30th May 2007 Archive

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  • Broadcom verdict broadsides Qualcomm

    $19.6m patent slap

    Law 30 May 00:06

  • Phony BBB email dupes more than 1,400 execs

    Gone Spear phishin'

    Security 30 May 00:13

  • CDW goes private for $7.3bn

    Bid premium etc.

    The Channel 30 May 00:45

  • Apple plugs two QuickTime holes

    Second security patch in less than a week

    Hardware 30 May 01:09

  • Pentagon: China threatens space and cyberspace

    Commies get nukes, sat-kill lasers, 'electromagnetic dominance' virus units

    Government 30 May 02:05

  • Mobile games set for simultaneous launch

    End of operator exclusivity

    Mobile 30 May 06:02

  • Peer-to-peer networks co-opted for DOS attacks

    DC++ flaw sees massive data storms

    Security 30 May 07:02

  • Bomb squad disables suspect sex toy

    Explosive climax to Post Office scare

    Bootnotes 30 May 08:37

  • Westminster blows £29m to save £20k

    The suspect maths of energy-saving street lighting

    Science 30 May 08:38

  • Sophos apologises for going legal on school techies

    School of BOFH

    Security 30 May 08:43

  • Tesco's old timers get yoof slang pamphlet

    'Lingo-lean staff to get word-savvy'

    Bootnotes 30 May 08:45

  • Firms urged to tighten up access policies

    Survey reveals worrying lack of security

    CIO 30 May 09:37

  • Pesticide link to Parkinson's disease

    Gardeners join boxers on at-risk list

    Science 30 May 10:26

  • Microsoft waves in Minority Report-style computing era

    Another Minority operating system?

    Operating Systems 30 May 10:33

  • Tiscali coughs to spam blacklisting after a week without email

    'Er...try Hotmail...for another week'

    Security 30 May 10:39

  • BT chief speaks fluent PowerPoint

    Boss sets telco against royalty share

    Broadband 30 May 10:52

  • Google Maps hits the streets

    New ground-based city views wow the crowd

    Applications 30 May 10:55

  • Zune to sell one million by June

    Microsoft MP3 player exceeds expectations

    Hardware 30 May 11:26

  • CSC details iSoft objections

    'It's in the interests of NPfIT'

    The Channel 30 May 11:33

  • VCPoker.com busts on saucy ad campaign

    Gambling is not sexy, especially for the socially inept

    Financial News 30 May 11:35

  • Terra Firma ups ante for EMI

    Don't bite the Hands that feed you...

    Financial News 30 May 11:38

  • Google Earth unearths crashed Darfur gunrunning plane

    Leaked UN report, US gov says pranged Antonov was arming Janjaweed

    Government 30 May 11:42

  • Judges define scope of McKinnon appeal

    Arguing a legal point again

    Law 30 May 11:57

  • It was Microsoft wot done it

    What did happen to that Bloor Report?

    Developer 30 May 12:18

  • Is Avaya up for grabs?

    Shares jump as tongues wag over possible buy-out

    Data Networking 30 May 12:32

  • Creative Zen Stone MP3 player

    More of a pebble than a stone really

    Hardware 30 May 13:12

  • Morocco unbans YouTube

    Was Western Sahara to blame?

    Law 30 May 13:16

  • US cities in Web 2.0 battle against graffiti

    Flickr style GPS scrawl mashup metatags the taggers

    Law 30 May 13:30

  • Gov. resists ID card scrutiny

    Will Brown sign up to Blair's baby?

    Government 30 May 13:46

  • VeriSign boss signs off

    Shock departure

    Financial News 30 May 13:52

  • Man barely survives hamster attack

    Severe allergic reaction ends in hospital

    Science 30 May 13:53

  • USB stick security suite puts squeeze on software

    Yoggie Pico offers baker's dozen

    Security 30 May 14:23

  • CafePress drops Buddha-snap doggie G-strings

    Thailand outraged by 'offensive' canine apparel

    Bootnotes 30 May 14:32

  • The Mirror website cracked

    Down all day

    Security 30 May 14:34

  • Epson adds to Stylus series

    D92 inkjet printer proudly presented

    Hardware 30 May 14:40

  • Mobility: what do you want exactly?

    And how do you want to pay for it?

    Reg Technology Panel 30 May 14:51

  • Last.fm scrobbled for $280m

    CBS whips the long tail

    Financial News 30 May 14:55

  • MIT eggheads build 'human-robot relationships'

    With Pixar style desk lamps, cyber-teddies, and droid flowers

    Science 30 May 14:57

  • Toshiba gives price-cutting AMD the nod

    No longer just Intel inside

    Hardware 30 May 16:48

  • Germany declares hacking tools 'verboten'


    Security 30 May 16:52

  • HP grants little telcos NonStop rights

    Pay less for the very best

    Servers 30 May 19:17

  • Brocade gives SAN FAN a one-two

    Blades, appliances and software — oh my

    Data Networking 30 May 19:40

  • IBM whacks 1,600 more services jobs

    Only 147,000 to go

    Financial News 30 May 20:57

  • Palm reveals 'secret' smartphone buddy

    .25 pound device gets 2.5 pound accessory

    Phones 30 May 23:40