13th June 2007 Archive

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  • Yahoo! shareholders shun protest vote

    Semel keeps $71.7 million comp package

    Financial News 13 01:26

  • Microsoft recruits latest open source expert

    If you can't beat em...

    Operating Systems 13 01:37

  • Symantec promises unified storage for managers

    Soccer balls and tears for journalists

    Storage 13 01:42

  • Google throws a bone to privacy watchdogs

    Will keep your data for 18 months

    Broadband 13 02:10

  • EFF lawyer is smokin' on Google Street View

    Wants out, Google gives him a grilling

    Applications 13 02:33

  • BPEL, business process management, SOA and you

    Will 'coding in the large' replace what we do now?

    Developer 13 08:43

  • Nvidia clocks up GeForce 8600M for 8700M GT

    New top-of-the-line mobile GPU

    Hardware 13 08:56

  • HP challenges staff to help it go green

    Sets 'carbon footprint challenge' for employees

    Business 13 09:03

  • Privacy chief warns EU on terror laws

    Security over privacy 'becoming a mantra'

    Law 13 09:17

  • Koreans offered first 70in LCD TVs consumers can buy

    Hardware 13 09:25

  • Sony claims more than a million PAL PS3s purchased

    Fastest Sony console sales ramp

    Games 13 09:47

  • 10 reasons why the Black Hats have us outgunned

    So, you want to be a hacker? It's as easy as...

    Security 13 09:52

  • SSL bug stars in MS June patch batch

    'Black Tuesday' brings four critical fixes

    Security 13 09:56

  • Fujitsu Siemens waxes up mini mainframe

    BS2000 servers sparc up

    Servers 13 10:07

  • Truphone enhances its presence

    And adds SMS and 3G

    Mobile 13 10:08

  • Fujitsu results: good mid-table performance

    Needs bigger offshore presence

    Financial News 13 10:19

  • China runs out of surnames

    93 million Wangs and rising

    Bootnotes 13 10:22

  • Macs are more secure: official

    World's most annoying adverts cleared

    Security 13 10:26

  • Embedded problems: exploiting NULL pointer dereferences

    Your device could be at risk

    Security 13 10:31

  • Toshiba slashes HD DVD hardware sales forecast

    Promotion Group's numbers not so rosy either

    Hardware 13 10:31

  • Fancy an earful? Click here for tech support

    'Pain in the butt' customer gets email short shrift

    Bootnotes 13 11:14

  • Japanese offered USB bum-cooling cushion

    Universal Serial Butt?

    Hardware 13 11:29

  • Babelgum touts indie credentials

    P2P telly gets arty

    Media 13 12:01

  • AOL phisher nets six years' imprisonment


    Security 13 12:03

  • Iran approves death penalty for pornographers

    'Corruptors of the world' beware

    Law 13 12:04

  • Pipex plotting carve-up for Tiscali deal

    Sale to be announced in weeks

    Networks 13 12:15

  • UK security industry pleads for closer goverment ties

    What am I bid for these shiny new handcuffs?

    Government 13 12:24

  • Creative Live! Cam Optia AF webcam

    Any which way you cam...

    Hardware 13 12:27

  • Tao Group throws in the towel

    Software firm 'in administration'

    Mobile 13 12:59

  • Apple's Safari lacks bold vision

    Half of the web just disappeared

    Applications 13 13:25

  • Orange rapped for 'unlimited' broadband

    But ads watchdog rubber stamps 'fair use' again

    Broadband 13 13:33

  • 3GSM morphs into Mobile World Show

    New name, same old show

    Mobile 13 13:39

  • EC dampens fears over IT tax

    Trade body claims ITA changes are afoot

    Data Centre 13 13:57

  • It's business not technology

    Anyone got a taxonomy map?

    Developer 13 14:06

  • Ofcom's Nathan Barley quango slammed by public

    Letter of the week, via the telco regulator...

    Law 13 14:27

  • Cornish separatists menace Jamie Oliver

    Serious email threat against unwelcome 'incomer'

    Bootnotes 13 14:42

  • Techies of Leeds unite

    It's GeekUp night, get your best T-shirt on

    Software 13 15:29

  • Creative tunes laptop-friendly X-Fi audio enhancer to UK

    Hardware 13 15:35

  • US harvests anti-terror research

    Cameras watch for face twitchers

    Law 13 15:36

  • MS polishes UK dialect dictionaries

    Last call for vocab, me old china plates

    Bootnotes 13 15:40

  • George Bush's watch clocked on eBay

    On its way to Oz via Kazakhstan

    Bootnotes 13 15:43

  • SonicWALL tags Aventail

    Joins SSL VPN party

    Security 13 15:47

  • Shake those pinkies with the USB Dance Mat game

    Finger-twistin' fun, it says here

    Hardware 13 15:52

  • New site marries Google, Yahoo!

    Search engine split-screen

    Applications 13 20:29

  • Torvalds slams Sun over Linux intentions

    Hey, let's meet up, says Sun's Schwartz

    Operating Systems 13 20:44

  • Symantec's 'Hamlet' becomes 'Endpoint Protection'

    Corporate antivirus no longer a tragedy?

    Security 13 22:21

  • Hello, Apple PR. Dr. Freud will see you now

    One man's journey from humiliation to hope

    Bootnotes 13 22:44

  • FBI logs its millionth zombie address

    Come on over for a little Bot Roast

    Security 13 22:45

  • Patent holder calls for eBay 'Buy-It-Now' injunction

    Widget fidget

    Applications 13 22:57

  • Microsoft clarifies Windows Server virtual licensing

    Buy more, get more

    The Channel 13 23:21