25th May 2007 Archive

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  • HP marries Cisco's Infiniband switches with clusters and blades

    And clusters made of blades

    Servers 25 May 01:03

  • Strange spoofing technique evades anti-phishing filters

    Targets include PayPal, eBay and others

    Security 25 May 03:30

  • Revenues up at C&W

    No, we're not for sale. No, really, we're not

    Financial News 25 May 07:02

  • CMSG gets ITIL

    A belated postcard from the BCS CMSG Conference

    Developer 25 May 09:25

  • 'Partial nudity' said to hinder M-rated Halo 2 release

    'When we asked for exciting Vistas, this is not what we meant...'

    Hardware 25 May 09:45

  • EU extends TV law to the internet

    Laws get converged

    Media 25 May 09:56

  • Vodafone claims Spanish ISP in quad play push

    Will it beat Orange to the punch?

    Networks 25 May 10:06

  • Brown dwarf cools its jets

    Cool pic too...

    Science 25 May 10:10

  • QWERTY keypad, HSDPA Walkman phone surfaces

    GSM Association spills Sony Ericsson beans

    Phones 25 May 10:13

  • A primer on SOA governance

    The ground rules

    Developer 25 May 10:15

  • Attack of the terror casinos, volume 2

    Please step away from the slides

    Financial News 25 May 10:23

  • Apple set to axe Mac Mini?

    Hardware 25 May 10:30

  • MySQL chief: being open source is not enough

    Scandinavian, socialist, party people

    Applications 25 May 10:33

  • Info chief to clamp down on silly FOI requests

    'No, we won't tell you how much toilet paper is used at Number 10'

    CIO 25 May 10:36

  • Internet users unfazed by spam: study

    Are we bovvered? No, we're not

    Security 25 May 10:40

  • Mobile phone rays paralyse cars

    If that's not sinister, we don't know what is

    Mobile 25 May 10:41

  • Facebook taunts MySpace with open book policy

    Social operating system

    Applications 25 May 10:47

  • Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 hard drive

    Hitachi unleashes TB on the world - that's terabyte

    Hardware 25 May 11:02

  • BOFH: Lost licences

    Now, if we all just work together...

    BOFH 25 May 11:02

  • Sonos slims multi-room digital music bundle price

    Hardware 25 May 11:02

  • Vista upgrade revisited

    The good, the bad, and the ugly

    Operating Systems 25 May 11:02

  • Father of LCD dies at 74

    Tribute to the 'modern day Isaac Newton'

    Science 25 May 11:17

  • Sage names new chair

    Hobson gets the nod

    Applications 25 May 11:35

  • Toshiba, Canon delay SED TV debut - again

    Canon can't produce the panels in time?

    Hardware 25 May 11:42

  • BetonSports pleads to racketeering

    Sells executives down river

    Law 25 May 11:50

  • G8 ministers call for IT biz help against child porn

    Interpol reveals enormous database of illegal images

    Law 25 May 11:55

  • The flaws in the control order 'fantasy prison' mind game

    No bars, no release date, no point staying

    Law 25 May 11:58

  • Your space, MySpace, everybody's space

    A closer look at the privacy issue

    Law 25 May 12:04

  • Microsoft vouchers, Cisco security, and throttling Branson

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    Business 25 May 13:07

  • Oz cops cuff Darth Vader on his 30th birthday

    While LA celebrates Star Wars anniversary

    Bootnotes 25 May 13:11

  • Abbey in bank holiday meltdown

    Taking 'bank holiday' too literally

    CIO 25 May 13:24

  • MS update patches patching

    A stitch in time...

    Security 25 May 14:15

  • Dragon marauds London, escapes arrest

    Voice recognition mascot no threat

    Applications 25 May 14:21

  • Phoenix shareholders say yes to ICM bid

    Thunderbirds are go?

    The Channel 25 May 14:24

  • 'Last man standing' flees AOL Europe exec team

    LLU pioneer Sky-bound?

    Broadband 25 May 14:28

  • Florida battles rats the size of cats

    Gambian pouched rat menaces Keys

    Science 25 May 14:32

  • Telstra in Second Life 'Ayers Rock' kerfuffle

    Aboriginal owners probe virtual Uluru

    Bootnotes 25 May 14:36

  • Intel shows skinny laptop, world's media goes ape a month later

    Keep up, you lot at the back...

    Hardware 25 May 14:39

  • Oz Big Brother in dead dad ding-dong

    Contestant unaware father has died

    Bootnotes 25 May 14:41

  • Google plays cat and mouse with regulators

    Privacy questioned

    Law 25 May 14:41

  • RegisterFly domain transfer imminent, ICANN reports

    Unnamed registrar rides to rescue

    Law 25 May 14:50

  • IBM flaunts green credentials

    Cool, but efficiently so

    Servers 25 May 14:58

  • Notorious car clamper facing Asbo

    Due in court for immobilisation

    Security 25 May 15:00

  • Mercury astronauts join al-Qaeda?

    Rather unflattering NASA Image of the Day

    Science 25 May 15:03

  • Tide goes all out for New Orleans with soap-styled iPod

    Surf's up? Omo it isn't...

    Hardware 25 May 15:06

  • Home Office discusses thief-proof phones

    Solution for problem that doesn't exist

    Mobile 25 May 15:30

  • Son of Star Wars tests this weekend

    US missile defence gets serious

    Government 25 May 15:47

  • Technorati knocks itself out. Again

    Restart the dot.com Dead Pool

    Applications 25 May 15:53

  • Interoute sells virtual servers

    Even virtualisation's gone virtual

    Storage 25 May 16:00

  • YouTube pulls London rooftop shag vid

    Al fresco rumpy-pumpy caught on camera

    Bootnotes 25 May 16:05

  • Don't Forget The 'C' in Objective-C

    Part 2: Runtime efficiency issues in Mac Cocoa programming

    Developer 25 May 16:07

  • Missing German doctor reappears after 22 years

    Dead, in his garage roof

    Bootnotes 25 May 16:35

  • Dominatrix steals 'Sex Hacks' show with live demo

    Taking the innuendo out of back-end IT

    Bootnotes 25 May 20:21

  • Pirates Trojan keel-hauls surfers

    Thar she blows

    Security 25 May 20:39

  • HP, er, raids partner Hitachi for storage chief

    Here's to you, Mr. Roberson

    Storage 25 May 22:30

  • Linux fans go nuclear over Microsoft's patent teasing

    And illicit Wi-Fi use can get you nicked

    Letters 25 May 22:36

  • Gone phishing with eBay

    Why is there a naked woman in that Bentley?

    Security 25 May 22:38

  • Apple patches more than a dozen holes in OS X

    Five uber updates in as many months

    Hardware 25 May 22:42

  • Why do robot experts build such lousy robots?

    We meet the nerds with the world's cleanest floors

    Science 25 May 23:19