6th June 2007 Archive

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  • Storage 'robot' guards loads of data

    RAID for dummies

    Storage 06 00:30

  • Judge pours generous portion of cold water on Zango

    Crudware maker 'unlikely to prevail on the merits'

    Security 06 00:54

  • Microsoft puts in Stirling work for unified security Nirvana

    Also: Visual Studio and SQL Server updates

    Security 06 02:32

  • 200 million people use DSL

    That's some contention ratio

    Broadband 06 03:19

  • ITIL v3 is go

    Best practice books by the yard

    Developer 06 04:08

  • Unknown group sues DOJ over gambling laws

    The fundamental right of all Americans to lose money

    Law 06 04:18

  • Apple adds LED-backlit displays to updated MacBook Pros

    Faster CPUs, Firewire 800 too

    Hardware 06 07:28

  • SanDisk doubles Flash hard drive capacity

    Hardware 06 07:55

  • US appeals court smacks down FCC obscenity rule

    F-bombs away!

    Law 06 08:47

  • Buttocks, thongs, and bullsh*t: Street Viewers cop an eyeful

    Nothing escapes Google's all-seeing eye

    Bootnotes 06 08:52

  • Intel de-cloaks Bearlake chipsets

    Hardware 06 08:52

  • Olympic promotional footage provokes epileptic fits

    'I was thinking about the 2012 Games and then I was out'

    Government 06 08:53

  • Autonomy pumps up the MS-Sharepoint search action

    Go faster stripes for enterprise accounts

    Applications 06 09:02

  • Ask.com rolls out new algorithms, skins

    Four per cent of all Web searchers take notice

    Applications 06 09:12

  • Dell eyes up service companies

    Scottish buy just the beginning

    The Channel 06 09:14

  • House of Lords steps into US-EU data spat

    UK ATS pilot still not catching terrorists

    Government 06 09:29

  • Ads watchdog okays Intel 'world's best processor' claim

    Time for a re-think?

    Hardware 06 09:44

  • Citrix unveils branding program

    Customer awareness push

    The Channel 06 09:55

  • D-Link debuts 200Mbps mains networking pack

    Broadband 06 10:12

  • Wireless power limit doubled to bridge digital divide

    And UWB licences to be axed

    Broadband 06 10:29

  • Virtualisation gets trendy

    It's real versatile, man

    Servers 06 10:37

  • MoD boffins in Cornwall GPS-jamming trials

    Could be spoofing satnav, not just jamming

    Science 06 10:42

  • Pipex retains personal data for escapees' own good

    ISP expecting ex-customers to come back

    Broadband 06 11:18

  • Perfumier concocts Paris Hilton chokey scent

    Limited edition fragrance 'distilled in toilets'

    Bootnotes 06 11:32

  • Swedes unfurl talking paper

    Coming soon: the interactive Playboy centrefold?

    Bootnotes 06 11:39

  • Sun finally crafts proper x86 and SPARC blades

    Once, twice, three times a lady

    Servers 06 11:52

  • SEC slaps admin order on IBM

    Probe dropped after two years - no admissions or denials

    Financial News 06 12:00

  • AMD desktop price cuts due next month

    Hardware 06 12:02

  • UK boffins: extraterrestrial life will be discovered soon

    Aliens' TV preferences could spark interstellar invasion

    Science 06 12:07

  • C&W chairman in plea to join fat cat bonanza

    Executive helicopters all round

    Financial News 06 13:06

  • BT Openzone closed for business

    Wi-Fi access vanishes

    Broadband 06 13:07

  • Asus pitches wee Eee PC companion

    Sub-sub-notebook that's Palm Pilot for the 21st Century?

    Hardware 06 13:12

  • MS anti-Trojan shield fails to protect older Offices

    MOICE and sleazy

    Security 06 13:18

  • Priapic litigant sues health drink outfit

    Hard time after swilling extra vits

    Science 06 13:24

  • Wi-Manx launches WiMAX...nearly

    Isle of Man steals Europe's wireless limelight

    Broadband 06 13:37

  • Intel details Core-based mobile, desktop Pentiums

    Hardware 06 13:42

  • Citrix and Microsoft introduce BOB

    Open the box and find a branch

    Developer 06 13:43

  • Pentax Optio M30 digital camera

    Photo finish or super snapper?

    Hardware 06 14:02

  • AMD's neo naming scheme - details emerge

    GP-7080, anyone?

    Hardware 06 14:09

  • Long Beach cops boast first Segway-borne bust

    Wheels of justice cuff teen tearaways

    Bootnotes 06 14:32

  • Toshiba shows 'world's first' skinny HD DVD-RW drive

    Hardware 06 14:46

  • MS, Yahoo! and Google snub debate on freedom

    Not all publicity is good publicity

    Law 06 14:51

  • Vodafone Live 'improvements' kill mCommerce

    Repurposed not to work any more

    Mobile 06 15:01

  • Europe could give Microsoft verdict soon

    Secret meeting last month

    Law 06 15:11

  • Firm offers to patent security fixes

    Cash from chaos

    Security 06 15:20

  • Networks First buys ANS

    Converged services are us

    The Channel 06 15:21

  • Dutch students brew up powdered alcohol hit

    Booz2Go - alcopop in a sachet

    Science 06 15:26

  • So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?

    Your opinions solicited

    El Reg URL 06 15:30

  • UK MoD: O2 won't help employees serve in Iraq

    O2: Of course we will, but we don't support the war

    Mobile 06 15:41

  • eBay's phishy old problem

    We were wrong, but is eBay wronger?

    Developer 06 16:05

  • IBM lights on Watchfire

    Development secured

    Security 06 16:13

  • Parliament must listen to the blogger in his pyjamas - Cameron


    Government 06 16:14

  • Chip start-up could ignite Blade PCs

    Living the PC lifestyle sans the space heater

    Hardware 06 17:32

  • NetApp and 3Par become storage buddies

    Block meets file

    Storage 06 17:48

  • Crocodile tears for under-fire Microsoft MVP

    'It pains us to threaten you, but...'

    Developer 06 18:28

  • ooVoo readies six-way Jetson chat client

    Analysts suffering from video latency

    VoIP 06 18:38

  • Substitute teacher's conviction for porn popups set aside

    'Erroneous' testimony to the rescue

    Law 06 18:44

  • NASA chief regrets having unpopular opinion

    Right to ignorance under fire?

    Science 06 20:28

  • Google beats chip and server makers to the future

    Who needs oil and gas when you have text ads?

    Servers 06 21:50