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Dell begs gamers for forgiveness with free boards

In "the very near future," an army of Dell technicians will descend upon customers who last year purchased the Dell XPS 700 gaming rig. Their mission will be to upgrade the XPS 700 systems for free with a new XPS gaming motherboard and to offer customers the choice of an even better future motherboard with a quad-core chip at a 25 per cent discount.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Jun 2007

Brocade profits McDisappear

Brocade is ending a big week overflowing with product announcements, stomping on is partners' toes and a healthy federal pay-off with something very small:
Austin Modine, 01 Jun 2007

Qualcomm IPR gravy train hits the buffers

CommentQualcomm had yet another setback in the courtroom this week, as Broadcom was awarded $19.64m in damages for incorporating Broadcom technology in its baseband chips and software.
Faultline, 01 Jun 2007

Royal Society unearths top secret nuclear research

75 years of the neutronIn his long-awaited energy white paper, published this May, Tony Blair opined that energy could be "as important to our future as defence".
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Jun 2007

Rome's atmosphere shows signs of cocaine

Scientists from Italy's National Research Council (CNR) have discovered an even greater threat to Rome's population than getting run down by a Lambretta: particles of cocaine and marijuana in the atmosphere, centred around the city's Sapienza university.
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2007

Iberian lynx offered motorway reprieve

The Spanish authorities have binned a plan to drive a 300km motorway south from Toldeo to Cordoba because the highway would have threatened the endangered Iberian lynx, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2007

Bankers see public sector as fraud target

A top official from the banking industry has said the public sector is a major target for online fraud.
Kablenet, 01 Jun 2007

Personal numbers must carry cost warning, says regulator

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has ordered that from September, callers to so-called "personal numbers", which start with the digits 070, must hear a warning on the call's cost for free before being connected if the call will cost more than 20 pence.
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Jun 2007

40% of kids regularly visit forbidden sites

Children under the age of 16 are regularly visiting websites that have been prohibited by their parents, divulge personal details to strangers, and meet up with people they met online, according to research published today.
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Jun 2007
mozilla foundation

Insecure plug-ins pose danger to Firefox users

A security weakness in the update mechanism for third-party add-ons to the Firefox browser could give an attacker the ability to exploit unsecured downloads and install malicious code on the victim's computer, a security researcher warned on Wednesday.
Robert Lemos, 01 Jun 2007

Nicaragua puts the squeeze on 'poison' Chinese toothpaste

Nicaraguan authorities have seized 40,000 tubes of Chinese "Excel" and "Mr Cool" toothpaste which contain potentially-lethal diethylene glycol, AP reports.
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2007

ET fires laser weapon on Google Maps

It appears that pretty much everyone in the world has given up any pretence at working and is currently scouring Google Maps' new Street View facility for entertaining revelations.
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2007

Yahoo! Europe! upgrades! ad! platform!

Yahoo! Europe is starting a staged upgrade of its sponsored search advertising platform - the project previously known as Panama.
John Oates, 01 Jun 2007

BOFH: PFY spreads his wings

Episode 19
Simon Travaglia, 01 Jun 2007

Spyware mum foils pervert

Keylogging software helped a UK mum warn police about a US-based predator who was grooming her 15-year-old son for child abuse.
John Leyden, 01 Jun 2007

Belgian army faces hairy caterpillar horde

Belgian soldiers are to be deployed in the country's forests to combat the menace of hairy caterpillars, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 01 Jun 2007

10 signs you're in a tech bubble

From Wall St to Silicon Valley, experienced finanical types and entrepreneurs are privately conceding the obvious: we're in a tech bubble. The only doubts are over whether we are in 1998 or 1999 again.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Jun 2007

LiveJournal says sorry for blanket sex-talk censorship

LiveJournal has apologised after taking down 500 discussion groups it felt were too sexed up. The purge was intended to wipe out discussion of paedophilia, rape, and sexual violence, the firm says.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Jun 2007

Korean schools to deploy robot chaperones

Korean educational authorities have a bold new plan to curb the ever-rising tide of teenage lustfulness. Students at a middle school (ages 13-15) in southern Seoul are to be watched by robots from this week in a trial security project.
Lewis Page, 01 Jun 2007

