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Blog calls for Google boycott

Yesterday, Michael VandeMar tried to go eighteen hours without visiting the big five search engines. Taking up a challenge from search engine guru Charles Knight, he’d resolved to avoid Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask.com, and AOL from 6am to midnight. By 9:53, he’d given up. “Bah!” he wrote to Knight’s Alt Search Engines blog. “I blew it.”
Cade Metz, 14 2007

Linspire invites dirty uncle Microsoft over for patent party

When not threatening to sue Linux makers, Microsoft can't help itself from partnering with them. Redmond today announced a buddy-buddy deal with desktop Linux maker Linspire.
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OGCbs launches IT legal service contract

OGCbuying.solutions has set up a legal services framework for IT business.
Kablenet, 14 2007
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Red hair bullying cases could end up in court

Gingerism in the workplace could form the basis of formal grievances or constructive dismissal cases, an employment lawyer has warned. The news comes in the wake of one Newcastle family having to move house because of abuse about its members' red hair.
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Jet-powered go-kart roars onto eBay

Those of you with a need for speed may be interested in this eBay auction which is offering "for the price of a sports motorcycle" a jet-powered go-kart guaranteed to attract all the right kind of attention:
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Boffin retracts martian water claims

Gosh darn it, there are no puddles on Mars after all.

Sony shows 17-in-1 memory card reader

Got lots of memory cards you need to connect to your computer? Sony's new MRW62E S1/171 - what a mouthful - lets you plug in 17 different types of memory card, including all of its Memory Stick varieties.

Intel 45nm Core 2 Extreme roadmapped

Intel's next Core 2 Extreme quad-core gaming processor, the QX6850, may be expected to make its entrance in Q3, but the chip giant's roadmap has apparently begun showing the new product's 45nm successor.
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Free ads site could help fraudsters recruit middlemen

Popular UK-based free ads website Adzooks is inadvertently helping fraudsters by failing to properly screen job offers for obvious cons, anti-fraud activists have warned.
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Qualcomm appeals phone ban in patent spat

Chipmaker Qualcomm has appealed against a ban that could block over four million phones from entering the US market. The ban was announced by the International Trade Commission (ITC) and is the result of a long running patent dispute.

ExpressCard 34 digital TV tuners debut in Japan

Travelling to Japan with your ExpressCard-equipped notebook? Then you may care to sample the delights of the nation's bizarre - by Western standards - telly programming with local supplier Sanwa's new ExpressCard 34 digital TV tuners.
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Data retention laws do not cover Google searches

Google is not bound by the Data Retention Directive when it comes to search engine logs, Europe's data protection committee has said. Google has used the Directive to justify keeping data, but OUT-LAW has learned that the law does not apply.
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SOA - dead or alive?

Comment Service oriented architectures, or SOAs, have been positioned as the great leap forwards in how IT will finally come to be the major facilitator to the business.
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Europa heralds total Eclipse

The deadline for the biggest ever synchronised release of open software is looming. On 29 June, the long-awaited Europarelease from the Eclipse Foundation will see updates in 20 categories of Eclipse open software.
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Chinese net addict murders mother

A southern Chinese teenager killed his mother with a kitchen knife after being refused cash to go to a net cafe, Reuters reports.

Fat chips reduced to small fries

Chipmakers have fired off a warning that they expect to see the semiconductor industry slow with a predicted sales growth of less than two per cent this year.
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Space boffins fire up plasma engine

Costa Rica-based scientists from the Ad Astra Rocket Company have run a Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) engine continuously for over four hours, thereby setting a new record for the tech.

Biostar debuts double-the-memory GeForce 8600 GTS card

Updated Mobo maker Biostar has launched what it claims is the first Nvidia GeForce 8600 GTS-based graphics cards fitted with 512MB of GDDR 3 memory. Interesting, particularly since Nvidia states the 8600 GTS only supports 256MB of memory...
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Headless zombie wanders San Francisco

Since western businesses have already lost an estimated five billion working hours to Google Maps' Street View facility, as employees eschew their duties to scour the US's highways and byways for hot Las Vegas babes and fag-puffing lawyers, it should come as no surprise that it didn't take them long to find the first evidence of the headless zombie menace threatening San Francisco:
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NSF launches oceanic zest test

The first ever system designed specifically to measure the acid levels in the oceans was launched this week. The project, funded by the US's National Science Foundation (NSF), aims to determine how much CO2 the Pacific Ocean absorbs each year.

Orange goes green for festival phone-fuelling

Eco-warriors planning to head down to the Glastonbury mud festival - sorry, music festival - later this month will be able to re-charge their mobile phones in an almost entirely carbon-neutral fashion.
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Acer outlook not so sunny after all

Acer has scaled back its expectations in the PC market after an optimistic forecast earlier this year.
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MusicStation's on-demand radio goes live

MusicStation, the service that aims to give unlimited mobile access to music worldwide for a small weekly fee, finally went live today.
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Plazes launches location-based blather

The Twitter generation can now go beyond telling the world what they're doing, and can now tell the world where they're doing it - though whether the world cares is open to question.
Bill Ray, 14 2007

AMD workstation market share plunges

Intel has recaptured all the market share it lost to AMD last year during the two rival chip makers' battle for supremacy in the Windows workstation arena, the latest market stats show.

