22nd May 2007 Archive

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  • Of colour schemes and cognitive dissonance

    Grey matter

    Developer 22 May 08:02

  • Public-private shoe-in wins Birmingham contract

    Capita's second foothold in Europe's largest council

    Government 22 May 08:38

  • Parliament IT dept is rubbish

    Westminster help desk gets slated by MPs

    Government 22 May 08:57

  • Siemens names new CEO

    Loescher steps up as bribery probe continues

    Financial News 22 May 09:08

  • Virgin Media still claiming no usage limits

    Transparency? They've heard of it

    Broadband 22 May 09:45

  • Apple to revamp iMac line next month?

    17in model for the chop, it's claimed

    Hardware 22 May 09:54

  • Royal Marine helmet-cam auteur hit during Afghan gunfight

    'You've been shot in the arse, mate'

    Media 22 May 09:55

  • Can we have a proper study of Wi-Fi, please?

    Paging James Randi

    Mobile 22 May 10:06

  • RM Group spends £4m to get into Europe

    Lego and Wi-Fi are addressed

    Hardware 22 May 10:10

  • IBM goes big green with Big Green

    $1bn efficiency drive

    Servers 22 May 10:11

  • Casio 12Mp compact cam comes to UK

    Hardware 22 May 10:22

  • Viagra reduces jet lag in hamsters

    But only from Paris to New York

    Science 22 May 10:24

  • Microsoft launches no-code mashup tool

    Visual mashups for the MySpace generation

    Developer 22 May 10:30

  • University moves to hush Facebook criticism

    Keele teaching, administration slammed by students

    Law 22 May 10:48

  • Salesforce.com gets that old SOA religion

    Cosies up to Adobe, but doesn't get down with Google (yet)

    Developer 22 May 10:54

  • Alcatel debuts fashion mag friendly ladyphone

    Elle's belles...

    Hardware 22 May 11:08

  • Mars: more evidence of a watery past

    Rover's broken wheel digs deep

    Science 22 May 11:17

  • Greek cops to paintball rioting fans

    Colourful Champions League final plan

    Bootnotes 22 May 11:20

  • How the mobile phone biz lost the plot

    Will the iPhone save the mobile industry?

    Networks 22 May 11:29

  • EnterpriseDB ramps up focus on Europe

    Open source database firm seeks European partners

    Servers 22 May 13:11

  • EU poised on roaming agreement (again)

    Compromise rates annoy everyone

    Networks 22 May 13:14

  • Scotty: ashes located and heading home


    Science 22 May 13:19

  • Amnesty Int to hold web censorship conference

    Activists unite online

    Law 22 May 13:40

  • Sharp Aquos LC32RD2E 32in LCD TV


    Hardware 22 May 13:41

  • Panama spits out 'poison' Chinese toothpaste

    A brighter smile with diethylene glycol

    Science 22 May 13:47

  • Malware targets OpenOffice users


    Security 22 May 13:50

  • Home Office wants officials to watch more TV

    Power to the subbies!

    Media 22 May 13:56

  • Gozi hybrid Trojan menaces the net

    Key-logging, SSL-sniffing malware surfaces

    Security 22 May 14:03

  • New York set for terror-proof 'leccy

    'Project Hydra' to keep capitalism running even with its head cut off...

    Security 22 May 14:09

  • VIA samples first Pico-ITX mobo

    Hardware 22 May 14:30

  • Just one VoIP service to SIP from?

    Gizmo scores Nokia coup

    VoIP 22 May 14:50

  • Gambling and prediction markets gamble on growth

    Reg hack ponders mysterious whiteboard symbols

    Business 22 May 15:02

  • Logicalis eyes UK acquisitions

    Got the green

    Data Centre 22 May 15:08

  • Magical elf jailed for lifting women's knickers

    Shadowrun-inspired knife heist ends in chokey

    Security 22 May 15:13

  • Sony speeds up Vaio BX laptop line

    Centrino revamp but no 802.11n

    Hardware 22 May 15:31

  • Europe gets a space policy

    Defence or exploration?

    Science 22 May 15:47

  • Telegraph floored by DDoS attack

    Bowled over

    Security 22 May 16:07

  • Crypto boffin: writing is on the wall for 1024-bit RSA

    But nobody can read it yet

    Security 22 May 16:09

  • Google pulls essay adverts

    Universities 'warmly welcome' ban

    Law 22 May 16:15

  • Intel frees Flash biz

    Goes Swiss with STMicroelectronics

    Financial News 22 May 17:11

  • Cisco borgs BroadWare Technologies

    Now shipping with more eyes

    Data Networking 22 May 17:19

  • Battle for EMI hots up

    ... while EC approves BMG deal

    Media 22 May 18:21

  • Red Hat chief tells start ups to grow, not cash out

    The romance is gone

    Applications 22 May 18:38

  • Sun finds Hitachi's fresh, fat storage box

    Thin on the inside and on details

    Storage 22 May 18:48

  • Sun to do Xeon and Niagara blade thing next month

    Too much, too late?

    Servers 22 May 19:23

  • Cringely catches IBM trying to hire 15,000

    Apocalypse nears

    Data Centre 22 May 20:11

  • IBM pAVEs the way for x86 Linux apps

    Tackling performance and portability

    Servers 22 May 22:07

  • Pay-as-you-drive roads coming to the UK

    'Trojan horse'

    Government 22 May 22:19

  • Microsoft releases security tool for Office 2003

    Defangs Office doc, spreads the XML love

    Security 22 May 22:34

  • Open Source may be cheap - but we still want support

    Eating the cake

    Applications 22 May 23:01