1st June 2007 Archive

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  • Dell begs gamers for forgiveness with free boards

    Tell your friends

    Hardware 01 00:37

  • Brocade profits McDisappear

    Overworked PR team in critical condition

    Financial News 01 00:58

  • Qualcomm IPR gravy train hits the buffers

    Biter bit

    Mobile 01 03:12

  • Royal Society unearths top secret nuclear research

    Only 66 years late

    Science 01 09:07

  • Rome's atmosphere shows signs of cocaine

    Airborne nose ajax drives la dolce vita

    Science 01 09:15

  • Iberian lynx offered motorway reprieve

    300km highway plan binned

    Science 01 09:23

  • Bankers see public sector as fraud target

    Better information sharing needed

    Policy 01 09:28

  • The Reg is recruiting

    Sales genius required

    Site News 01 09:35

  • Personal numbers must carry cost warning, says regulator

    Rip-off alert will give you a chance to hang up

    Networks 01 09:46

  • 40% of kids regularly visit forbidden sites

    Many parents unaware of their nippers' online jaunts

    Security 01 10:00

  • Insecure plug-ins pose danger to Firefox users

    Add-ons add security threat

    Security 01 10:06

  • Nicaragua puts the squeeze on 'poison' Chinese toothpaste

    Diethylene glycol menace spreads

    Science 01 10:16

  • ET fires laser weapon on Google Maps

    Extraterrestrial Street View shocker

    Science 01 10:17

  • Yahoo! Europe! upgrades! ad! platform!

    No! really? Yes! really!

    Applications 01 10:50

  • LG U970 Shine mobile phone

    Why do new products sound like WWII submarines?

    Phones 01 10:58

  • BOFH: PFY spreads his wings

    And promptly has them clipped

    BOFH 01 11:02

  • Spyware mum foils pervert

    Key logging app exposes child abuse offender

    Security 01 11:38

  • Belgian army faces hairy caterpillar horde

    Blowtorch weapon versus lepidoptera menace

    Science 01 11:39

  • 10 signs you're in a tech bubble

    Welcome back to 1998

    Financial News 01 11:45

  • LiveJournal says sorry for blanket sex-talk censorship

    'Well, we really screwed this one up...'

    Law 01 12:05

  • Korean schools to deploy robot chaperones

    Teenage lusts curbed by remorseless German technology

    Policy 01 12:07

  • Reg reader to eat catfood for charity

    Meningitis Trust to benefit from much meowing

    Site News 01 12:08

  • EMI and YouTube shake hands and hips

    'Authorised' videos are Ok Go

    Media 01 12:14

  • Cat owner protests against privacy-invading Google

    Tabby 'wants to be alone'

    Law 01 12:17

  • Enron emails inspire GCHQ spooks

    Software to nanny for cagey corporate cops

    Management 01 12:18

  • Bush hugs trees in sudden policy U-turn

    Tree-noshing beetle plague in rainless Belize as NASA predicts more rain

    Science 01 12:38

  • Binary interfaces in component development

    Use shared objects but don't get binary interfaces?

    Developer 01 12:45

  • Dell cuts, Google hits the street and robot-moths are go

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    Business 01 13:11

  • Tiscali locks down contracts after email disaster

    Complaints roll in to ISP trade body

    Broadband 01 13:55

  • Hardy perennials dominate virus chart

    Darling botnets of May

    Security 01 14:03

  • Twitchers in a flap over 'cock' gagging

    RSPB neuters forum

    Bootnotes 01 14:31

  • Mozilla quashes Firefox JavaScript peril

    Vista stability also improved by critical browser update

    Security 01 14:37

  • Power firm plans low-energy credits

    Don't flick that switch

    Small Biz 01 14:46

  • Tom Cruise causes Wi-Fi humour blackouts

    Pass us the coffee, would you?

    Letters 01 15:24

  • Why does CSC want to stop the rescue of iSoft?

    There may be lawyers ahead

    The Channel 01 15:26

  • Space powers join forces to hit Moon and Mars

    Play nice, boffins

    Science 01 15:30

  • VAT 'reverse charge' scheme kicks off

    Mobiles and chips no longer a tasty little earner for fraudsters

    The Channel 01 15:45

  • Dr Who saves Thailand from evil canine unmentionables

    Candid Martha Jones shots leaked on Google Maps

    Letters 01 17:11

  • Google: We like the web the way it is

    Google extends standards to the industry

    Applications 01 18:06

  • Cloudmark takes anti-spam to the edge

    Content filtering at the network edge to keep spam off the core

    Data Networking 01 19:51

  • Why Microsoft's innovation is only Surface deep

    Smoke and mirrors

    Hardware 01 22:08