IT's green dilemma: plant trees or chill your cheeks

We start this week in a green frame mind. Some people - Kermit the Frog, Van Morrison and Frank Sinatra think "it's not easy being green" - but the computer industry is doing its best to get us all involved.

BBC, ITV, Channel 4 plot single broadband TV player

The UK's terrestrial broadcasters are reportedly in talks to establish a single platform for on-demand TV to broadband devices. The BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 are said to be aiming to create a "one-stop shop", open to other channels too, which would allow legal broadband viewing from one programme.
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Toxic caterpillars invade London

Caterpillars of the oak procession moth are attempting to gain a foothold in London, the Telegraph reports.

Pfizer worker data leaked via P2P

Casual use of file sharing by the spouse of an unnamed Pfizer worker has been blamed for leaking personal information on more than 17,000 current and former employees at the pharmaceutical giant.

Coming soon: the PC-powered paper shredder

We're not sure how many important documents with fit into the 12.3cm maw of Hong Kong-based Brando's latest USB gadget, a handheld electric paper shredder, but it'll do fold magazine covers if a video on the firm's website is anything to go by.

O2 unwraps Cocoon music phone

Updated Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome the O2 Cocoon, the mobile phone network's latest 3G media phone with a stylish white clamshell casing that manages to look cool without aping the iPod.
Free Software Foundation

Specsavers opens eyes to open source

Specsavers, the retail chain of opticians, is putting the finishing touches to an IT refit of its UK operation that has seen it move a third of its applications to open source software.
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Computer crash causes bad attitude on ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) has an attitude problem. A computer system wipe-out means the space station is currently depending on the docked space shuttle Atlantis to keep it pointing in the right direction.

Samsung makes big noise about skinny music player

Samsung has launched a skinny, stick-like digital music player that squeezes in touch-sensitive controls, 128 x 64 OLED screen and a retractable slimline USB connector.
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iSoft takeover likely in days, not weeks

The takeover of iSoft by Aussie firm IBA Health is likely to go ahead.
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Louisiana town outlaws 'sagging pants'

A Louisiana town council has unanimously passed an ordinance aimed at tackling the public decency menace of low-slung trousers.
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French-led continental stealth-bomber robot firms up

The killer-robot revolution, that 21st-century military phenomenon*, has so far been centred mainly in America, with other industrial nations like the UK trailing behind.
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London gains lead in transatlantic battle for Wi-Fi supremacy

London's economic frothiness has won it the title of Wi-Fi capital of the world, in news which is sure to terrify Notting Hill's designer tinfoil hat Earth mother brigade.

HP injects blade PCs with fresh Athlons

HP has delivered a much needed refresh to its blade PC product line, upgrading the hardware and graphics performance of the systems.
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Data modelling layers: do you wanna get logical or physical

Interview In the bad old days we used to progress from "current physical" to "current logical" models. We then used to transform the "current logical" to the "new logical" – and about then the deadline cut in and we scurried about hacking the code for the new system which is about as "new physical" as you can get. No wonder the agile people noticed that it made more sense to devote your time and intelligence to the "new physical", which wasn't going to be thrown away soon after you finished.
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London out paces NY as global Wi-Fi hub

Wireless networks almost trebled in London over the last 12 months with more, but not all organisations, realizing the importance of running secure networks.
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US prof plans to send message back in time

A West Coast scientist who believes it may be possible to transmit information backwards through time has been funded by individual donations after established mad-scientist groups refused to cough up.

IBM taunts SMBs with new blade box

IBM later this year plans to dish out a "desktop" blade box for small- to medium-sized businesses.
Warning Stop

Google cancels anti-eBay bash

Tonight in Boston, home to eBay's annual seller conference, revolutionary-minded Google employees had planned on throwing an alcohol-fueled anti-eBay bash at a location sure to raise eyebrows on both sides of the Atlantic.
Cade Metz, 14 2007
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Intel's many-core version of Itanium to skip 45nm

Intel will apparently keep selling the Itanium processor through at least four more code-names. Yes, world, the company today revealed the follow-on chip to Montvale, Tukwila and Poulson. Say hello to Kittson.
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Apple plugs holes in new Safari beta

Three days after unleashing a bug-infested beta version of its Safari browser on Windows users, Apple has released an update plugging three serious holes that could allow miscreants to commandeer a user's machine.
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YouTube, CNN invite cats falling out of trees to US Prez debates

A tip for all you Yanks reading El Reg: This summer, during two U.S. presidential debates scheduled to air on CNN, candidates will answer questions submitted via YouTube by web-cam-wielding Net freaks. A Democratic debate is slated for the night of July 23, with a Republican version to follow on September 17.
Cade Metz, 14 2007