18th May 2007 Archive

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  • AMD 'Griffin' laptop CPU to integrate Turion cores

    Power consumption, not processing, targeted

    Hardware 18 May 05:02

  • AMD M780 PCIe 2 chipset to offer on-the-fly GPU switching

    Yank the power plug, flip from discrete to integrated

    Hardware 18 May 05:02

  • AMD readies HyperFlash cache tech

    To be built into SB700 Southbridge

    Hardware 18 May 05:02

  • ITU to focus on ICT opportunities for young people

    Think of the children

    CIO 18 May 08:53

  • British fathers to be given six months' paid paternity leave

    DTI opens consultation

    Business 18 May 09:14

  • WPP, AOL buy into the race for online ad spend

    On your marks, get set...

    Applications 18 May 09:28

  • MS stops hacked hardware accessing Xbox Live

    Tweaked DVD drive? No thanks

    Games 18 May 09:33

  • GPL to undermine Microsoft's Novell deal?

    Back at ya

    Software 18 May 09:34

  • Compuware absorbs a bit more Centauri

    Another day, another bit integrated

    Developer 18 May 09:41

  • Gatwick gets iris recognition

    Biometric border control

    Security 18 May 09:54

  • Virgin Media piles Cable and Wireless sandbags

    Huffy manoeuvres

    Broadband 18 May 10:00

  • Blighty internet shopping goes ballistic

    As young women become dominant UK online group. Coincidence?

    CIO 18 May 10:08

  • Spanish politicos slug it out in Second Life

    Explosions and gunfire shake Sadville

    Bootnotes 18 May 10:23

  • HTC takes a gamble with new brand and OS strategy

    Sidelines Microsoft

    Mobile 18 May 10:25

  • Satellites track freak waves to Reunion

    Working on an early warning system

    Science 18 May 10:34

  • BOFH: The revenge

    It's amazing what people will fall for

    BOFH 18 May 10:37

  • Train driver asks passengers to get out and push

    Not in Argentina, mercifully

    Bootnotes 18 May 10:42

  • DirectTV turns focus to power lines for broadband

    Change of heart a blow to WiMAX

    Broadband 18 May 10:51

  • Screen stars: Ten HDTVs on test

    Time for a new gogglebox?

    Hardware 18 May 10:53

  • FCO to probe visa security lapse

    Indian problem could be worldwide

    Government 18 May 11:00

  • Nintendo dominates April US console sales

    Games 18 May 11:01

  • London dirty-bomb tests start this weekend

    Nobody panic

    Science 18 May 11:15

  • Bible heads for Hong Kong's top shelf

    Residents demand X-rating for 'indecent' tome

    Bootnotes 18 May 12:16

  • Bill Gates, Cliff Richard, and Richard Branson walk into a bar...

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    Business 18 May 12:50

  • Net censorship growing worldwide

    Control freaks

    Security 18 May 12:59

  • Cane toad hitches lift to southern Australia

    Toadzilla menaces Melbourne

    Science 18 May 13:03

  • Southern Ocean calls time on carbon sinking

    Just had enough, thanks

    Science 18 May 13:08

  • India to deploy tethered blimp radars

    Worried about Tamil Tiger air force

    Bootnotes 18 May 13:20

  • Euro consumers don't trust IP for TV

    Scepticism is closing the window of opportunity

    Networks 18 May 13:41

  • Elijah Wood to play Iggy Pop

    Hobbit gets lust for life

    Bootnotes 18 May 13:45

  • Project Hybrid: Dell's transformation begins

    Hunting the Butterfly Effect

    Servers 18 May 14:26

  • Belgian politico to orally pleasure 40,000

    Senate hopeful's election campaign really sucks

    Bootnotes 18 May 14:58

  • HMRC claims IT successes

    VAT fraudsters still as slippery as eels, though

    Government 18 May 15:05

  • Paris and Lara share a cell with rude speeder

    Bubba the Kid still at large

    Bootnotes 18 May 15:13

  • Post Office to resell BT broadband

    Lost packet experts of the world unite

    Networks 18 May 15:16

  • Naked doctors eat vultures in front of Freeview

    Was that a Yeti?

    Letters 18 May 15:26

  • US company touts Windows Vista fridge magnet

    Hardware 18 May 15:32

  • Tandberg touts VXA to Euro channels

    Fighting over the tape drive crumbs?

    Storage 18 May 16:04

  • Nokia launches, doesn't show 'traditional' talk phone

    Phones 18 May 16:07

  • Hatchling stars revealed in new Spitzer snap

    Check out the polycyclic aromatic compounds on that one...

    Science 18 May 16:09

  • Mobile blocking helicopter to trail Bush in Sydney

    Fighters, SAS on alert as 'Blue Luminary' goes Down Under

    Mobile 18 May 16:14

  • Microsoft squares up to Google with $6bn buy

    Bill's most expensive ever purchase

    Software 18 May 16:48

  • Adware firm sues over adware classification

    Zango fights spyware software again

    Security 18 May 21:43

  • Indian dealers are squealers over Microsoft piracy raids

    Feel OS vendor has them by their Rupees

    Developer 18 May 21:47

  • HP garage becomes national landmark

    So you'll just have to park in the street

    Data Centre 18 May 23:50