29th May 2007 Archive

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  • Employee data sans frontières...not in France, Tyco told

    US multinational fined for laissez-faire approach

    CIO 29 May 00:00

  • UK firms contest 'absurd' software patent ruling

    Conflicts with European law, they say

    Law 29 May 07:02

  • Sanyo results hint at financial recovery

    Battered but unbowed by scandal

    Financial News 29 May 09:13

  • Bloggers risk the sack, says survey

    Employers should act to minimise risk

    Business 29 May 09:26

  • Poland probes gay Teletubbies

    Tinky Winky's handbag suspected of 'homosexual propaganda'

    Bootnotes 29 May 09:45

  • The enterprise data warehouse vision

    Realistic, or just a stick to beat vendors?

    Developer 29 May 10:00

  • Panasonic premieres 12.2 megapixel compact

    Holy high-resolution

    Hardware 29 May 10:07

  • Blog your way to the dole queue

    In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream

    CIO 29 May 10:23

  • UK regulator urges caution on data sharing

    Tells gov: think before you act

    Law 29 May 10:26

  • French newspaper gets e-edition

    Les Echoes goes portable in Euro first

    Media 29 May 10:29

  • No charges for webcam suicide audience

    CPS cites lack of evidence

    Law 29 May 10:31

  • Endemol in 'win a kidney' TV show rumpus

    Big Brother creator under fire

    Bootnotes 29 May 10:37

  • Sony Ericsson W880i slim phone

    No compromise on functionality?

    Phones 29 May 11:02

  • Nokia says patent dispute hurts 3G

    Won't somebody think of the industry?

    Mobile 29 May 11:17

  • NASA says goodbye to love triangle astronaut

    You've done enough, thanks

    Science 29 May 11:19

  • 'Dettol Man' cleans himself to death

    Obsession with cleanliness kills Manchester recluse

    Science 29 May 11:21

  • iSoft rescue package in jeopardy

    CSC objects to takeover

    The Channel 29 May 11:22

  • Bulldog fingers sacked employee for credit card scam

    Pakistani call centres swindle customers

    Law 29 May 11:49

  • Google faces multiple privacy probes

    Pledges 'constructive' dialogue with Europe

    Law 29 May 11:51

  • Creationists open biblical history museum

    Pet dinosaurs visit free

    Science 29 May 12:36

  • Son of Star Wars test aborted

    Target missile doesn't make target

    Science 29 May 12:58

  • Vodafone cuts losses

    Europe still a tough nut to crack, though

    Financial News 29 May 13:01

  • Ofcom's termination cap will hurt profits, 3 UK says

    Everyone else is bigger than us

    Mobile 29 May 13:52

  • Tiscali rained off in marathon email snafu

    Enraged punters slam ISP

    Broadband 29 May 13:54

  • Brit cuffed for German towel-torching raid

    Coach driver liberates Italian Riviera sun loungers

    Bootnotes 29 May 13:59

  • Ask.com's bogus Information Revolution

    Scale means success

    Law 29 May 14:27

  • Sony unveils Vaio TZ notebook range

    Sound good on paper at least...

    Hardware 29 May 15:04

  • Half of black Britain on track for DNA database

    Libdems raise spectre of racial profiling

    Law 29 May 15:21

  • Logica CEO retires early

    Hopes decision will steady not-so-steady ship

    The Channel 29 May 15:24

  • T-Mobile internet biz buys a slice of VoIP action

    Jajah completes big name backer roster

    VoIP 29 May 15:26

  • Blazing winds tear through gigantic binary system

    Eta Carinae in a previous life?

    Science 29 May 15:51

  • Online games turn British man into hero

    Video games not blamed for bravery

    Law 29 May 15:57

  • EU defence agency wants open skies for flying robots

    A day late and a lot of dollars short

    Science 29 May 16:00

  • Rackable drives out EVP Ford

    Binge and purge

    Servers 29 May 18:03

  • Ex-Altera CEO killed in bike accident

    FPGA pioneer mourned

    Hardware 29 May 19:20

  • Google acquires 'sandbox' technology for secure browsing

    Dips toe into security market

    Security 29 May 20:12

  • GoDaddy now RegisterFly's daddy, says ICANN

    Even Verisign feeling charitable these days

    Law 29 May 20:14