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IBM preps Power6 by putting AIX 5.3 on life support

IBM's Power6 push began this week with a tweak to AIX support.
Ashlee Vance, 12 May 2007
vulture tv reporter

Steve Ballmer may have said something interesting; we couldn’t possibly comment...

To criticise Microsoft is, of course, to attack not only an easy target but also a popular one. Many people hate the big M for the simple (and undeniable) reason that it is successful. This is a comfortable reason to hate a company because it guarantees an unending supply of hate figures; if/when the big M falls from grace another one will be along in a moment. But success is an irrational reason for criticism, of course, unlike stupidity which is a perfectly valid one.
Mark Whitehorn, 12 May 2007

BetonSports - again?- and BetUs indicted in latest DOJ bust

House of CardsThe American Department of Justice (DOJ) threw a spotlight on the murky underworld of internet gambling payment processing this afternoon with the indictment in Utah of seven individuals and four companies – including BetUs.com and serial violator BetonSports.com - involved with processing payments for online gambling transactions, according to the Associated Press. The indictment seeks to recover $150 million from the defendants under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), in addition to hard assets such as real estate and property used in running the operations.
Burke Hansen, 12 May 2007

OpenXML vs ODF round 497

Another day and another Microsoft event designed to promote the importance and flexibility of OpenXML, this time using some of the company’s UK partners to make the point. And it is a fair point, if only because the company’s Office Suite is so well-entrenched in so many businesses and organisations. Getting it to interoperate with other applications is an obviously important step that has to be taken.
Martin Banks, 12 May 2007

Tiscali nets big broadband additions

Tiscali bagged 62,000 new broadband punters in the UK during the first three months of the year, its financial report revealed on Friday.
Christopher Williams, 12 May 2007

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