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Google security vulnerabilties stack up

AnalysisGoogle's desktop search application is vulnerable to an exploit that allows a determined attacker to remotely run most programs installed on a victim's machine. The flaw is one of at least four security holes to visit Google this past week, demonstrating that the search king, despite the god-like aura it enjoys for its pleasing software designs, remains a mere mortal in the security cosmos.
Dan Goodin, 03 Jun 2007

Zero-day sales not 'fair' - to researchers

Two years ago, Charles Miller found a remotely exploitable flaw in a common component of the Linux operating system, and as many enterprising vulnerability researchers are doing today, he decided to sell the information.
Robert Lemos, 03 Jun 2007

Microsoft still just re-Surfacing Windows

AnalysisMicrosoft's announcement of Surface Computing, basically a PC built into a coffee table, might indeed represent a new paradigm in computing technology, but for Microsoft it's just another attempt at getting its software out from the beige boxes under our desks to somewhere, anywhere, else.
Bill Ray, 03 Jun 2007

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