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DHS: beware stink-bomb touting terrorists

Unusual paranoia over chemical attack in the US takes many forms. It can be seen in a recent piece of trouble from the Department of Homeland Security, a long list of "chemicals of interest" it wishes to require all university settings to inventory.

Why Apple won't sell 10 million iPhones in 2008

CommentSteve Jobs sounds modest with his 2008 sales prediction: "10 million iPhones is one per cent of the mobile phone market". This is indeed true, but it's not a useful benchmark.
Lance Davis, 02 Jun 2007

Russia: our space atom rockets are bigger, nyah nyah

AnalysisRussian strategic forces revealed this week that they have successfully tested a new intercontinental nuclear weapon, underscoring their ability to penetrate the developing US missile shield.
Lewis Page, 02 Jun 2007
Flag China

Balli gets heavy metal InFocus

Case studyKeeping track of the complexities of international metals trading deals means data integration on a grand scale. As one of the world's largest steel traders, Balli Group has had to cope with fundamental changes in its business in the last few years as a result of growing international demand for steel. Most of its activity involves buying steel in China, then shipping and selling it elsewhere in the world.
Phil Manchester, 02 Jun 2007

Blanket license considered harmful - societies chief

CISACThe first collective license for music was conceived almost a century ago, and their heirs - all the world's collection societies - met for a Copyright Summit in Brussels this week.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Jun 2007

Data Analysis 2.0

The World Wide Web can be thought of as one very large database, with information distributed in loosely-connected nodes across a wide array of systems. Compare this to the historically structured world of the relational database management system (RDBMS), where data is neatly managed in tables and columns in a relatively closed environment.
Donna Burbank, 02 Jun 2007

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