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The cheapest calling plan of all: Friends and Family on the company phone

British workers are spending around £400m a year on personal calls using company mobile phones, according to research from Aurora Kendrick James (AJK).
Bill Ray, 10 Jun 2007

Bluetooth headsets to get dual mics

Adding a second microphone to a Bluetooth headset significantly improves its ability to capture speech by making it more effective at noise cancellation and suppression, according to Australian audio software developer Dynamic Hearing.
Bryan Betts, 10 Jun 2007
For sale sign

CodeGear: still for sale

Keeping up with Borland’s corporate plans is a challenge. In early 2006, it said it would sell its IDE tools business, including the Delphi and JBuilder products. Nine months later it formed CodeGear, but as a wholly-owned subsidiary, saying that nobody came up with a good enough offer. “It was obvious that the positive cash flow from the IDE business was much more attractive for us,” Borland’s Mike Hulme told Reg Dev here.
Tim Anderson, 10 Jun 2007

Crypto boffins urge Belgium to withdraw early ePassports

RFID passports from Belgium remained flawed almost three years into their introduction, according to a study by cryptographic researchers.
John Leyden, 10 Jun 2007

The geek gods have spoken - let the video games begin

GIGSE 2007Could skill gaming be the next big forum for online gambling?
Burke Hansen, 10 Jun 2007

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