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Visual Studio Shell (not Visual Studio's hell)

Pop along to Sourceforge and you’ll find many different programmers’ editors, many of which have been abandoned long before they’re ready for use. There’s not really any point developing an editor, when toolkits like Scite exist. The same is true of IDEs, when there’s the extensible Eclipse IDE to use. As a result it’s been gaining more and more market- and mindshare with development tools vendors around the world.
Simon Bisson, 09 Jun 2007

What's the future of the UK IT industry?

Developing the FutureDeveloping The Future is an annual report from Microsoft and various industry partners, which looks at the UK software development industry in the context of the UK economy as a whole.
David Norfolk, 09 Jun 2007

Military love affair with videogames intensifies

The convergence between videogaming and real-world warfare (at least, war as seen from a Western perspective) continues to advance.
Lewis Page, 09 Jun 2007

Experts testify in Congress on behalf of internet gambling industry

Supporters of a regulated internet gambling environment testified before Congress yesterday, offering evidence that many of the alleged social ills associated with the industry are already being adequately addressed in jurisdictions that offer regulated gaming environments.
Burke Hansen, 09 Jun 2007

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