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Employee data sans frontières...not in France, Tyco told

The French data protection authority has fined a subsidiary of US firm Tyco Healthcare over the transfer of employee information across borders and inadequate data safeguards. Tyco Healthcare France was fined €30,000.
OUT-LAW.COM, 29 May 2007
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UK firms contest 'absurd' software patent ruling

A group of small British businesses has mounted a challenge to changes made by the Intellectual Property Office's (formerly known as the Patent Office) to the scope of the monopoly a patent holder can be granted for a software patent.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 May 2007
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Sanyo results hint at financial recovery

Scandal-hit electronics firm Sanyo showed signs it may be on the road to recovery despite posting net losses of ¥45bn (€275m) in its annual results.
Emmet Ryan, 29 May 2007

Poland probes gay Teletubbies

Poland's government is investigating the possibility that one or more of the Teletubbies may be covert Friends of Dorothy, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 29 May 2007

The enterprise data warehouse vision

Traditionally, enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) were regarded as systems of record. Thought of simplistically, queries were either run directly off the EDW or from a data mart that referred back to the EDW as and when necessary (hence its status as a system of record).
Philip Howard, 29 May 2007
Panasonic DMC- FX100

Panasonic premieres 12.2 megapixel compact

Panasonic has announced a brand new compact digital camera boasting a massive 12.2 megapixel resolution plus the ability to record high-definition video.
Scott Snowden, 29 May 2007

Blog your way to the dole queue

Blogging is a risky business which could interfere with your greasy climb up the company ladder, according to a not-so-revelatory study.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 May 2007

UK regulator urges caution on data sharing

The Information Commissioner has published some advice for government bodies that want to share information but think data protection laws prevent them from doing so.
Mark Ballard, 29 May 2007

French newspaper gets e-edition

French daily Les Echos will be published electronically on the iLiad, a portable device that lets you read and write as you do on paper.
Jan Libbenga, 29 May 2007

No charges for webcam suicide audience

Chatroom users who watched a man hang himself live via webcam in March will not face any charges, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has confirmed.
Christopher Williams, 29 May 2007

Endemol in 'win a kidney' TV show rumpus

Dutch TV station BNN is rejecting calls to axe a TV programme in which a terminally-ill woman will choose one of three contestants to receive her kidney, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 29 May 2007

Nokia says patent dispute hurts 3G

The success of 3G phone technology is being put at risk by a patent dispute between Nokia and Qualcomm, Nokia said today.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 May 2007

NASA says goodbye to love triangle astronaut

Astronaut Bill Oefelein, who you may remember from the tale of nappy-wearing astronaut Lisa Nowak, is leaving NASA, the space agency said on Friday.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 May 2007

'Dettol Man' cleans himself to death

A coroner has recorded a verdict of death by misadventure on a reclusive Manchester man whose obsession with cleanliness led local children to dub him "Dettol Man".
Lester Haines, 29 May 2007
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iSoft rescue package in jeopardy

Sickly NHS provider iSoft was predicted to make a full recovery - thanks to a takeover bid from Aussie company IBA Health.
John Oates, 29 May 2007

Bulldog fingers sacked employee for credit card scam

Cable and Wireless, the former owner of ISP Bulldog, has blamed a sacked employee for the illegal use of a database containing 100,000 customer details.
Christopher Williams, 29 May 2007

Google faces multiple privacy probes

Google is reported to be facing a fresh regulatory investigation: this time in the US, and into its acquisition of ad serving firm DoubleClick.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 May 2007

Creationists open biblical history museum

The science desk here at El Reg has long held that creationism belongs in a museum. Now it seems that the creationists agree with us, as they have opened just such an institution.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 May 2007

Son of Star Wars test aborted

The latest test of the Pentagon's controversial space ICBM interceptors has been aborted after the target failed to work.
Lewis Page, 29 May 2007

Vodafone cuts losses

Vodafone Group PLC said this morning that it has met expectations for its most recent financial year but conceded that market conditions remained difficult in Europe.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 May 2007

Ofcom's termination cap will hurt profits, 3 UK says

3 UK has lodged a complaint with the Competition Appeal Tribunal against Ofcom's capping of termination rates, claiming it will restrict its ability to turn a profit.
Bill Ray, 29 May 2007

Tiscali rained off in marathon email snafu

Tiscali subscribers have been unable to send emails since last Monday, and the ISP has given no word of when it will fix the cockup.
Christopher Williams, 29 May 2007

Brit cuffed for German towel-torching raid

A Brit coach driver successfully liberated Italian Riviera sun loungers from foreign occupation by setting fire to the towels traditionally used to denote German territorial sovereignty.
Lester Haines, 29 May 2007
Warning: roundabout

Ask.com's bogus Information Revolution

ColumnOver the past couple of months, the British public have been subject to a widespread poster campaign, imploring them to join the "Information Revolution".
William Davies, 29 May 2007

Sony unveils Vaio TZ notebook range

Today in London in a somewhat understated fashion, Sony released details of its latest Vaio notebook range: the TZ series, aimed predominately at the higher end of the market.
Scott Snowden, 29 May 2007

Half of black Britain on track for DNA database

Half of all black British males are destined to become records on the police National DNA Database by 2010, according to an analysis of government figures by the Liberal Democrats.
Mark Ballard, 29 May 2007
Key end

Logica CEO retires early

Logica CMG's CEO Martin Read is to retire after 14 years at the IT services firm.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 May 2007

T-Mobile internet biz buys a slice of VoIP action

Jajah, the Austro-Californian VoIP outfit we profiled last week, has announced that the mystery second investor in its third funding round is Deutsche Telekom (DT).
Christopher Williams, 29 May 2007

Blazing winds tear through gigantic binary system

NASA astronomers think they have identified one of the most extreme binary systems ever, containing two extremely massive stars in very tight orbit.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 May 2007

Online games turn British man into hero

UpdatedWhenever anyone goes crazy with a gun, the press are usually quick to blame video and computer games for the young person's violence.
John Oates, 29 May 2007
Blue sky

EU defence agency wants open skies for flying robots

The European Union's nascent military ministry, the European Defence Agency, is mounting a push to allow flying robots to operate alongside regular air traffic.
Lewis Page, 29 May 2007

Rackable drives out EVP Ford

The old guard executive purge at Rackable continues at pace.
Ashlee Vance, 29 May 2007
Broken CD with wrench

Ex-Altera CEO killed in bike accident

Former Altera chief Rodney Smith died last week after being struck by a car.
Ashlee Vance, 29 May 2007

Google acquires 'sandbox' technology for secure browsing

Google is acquiring GreenBorder, a Silicon Valley startup that helps protect web users against malware.
Dan Goodin, 29 May 2007

GoDaddy now RegisterFly's daddy, says ICANN

The RegisterFly clusterf**ck took a major step towards resolution today with the official announcement by ICANN that GoDaddy will take control of the approximately 850,000 domain names still in the clutches of RegisterFly CEO Kevin Medina. The internet rumors of a GoDaddy takeover turned out to be true, and Medina now can devote himself completely to fending off the angry public with whatever resources he has left.
Burke Hansen, 29 May 2007

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