EMI and YouTube shake hands and hips

EMI has signed an agreement with Google's video-sharing website YouTube to allow its users to view "authorised" videos and recordings from the music firm's roster of artists.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Jun 2007

Cat owner protests against privacy-invading Google

Google has raised fresh privacy concerns in the US, thanks to its new Street View service on its maps. It is apparently not enough that the advertising broker would like to find your next job for you, or tell you what you might want to do at the weekend, now it wants to peer into your living rooms.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Jun 2007

Enron emails inspire GCHQ spooks

Geeks at GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), the UK's spook-infested listening station, are using the infamous Enron email trail to develop software that will monitor people's emails and stop them sending incriminating or confidential messages.
Mark Ballard, 01 Jun 2007

Binary interfaces in component development

Part 1:Compatibility is a huge problem in software development. It's often cited as an argument against Linux; there's no guarantee of forward compatibility to ensure the applications of today will work in the Linux of 2010.
Dan Clarke, 01 Jun 2007

Tiscali locks down contracts after email disaster

UpdatedTiscali says that broadband customers left fuming by its week of undelivered email remain bound by their contracts, and should accept that email is a free extra.
Christopher Williams, 01 Jun 2007
Warning: biohazard

Hardy perennials dominate virus chart

May's virus charts were a throwback to the end of 2005, with old favourites such as Netsky, Bagle, and Sober once again dominating run-downs of the worst malware menaces.
John Leyden, 01 Jun 2007

Twitchers in a flap over 'cock' gagging

Bird botherers down at RSPB forums are in a flap over the avian conservation charity's censoring of the word "cock".
Christopher Williams, 01 Jun 2007

Mozilla quashes Firefox JavaScript peril

Firefox users need to update their browser software following the release of updates designed to fix multiple security vulnerabilities.
John Leyden, 01 Jun 2007

Power firm plans low-energy credits

UK energy supplier Scottish & Southern Electric (SSE) is to offer credits to customers who cut their energy use or install low-energy appliances. It also wants to cut the carbon footprint of the power it generates by 20 per cent over the next nine years.
Bryan Betts, 01 Jun 2007

Tom Cruise causes Wi-Fi humour blackouts

LettersWant to be in complete control of your computer? Put your hands in the air and wave 'em around a bit. That'll do the trick. Well, maybe it is a bit more complex than that. But really, as Microsoft proposes a hand waving, Minority Report-style computer interface, all we care about is that Tom Cruise stays in the Scientology celebrity centre, and away from our sofa:
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Jun 2007
Warning Stop

Why does CSC want to stop the rescue of iSoft?

iSoft and IBA Health, the Aussie firm which has offered to bail out iSoft, have issued a joint statement suggesting they may take legal action against CSC's blocking of the deal.
John Oates, 01 Jun 2007

Space powers join forces to hit Moon and Mars

As NASA greenlights its next Shuttle launch (8 June, for those keeping track), 14 international space agencies have agreed to cooperate on a rather more grandiose mission: bringing samples of the Martian surface back to Earth.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Jun 2007

VAT 'reverse charge' scheme kicks off

As of today mobile phones and computer chips will be subject to a new fraud-busting VAT accounting scheme called "reverse charge".
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Jun 2007

Dr Who saves Thailand from evil canine unmentionables

CommentsIt's Friday again, and time for another batch of comments. Your televisions are quite dear to you, as evidenced by how worked up some of you got over our first bit of news.
Robin Lettice, 01 Jun 2007

Google: We like the web the way it is

“We feel very strongly about this being an industry effort and being a standard. We want this to be the one way that developers can add offline capabilities to their applications,” says Jeff Huger, Google’s VP of engineering, during the keynote for the company’s global Developer Day.
Tim Anderson, 01 Jun 2007

Cloudmark takes anti-spam to the edge

Anti-spam developer Cloudmark claims its high-volume content-filtering email gateway could prevent almost all unwanted email from reaching a network's mail servers.
Bryan Betts, 01 Jun 2007
Microsoft Surface Computing logo

Why Microsoft's innovation is only Surface deep

Comment[ Microsoft calls its multitouch user interface Surface Computing "a new paradigm". We asked a British pioneer in the field to examine the claim. - ed.]
Andrew Fentem, 01 Jun 2007

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