11th May 2007 Archive

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  • What is Apache Harmony for?

    Redundancy or redundant...

    Developer 11 00:13

  • Google sets legal attack dogs on Dutch cybersquatter

    He's off the Russia

    Law 11 00:24

  • Programming for Silverlight: a Q&A with Microsoft

    We ask what it’s for and where it runs - and get several different answers

    Developer 11 08:02

  • Mumsnet settles with Gina Ford over defamation claims

    Calls for change in libel laws

    Law 11 08:02

  • Motorola tells developers to think small

    Get connected

    Mobile 11 08:20

  • New, New Labour gets new logo and website

    Blimey, that was quick

    Government 11 08:35

  • Minister defends UK government reforms

    Says growth of online services will not lead to discrimination

    Government 11 08:43

  • Communist spy ring tried to steal Space Shuttle plans

    Feds swoop as Chinese agents lift submarine and spaceship blueprints

    Law 11 08:50

  • Memory sticks top security concern for firms

    But most have no safeguards in place

    Security 11 09:07

  • Deutsche Telekom profits plunge 58%

    Local loop unbundling hits where it hurts

    Financial News 11 09:15

  • Capgemini exec salaries divulged in annual report

    As staff vote on below inflation pay rise

    Financial News 11 09:18

  • Experts scramble to quash IPv6 flaw

    'Can be exploited by any greedy Estonian teenager with a $300 Linux machine'

    Security 11 09:46

  • Apple invents novel back-to-front iPod control

    Touchpad on the back of the device

    Hardware 11 09:57

  • Doohan's last landing party missing in mountains

    Probably gone where no one has gone before

    Science 11 09:59

  • Phoenix closes in on ICM

    New offer rises from Fawkes' ashes

    The Channel 11 10:08

  • The four pillars of Katmai

    Dispatches from the front

    Developer 11 10:12

  • Microsoft and The Reg team up to make exam prep easy

    Save while you train

    Site News 11 10:16

  • Nvidia Q1 yields big year-on-year gains

    World+dog wants graphics chips

    Hardware 11 10:17

  • BOFH: OutBOFHd

    He's good, he's bloody good

    BOFH 11 10:41

  • Hitachi spins up fastest encrypted laptop drive

    Hardware 11 10:45

  • Prof advocates digital forgetfulness, calls Google 'Soviet'

    But can't quite remember why

    Law 11 10:49

  • Logitech Alto keyboard and laptop stand

    Posture improver?

    Hardware 11 11:00

  • T-Mobile eyes hotspots and Sprint femtocells

    As Alltel scores points

    Mobile 11 11:33

  • Malware authors subvert Windows Update

    BITS and pieces

    Security 11 11:51

  • Honda to debut hydrogen fuel-cell car in 2008

    FCX to move beyond teen-actress customer base

    Science 11 11:55

  • Labour goes Brown while US Army invades YouTube

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    Business 11 12:21

  • Half a million kids' DNA on UK police database

    Innocence is an old-fashioned word

    Law 11 12:26

  • Paris takes on Ubuntu in techno celebrity clash

    Well, not really...

    Letters 11 13:02

  • Radio RTFM: The Falklands War remembered

    Windows for Warships? Huzzah!

    Radio RTFM 11 13:05

  • Exam papers tagged to deter cheats

    Chips go to the top of the class

    Security 11 13:06

  • Terminator kill-bots to be run by system called 'Skynet'

    How many hints do we need? Flee while you can

    Data Networking 11 14:34

  • Orange Value Promise not as much value as promised

    We'll match any tariff as long as it's not too low

    Mobile 11 14:39

  • Tokyo team busts the Ethernet speed record

    Fastest IPv6 network in the world

    Data Networking 11 14:49

  • Google orders Thai takeaway

    Four king-bashing clips removed from YouTube

    Law 11 14:54

  • MS update ate my CPU cycles


    Software 11 15:35

  • Laptop overheats, vapourises Brazil... almost

    Red hot Compaq

    Hardware 11 15:44

  • Satnav driver's car totalled by train

    Stops on level crossing, the rest is history

    Bootnotes 11 15:52

  • Roche exposes medical details on website

    Testing times

    Security 11 16:12

  • Alcatel-Lucent results impress investors

    Merger drops 1st quarter revenue

    Data Networking 11 17:30

  • One in 10 web pages laced with malware - Google

    Do not underestimate the power of the dark side

    Security 11 17:33

  • America is under siege. Do we blame IBM or Cringely?

    150,000 staff fired. -20,000 left ...

    The Channel 11 21:31

  • Vendor turns DRM against Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and Real

    Ever more creative DMCA litigation

    Media 11 21:56

  • ICANN pushes for public participation in top level domains

    Internet universe just keeps expanding

    Law 11 23:15

  • SanDisk and Microsoft BFFs around software-stuffed memory

    Cruzer replaced by new entity

    Hardware 11 23:49