8th June 2007 Archive

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  • Humane Society gets firmer with Amazon's cocks

    Fumes over Feathered Warriors

    Media 08 00:04

  • Google promises mobile software platform to challenge Windows

    Getting in to Gears

    Mobile 08 01:50

  • SAP plays tease over mid-market Salesforce 'killer'

    It's different, but better. Oh yes...

    Applications 08 03:33

  • Tie your own Office ribbon

    Microsoft shows extending Outlook 2007 with VSTO 'Orcas'

    Developer 08 08:02

  • Paris Hilton dragged back into court

    Judge to hear case for 'reassignment'

    Bootnotes 08 08:50

  • A cloud over the moon and a suitcase full of cash

    The march of the gamblers

    Law 08 08:53

  • UK mulls admitting wiretap evidence in court

    The secret's out

    Law 08 09:01

  • MUST is a must

    A good addition for migrating Access DBs

    Developer 08 09:02

  • Vodafone rejects call from rebel investors

    Sticking to its knitting

    Financial News 08 09:10

  • EU aims to stop 'visa shopping'

    Schengen states to share visa data

    Government 08 09:13

  • Parallels enhances Windows-on-Mac tool

    3D graphics a-go-go

    Hardware 08 09:14

  • Redstone 'delighted' after year of takeovers

    Conversant with convergence

    Networks 08 09:19

  • Wheelchair user hitches lift on front of lorry

    'Quite a ride', admits Michigan man

    Bootnotes 08 09:23

  • BT claims London NPfIT successes

    Acute trusts back on track

    Policy 08 09:37

  • Apple readying aluminium iMac?

    Hardware 08 09:41

  • Sony turns job axe on the US

    Reports operating loss of $1.91bn

    Financial News 08 09:51

  • Britons are workaholics, survey says

    One in four working more than 48 hours a week

    Business 08 10:04

  • The slow death of AV technology

    Time to jump ship?

    Security 08 10:24

  • Oxford University Libraries say chuck out your crap

    Quick, the WEEE directive is coming!

    Management 08 10:28

  • Boffins demo wireless electricity

    Switching on lightbulbs from a distance

    Science 08 10:32

  • Slovakian fountain stunt groom released

    Wedding back on as dad says 'sorry' for nude escapade

    Bootnotes 08 10:38

  • TerraTec docks iPod to internet radio box

    Hardware 08 10:50

  • BOFH: PFY rescue mission

    Back in the saddle

    BOFH 08 11:02

  • Five things Sony needs to do save the PS3

    Price cuts, exclusive games and a more integrated mobile strategy would help

    Games 08 11:08

  • Xerox kicks off new channel partner scheme

    VP says, it's all about 'customer intimacy' now...

    Data Centre 08 11:29

  • eBayers fail to bite amazing penis-shaped crisp

    Limp bidding, despite magical powers

    Bootnotes 08 11:30

  • Babelgum opens up for all

    Beta IPTV for everyone

    Media 08 11:33

  • Scientists demand ban on North Sea cod fishing

    'Reduced reproduction' threatens stocks

    Science 08 11:38

  • IBM dodges bullet as the great URL debate rages

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    Business 08 11:52

  • How Saudi slush kept UK aero biz afloat

    Surplus Eurofighters could be dropped on high-living Saudis

    Government 08 12:33

  • The great migration debate: Essbase to Analysis Services

    Moving Cubes

    Developer 08 12:56

  • Canadian surgeons unmask Vulcan

    Patient oozes 'greenish-black' blood

    Science 08 13:47

  • PC or not PC? Ten desktops on test

    Which system is right for you?

    Hardware 08 13:51

  • DIY kits dumb down phishing

    9 out of 10 crooks use ready-made code

    Security 08 14:05

  • Connery says nay to Indiana Jones reprise

    Retirement 'just too damned much fun' admits hero's dad

    Bootnotes 08 14:07

  • Cyberstalker caught after months on the run

    Tracked down to East London cybercafe

    Law 08 14:38

  • Atlantis looking good for rain-free launch

    NASA could use some good news

    Science 08 14:57

  • Rwanda fires up Africa's 'biggest' solar plant

    250kW facility helps keeps the lights on

    Science 08 14:58

  • Galileo to get public cash, agree EU ministers

    Military aspects remain to be settled

    Science 08 15:00

  • Microsoft buys data management firm, pulls product line

    And ends spat with LG

    Developer 08 15:03

  • World's tigers on 'catastrophic' road to extinction

    The end is nigh, says new report

    Science 08 15:04

  • Morse splits to AIM high

    Outlines plan to Monitise future

    The Channel 08 15:06

  • A life on the ocean wave(length)

    I'm in the Pacific! No, the PACIFIC!

    Mobile 08 15:19

  • Collabnet makes Eclipse distributed

    Distributed development tools for Eclipse IDE

    Developer 08 15:20

  • CSA 2.0: defaulting dads to have travel, ID, life switched off

    And get to buy their own bullets?

    Government 08 15:25

  • Newer releases MacBook battery renewer

    Hardware 08 15:45

  • Downing St ambivalent on open standards

    Yeah, but no, but yeah..

    Software 08 15:54

  • Naked builders hate ugly logos, but don't frequent Google Maps

    A lucky escape for the rest of us?

    Letters 08 16:00

  • Bradford axes more than 400 jobs

    Union blames 'spiralling' IBM/Serco costs

    The Channel 08 16:14

  • Kelway acquires Elcom

    Hopes to hit £100m mark

    The Channel 08 17:15

  • Infinera grabs top tech IPO of the year

    Optical bull

    Data Networking 08 18:55

  • Paris Hilton dereassigned back to jail

    'Mom, mom, it's not right', wails recaged heiress

    Bootnotes 08 21:05

  • MEPs draft ring of flowers for fortress Europe

    Caring, sharing police databases

    Government 08 21:06

  • Surface computers: debunking Microsoft and Han

    More on the 3D, tabletop UI

    Hardware 08 22:22

  • Apple to climb on to Google's cloud?

    Jobs says 'stay tuned'

    Hardware 08 22:30

  • Yahoo! patch squashes messenger bug

    Vuln researcher questions company's disclosure practices

    Hardware 08 22:32

  • JK Rowling badmouths eBay

    Auction site 'humiliated' and 'harassed'

    Media 08 23:28