15th May 2007 Archive

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  • How Google translates without understanding

    Most of the right words, in mostly the right order

    Applications 15 00:23

  • NetApp offers de-dupes with less hoops

    Releases A-SIS as stand-alone offering

    The Channel 15 00:41

  • No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye

    Looking for yet another reason to hold off buying Vista? Read on

    Operating Systems 15 00:49

  • Space Shuttle slated for early morning roll call

    Atlantis back on track

    Science 15 01:17

  • Info Commissioner audits HBOS

    Investigation into binned bank statements underway

    Security 15 06:02

  • OGC claims e-auction success

    50% savings for councils and NHS trusts

    Policy 15 07:02

  • Yes! It's the jellybean USB Flash drive

    Hardware 15 07:47

  • Green issues overlooked in IT procurement, survey says

    Green evangelism not translating into action

    Management 15 08:02

  • Surveillance state can't monitor itself, says US

    Chertoff questions legal traditions

    Government 15 08:10

  • Acer turns to nature to inspire Aspire

    A gem of a machine?

    Hardware 15 08:58

  • The Semantic Web comes to ApacheCon

    Themes du jour

    Developer 15 09:02

  • Dataupia: a utopian vision for databases?

    MPP offering could give vendors no place to hide

    Servers 15 09:13

  • Intel to revamp Core 2 Duo processors on 22 July?

    Price cuts on same the day, it seems

    Hardware 15 09:24

  • PePWave links LANs to city Wi-Fi

    Extending the reach of public wireless mesh nets

    Broadband 15 09:39

  • Cluster spies reformed shock wave

    Straightened up, and flying right

    Science 15 09:43

  • Walruses shake off Danish migrant-watchers

    Plucky creatures escape satnav tags implanted 'for their own good'

    Science 15 09:45

  • Fujitsu roadmaps slimline laptop HDD

    Hardware 15 09:50

  • Devon villagers chip in for mobile coverage platform

    'Hello, I'm on the pedestal'

    Mobile 15 10:24

  • Spammers stuff PlusNet email accounts (again)

    New email platform fails to stop the rot

    Security 15 10:38

  • Gone in 120 seconds: cracking Wi-Fi security

    WEP is dead

    Security 15 10:48

  • Seagate FreeAgent Pro 750GB external hard drive

    As capacious as an elephant's scrotum - and as visually appealing?

    Hardware 15 11:02

  • Immigrant data protected from EU police

    World's largest biometric database on the off

    Government 15 11:23

  • Software piracy rates remain stubbornly stuck

    BSA calls for bigger stick to beat pirates

    Security 15 11:26

  • Sacred blogging bovine turns camgirl in sympathy push

    Desperate measures to avoid DEFRA death warrant

    Science 15 11:30

  • Gloves come off in George Bush buttplug rumpus

    Litigation likely in anal copyright scrap

    Bootnotes 15 11:33

  • Shaken student recounts geese mugging ordeal

    Relieved of mobile by anserine ne'er-do-wells

    Science 15 12:53

  • Pipex to shutter UK Bulldog call centres

    More customer service cutbacks

    Broadband 15 12:56

  • BBC culls Jam staff

    Suspended education portal expels 200

    Financial News 15 13:04

  • Amazon.com snaps up Dpreview.com

    Digital photography site joins ecommerce giant

    Financial News 15 13:07

  • Scottish coppers ask bosses to drop trousers

    New strides are pants, claim disgruntled officers

    Bootnotes 15 13:09

  • Bloggers are crap, declares Blooker Prize judge

    Winner 'a tiny island of talent in foam-flecked sea'

    Media 15 13:23

  • BBC flashes Kylie Minogue's minge at innocent kiddies

    Aussie superstar genitalia outrage

    Media 15 13:27

  • Alcatel looks forward to retro-styled 'vintage' slider

    Phones 15 13:34

  • Useless government IT adds self-nomination features

    And all shall have prizes...

    Government 15 13:47

  • Making Java Groovy

    It's Ruby, and then some

    Developer 15 13:59

  • Apple tweaks MacBook specs

    802.11n now a feature not an upgrade

    Hardware 15 14:16

  • Wacom out to plant Bamboo on consumers' desktops

    Hardware 15 14:46

  • UK gov mulls prison for those employing illegal immigrants

    And biometric checks a possibility

    Law 15 15:02

  • NASA moon-dirt robodigger compo ends in chaos

    'Regolith simulant' defeats all contenders

    Science 15 15:39

  • Captain Cyborg pushes kid chipping via Maddy abduction case

    'It would not be difficult'

    Bootnotes 15 15:54

  • Amazon 'misled Congress' over 1-Click patent

    Kept Mum about vital rejection

    Law 15 16:06

  • Hewitt ditches online job applications for doctors

    Stethoscopes raised in joy across the land

    Government 15 16:17

  • Former Oracle VP pays $200K to settle insider dealing rap

    Pillow Talk

    The Channel 15 17:02

  • Sun warns Microsoft - 'You'd be wise to listen to your customers'

    Lessons learned the hard way

    Operating Systems 15 17:03

  • Fox releases hounds over O.J. Simpsons spoof

    Fair use defence

    Law 15 17:46

  • SAP and Novell cosy up on support

    Mutual assistance

    Applications 15 18:06

  • Force10 barks at Cisco's Cat 4500

    New midrange chassis offers Cat 6500 performance at Cat 4500 price

    Data Networking 15 18:07

  • SF Wi-Fi plan with Google and Earthlink shelved until July

    Concerns over quality and privacy not going away

    Broadband 15 18:10

  • Vista goes gangbusters

    40 mil and counting

    The Channel 15 18:45

  • Start-up piggybacks on flat panel TVs for solar sell

    Cheap energy, less brain rot

    Hardware 15 19:48

  • US seeks to criminalize 'attempted' piracy

    You don't have to be good at it to be a criminal

    Law 15 20:37

  • Half of stored files will never be accessed

    Waste of space

    Storage 15 20:41

  • IBM courier crashes. Sensitive tapes go AWOL

    Can we have them back, please

    Security 15 21:56

  • Torvalds weighs in on Microsoft's patent dance

    Nyaah, nyaah, nyaah

    Operating Systems 15 23:28

  • Alcatel-Lucent wants more Microsoft money

    $1.5bn is so two years ago

    The Channel 15 23:41