16th May 2007 Archive

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  • Oracle to get Agile with $495m deal

    Paying for PLM

    Financial News 16 00:43

  • Cisco borgs ________

    Reg to fill in blank several more times in 2007

    Data Networking 16 01:17

  • Wi-Fi group launches 802.11n compatibility brand

    Interoperability testing to kick off next month

    Broadband 16 05:02

  • Motorola sharpens Razr


    Phones 16 08:02

  • Teen embeds car in Edinburgh basement

    Reg reader snaps spectacular prang

    Bootnotes 16 08:45

  • IntelliContact hit by rebranding madness

    You are the 'i' in iContact

    Bootnotes 16 08:47

  • French outwhine Brits in the workplace

    Bah, we can't even moan properly any more

    Management 16 08:51

  • MP questions police computer policy

    Records not being removed from system

    Policy 16 08:52

  • The MiFID opportunity

    Deadline is fast approaching...

    Management 16 09:02

  • Motorola remasters Rokr music phone

    Linux meets Microsoft

    Phones 16 09:25

  • Evesham plots rocky road back from HCI havoc

    Gordon Brown's legacy for the British PC industry

    Hardware 16 09:46

  • Fujitsu claims 'world's smallest Vista PC' title

    Eye-squint inducingly tiny screen

    Hardware 16 09:52

  • Dell faces fraud case

    New York Attorney General not impressed

    The Channel 16 09:54

  • Sony posts big Q4 loss, blames PS3

    But future's bright

    Networks 16 09:59

  • Former Grateful Dead muso sues YouTube

    Claims 'unspecified amount' in copyright spat

    Media 16 10:09

  • Elgato add-on takes axe to Apple TV, PSP video conversion times

    Hardware 16 10:18

  • Spoken revelation from Genesys

    Partners with IBM to deliver VoiceXML

    Developer 16 10:23

  • Spaniard buys flat complete with mummy

    Previous owner fails to give vacant possession

    Bootnotes 16 10:35

  • MS names Halo 3 day

    Won't see us for dust (and echoes...)

    Games 16 10:59

  • MPs cosy up with Sir Cliff on copyright term

    BPI tub-thumper in extension recommendation shocker

    Media 16 11:13

  • Panasonic previews next-gen Blu-ray players

    Hardware 16 11:28

  • Argentinian commuters fight back

    Train delays provoke 'arson, looting and fighting'

    Bootnotes 16 12:09

  • MPs must act on runaway ID project

    LSE advice to government

    Government 16 12:23

  • iPhone demand in the UK is 'soft', survey finds

    Even die-hard fans may not convert

    Mobile 16 12:27

  • MySpace stands firm on paedophile data pressure

    You got a search warrant?

    Security 16 12:29

  • New North Korean missile tested in Iran

    Could threaten Guam, but not continental US

    Science 16 12:36

  • Sony Vaio SZ4 slimline laptop

    It's slim but is it a lightweight?

    Hardware 16 12:50

  • PlusNet shuts down webmail indefinitely

    Fingers unpatchable flaw in third party software

    Networks 16 13:57

  • Foxconn first to forge Intel P35-based mobo?

    Hardware 16 14:00

  • Norway endorses ODF

    Open format war continues

    Management 16 14:02

  • Aussie bid for iSoft approved

    Calls flying doctors to save NHS software

    Policy 16 14:06

  • US 'war czar' to attack internet safe havens

    Log off, Abdul! War On Terror goes digital

    Security 16 14:12

  • Symantec pursues $55m copyright damages

    Claims copied software might break your computer

    Security 16 14:22

  • Suspect in case that helped sell Iraq war cleared, again

    No terrorist, no threat, no ricin - so where did Powell get the stuff?

    Law 16 14:49

  • Blogosphere threatened by Google downtime

    And then my cat di...

    Software 16 14:53

  • Think thin, says EqualLogic

    Thin provisioning works on iSCSI disk arrays too

    Storage 16 14:59

  • Powerpoint is the big Army bandwidth hog, not YouTube

    Milbloggers pushed aside in favour of PowerPoint and video conferencing

    Networks 16 15:11

  • Lancom targets UK with high-end Wi-Fi

    ELSA heir wears its Made in Germany tag proudly

    Broadband 16 15:18

  • ID scheme not failing, just shifting

    Passport Service responds to LSE

    Government 16 16:05

  • DLO debuts Nano-like iPod wireless remote

    Hardware 16 16:08

  • G-Wiz electro-car fracas leaves Top Gear blubbing

    Top Gear Clarkson acolytes publicly slapped by Boris Johnson

    Bootnotes 16 16:23

  • Warner sues Imeem

    Pay up, playlisters

    Media 16 17:23

  • Amazon plans iTunes rival

    Jumps on DRM-free wagon

    Media 16 18:07

  • Swedish rock band for sale on eBay

    Everything must go

    Media 16 20:06

  • How to fix your kids' education for $200m

    Open source brains

    Servers 16 20:40

  • Microsoft satisfaction rates slip

    Vista and Office-weary

    Software 16 20:50

  • 'Gay or straight?' ruling looks bad for all US social networking sites

    Immunity shot

    Law 16 21:05

  • Hitachi fiscal loss goes nuclear

    Turbine repair, electronic media steal Hitachi's purse

    Financial News 16 22:08

  • Printers and PCs power HP's second quarter

    Healthy, happy Hurd

    Financial News 16 22:52

  • Sun climbs buyback mountain

    $3bn 'I can't quit you' for investors

    Financial News 16 23:28