12th June 2007 Archive

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  • Video download site ordered to spy on users

    Yes, it's really called TorrentSpy

    Law 12 00:59

  • Google goes spear phishing on MySpace

    Short-lived spike in phishing traffic

    Security 12 02:06

  • Jobs: one more thing... a browser war

    Safari comes to Windows

    Applications 12 03:42

  • Microsoft demos mind-bending photo app

    Puts Google to shame

    Applications 12 04:36

  • Jobs chucks Leopard titbits to Apple masses

    MacOS X 10.5 feature set fleshed out

    Hardware 12 05:54

  • Intel EOLs Celeron Ds

    Last call for NetBurst-based budget chips?

    Hardware 12 08:34

  • Sony carries in portable DVD player

    Hardware 12 09:02

  • UK foreign language teaching hits all-time low

    Report laments 'phrase book' standards

    Government 12 09:09

  • MP proposes stronger FoI

    Seeks to remove ministerial veto

    Government 12 09:24

  • Better privacy policies can make money, finds P3P study

    Privacy guaranteed? Sure, I'll cough up

    Management 12 09:34

  • SanDisk 4GB Micro SDHC memory card

    Tiny form-factor, big storage capacity

    Hardware 12 10:02

  • UK mulls blanket ban on unfair commercial practices

    Asks retailers for input

    Law 12 10:03

  • Ericsson snaps up Drutt

    Content mangling offers new revenue opportunities

    Mobile 12 10:09

  • 140mph YouTube boy racer facing jail

    Toyota MR2 vid stunt ends before the beak

    Law 12 10:16

  • Tosh talks up Flash chip stack tech

    Through-silicon vias to boost storage capacities

    Hardware 12 10:20

  • LoveHoney in toothbrush vibrator trademark rumpus

    Oral-B sex shocker

    Law 12 10:21

  • NASA schedules fourth spacewalk for Atlantis crew

    One down, three to go

    Science 12 10:22

  • Flickr goes multilingual

    ¿No hablas inglés? Haz click aquí

    Applications 12 10:24

  • Ironing down the JBoss Seam

    Not just another Java framework

    Developer 12 10:38

  • Apple's Safari 3: a crashing experience for non-US users

    International issues bugging customers

    Hardware 12 11:03

  • YouTube, Disney to trial copyright takedown software next month

    Mickey Mouse rollout?

    Media 12 11:05

  • MBO splits Star and MessageLabs

    Catch a shooting Star

    Security 12 11:08

  • Europe's R&D 'stagnant', says report

    We're being left behind, people

    Financial News 12 11:12

  • Google opens up AdWords for scrutiny

    Advertisers get peek under the hood

    Applications 12 11:14

  • TeleNav brings user-generated content to GPS

    Share your bad restaurant experiences with the world

    Mobile 12 11:19

  • Private equity snaps up two more UK firms

    CSG and IRIS, sold, merged

    The Channel 12 11:21

  • IGF 2007: Rio here we come

    What if we threw a party for the internet and it didn't turn up?

    Networks 12 11:33

  • Nokia folds Wibree into Bluetooth

    One standard not two

    Broadband 12 11:42

  • Hasselhoff, paedophiles, and a digital Animal Farm

    Why David Cameron's e-petitions scheme needs rebooting

    Government 12 11:42

  • Boffins put encrypted bio-copyright watermarks in beer DNA

    No knocking off Blade Runner pleasure replicants

    Science 12 11:59

  • MPs question Capgemini's HMRC profits

    But they're still below target

    Policy 12 12:16

  • EU slaps 'Davros tax' on mobility scooters

    Import duty contains battery-powered pensioner menace

    Science 12 12:36

  • US lawyer ranking site raises attorney's hackles

    Avvo pushes limits of web immunity

    Law 12 13:02

  • Disney plays a shot, scores Cricinfo

    Six runs for cricket fans

    Media 12 13:06

  • Start-up ISP in launch shocker

    Brave or foolhardy?

    Broadband 12 13:10

  • Two cuffed for harassing Dave the dolphin

    Kent police move to protect local cetacean celeb

    Science 12 13:14

  • Wobbly G8 Sarkozy delights YouTubers

    'Hadn't only drunk water', insinuates Belgian TV

    Bootnotes 12 13:31

  • BAE to call in Woolf-led ethics pack

    May find it difficult to sell weapons as a result

    Financial News 12 13:32

  • Physics GCSE: 'insultingly easy, non scientific, and vague'

    UK science education flushed away

    Science 12 13:44

  • UK.gov wants to ramp up, co-ordinate anti-terror investment

    Fragmentation is just one of our enemies

    Government 12 14:33

  • Nokia lobs another legal grenade at Qualcomm

    I'll see you in court. Oh, you're already there

    Mobile 12 14:35

  • DiData gets Avaya contract

    Engineer teams are go

    The Channel 12 14:48

  • Collabnet does Subversion for Mac

    A version by any other name

    Developer 12 15:27

  • US troops to scatter crawling Wi-Fi mini-droids

    DARPA gives new meaning to the term 'bot net'

    Science 12 15:32

  • Security researchers poke holes in Safari

    Hot Fuzz

    Security 12 15:37

  • Kilted Debian lovers to overrun Edinburgh

    Help! The geeks are coming!

    Software 12 15:42

  • Albanians swipe Bush's wristwatch

    Goddamn thieving former Commies

    Bootnotes 12 15:54

  • Porn mag ed sacked for inadequate smut

    Men Only 'artistic differences' kerfuffle

    Bootnotes 12 16:18

  • EMC Avamar extends to NAS and virtual machines

    Virtual circle

    Storage 12 16:21

  • Spyware hackers raid Calif. city coffers

    Wild Wild West

    Security 12 17:52

  • Windows recovery loophole lets hackers in

    Who do want to own today?

    Security 12 17:56

  • Symantec back ups backup software

    NetBackup 6.5 leads new initiative

    Storage 12 18:11

  • Google adds PowerPoint viewer to Gmail

    Heightens battle with Microsoft

    Applications 12 18:18

  • Intel and Google go Bono over power supplies

    Pay more to pay less

    Servers 12 19:35

  • Spammer faces 11 years in prison

    Admits to sending junk mail to 1.2m AOL subscribers

    Security 12 19:38

  • Newegg turns to tech publishing

    Community values

    The Channel 12 20:51

  • Microsoft adds clustering and VSS to Virtual Server

    SLES 10 and Solaris welcomed too

    Servers 12 20:58

  • Users attacked by mysterious AIM buddies

    AOL denies then claims responsibility

    Applications 12 21:03

  • YouTube - uTube showdown stays alive in federal court

    A website by any other name

    Law 12 22:14

  • Leopard gets dose of Solaris ZFS

    Apple u-turn on denial

    Storage 12 22:24