31st May 2007 Archive

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  • Glory fades on Novell's Microsoft deal

    From black to red

    Financial News 31 May 00:18

  • EU OK's Welsh Assembly Wi-Fi

    Prague OK too, with modifications

    Government 31 May 07:02

  • 'Brown should rethink EU proposal on VAT'

    Could be open season for fraudsters

    The Channel 31 May 07:02

  • CD WOW! vows to take £35m High Court defeat to Europe

    'We make tiny margins on our goods and it is the consumer who benefits'

    The Channel 31 May 07:02

  • Hot babes cruise planet Google

    Viva Street View and Viva Las Vegas!

    Bootnotes 31 May 08:38

  • Westminster street lamp pay-back cut to 750 years

    Now just £15m to save £20k a year

    Government 31 May 08:40

  • Eircom to slash up to 400 jobs

    Cost-cutting move not unexpected

    Networks 31 May 09:54

  • Dixons Store Group loses head

    Clare to retire in September

    The Channel 31 May 10:07

  • Data protection watchdogs' letter to Google goes public

    Questions length of storage time before anonymisation

    Law 31 May 10:09

  • Doctor Who faces extermination

    Time's up

    Bootnotes 31 May 10:22

  • Security analogies: the key to educating laymen

    Explaining tech concepts to the masses

    Security 31 May 10:54

  • Jobs waves iPhone, talks applications

    June launch still go

    Mobile 31 May 10:57

  • Vodafone data bundle pricing slips out

    120MB a month for £7.50...ho hum

    Mobile 31 May 10:59

  • Another day, another UK newspaper website goes down

    Today's failure: The Independent

    CIO 31 May 11:10

  • Motorola lays off another 4,000

    RAZR phones fail to slice into new markets

    Mobile 31 May 11:12

  • US Stingray style sub motherships test missiles

    But SEALs' ritzy mini-sub slated for defects, cost overruns

    Data Centre 31 May 11:14

  • eBay makes another baffling buy

    StumbleUpon snapped up

    Business 31 May 11:17

  • World fails to implode during Gates-Jobs gagfest

    We led as two kings

    Software 31 May 11:38

  • Finding missing galaxies: Spitzer triumphs again

    No word on how they were lost

    Science 31 May 12:32

  • EU on web-terror: Something must be done

    I didn't get a 'harrumph' out of that guy ...

    Government 31 May 12:34

  • Google Gears up for offline web apps

    Steps on Microsoft's toes...again

    Applications 31 May 12:38

  • Sharp Aquos LC37XD1E 37in HD TV

    There's high-definition and then there's high-definition

    Hardware 31 May 12:40

  • Sex.com: read it if you dare

    A tale of evil from the early days of the internet

    Bootnotes 31 May 13:03

  • Channel carousel sees resellers, execs change places

    The Channel 31 May 13:29

  • iTunes Plus - plus user details that is

    DRM-free tracks can be traced to original owner

    Media 31 May 13:48

  • New theory for sun's ring of fire

    Sound, not Johnny Cash, responsible

    Science 31 May 14:51

  • Spam King arrested in Seattle

    Grand jury indictments

    Security 31 May 14:56

  • Apple TV gets 160GB HDD

    Oh, and you can access YouTube on it too

    Hardware 31 May 15:03

  • Facial drones spot passport frauds

    UK.gov's own facebook

    Government 31 May 15:16

  • Dell's channel shake-up ripples across to Europe

    'Not an open system'

    The Channel 31 May 15:30

  • Larry Lessig in the lion's den

    Net guru takes on the authors: Love is just another lawsuit

    Law 31 May 15:45

  • The Linux programmer's toolbox

    Hope for those developers not raised on the Linux command line

    Developer 31 May 15:48

  • Google ducks angry authors

    Misses opportunity to enlighten

    Law 31 May 15:53

  • DARPA to create brain-chipped cyborg moths

    Looking to bug al-Qaeda

    Science 31 May 16:11

  • DHS calls in sci-fi writers as consultants

    You couldn't make it up - maybe they can

    Government 31 May 16:17

  • PC Tools snags behaviour protection tech

    You know I'm no good

    Security 31 May 16:19

  • Clarity lacks, er, clarity over CEO

    'Should I stay or should I go now'

    Financial News 31 May 17:46

  • Tories appoint former tabloid editor as chief spin doctor

    Untainted by Royal phone-tap resignation

    Government 31 May 18:01

  • Whale rescue hotline hacked

    45-ton mother and calf 'put down', trolls falsely claim

    Security 31 May 18:12

  • Joost views ex-Cisco prodigy as CEO

    I want my Volpi TV

    Broadband 31 May 18:36

  • Fedora 7 suppresses Red Hat separation anxiety

    So communal it hurts

    Servers 31 May 19:53

  • Dell cheers Q1 with workforce decimation

    2.0 - 8,000 = more money

    Financial News 31 May 20:55

  • MySQL warns Microsoft on open source credibilty

    Stick to the knitting

    Applications 31 May 21:01

  • Brocade and Mercury rain cash on SEC to settle charges

    Don't mention the stock

    Financial News 31 May 22:37

  • OpenSolaris fans in a tizzy over 'Project Copy Linux'

    Distro dysfunction junction

    Servers 31 May 23:14

  • Brocade barges into HBA market

    Flashes Silverback at Emulex and QLogic

    Data Networking 31 May 23:16

  • Freescale scales back staff

    Frees up thousands of pink slips

    Financial News 31 May 23:30