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Jajah taps Intel for $15m

Intel Capital is the lead investor in a $20m funding round for Jajah, the internet telephony software firm. Intel is pumping in $15m to help Jajah in its goal to supplant Skype as the mass-market VoIP provider of choice, the company said today.
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Spitzer stargazers find hot, windy planets

NASA has moved into extra-solar planetary weather forecasting. Well, mapping, but one has to start somewhere. Researchers using the agency's Spitzer infrared space telescope have mapped the weather patterns of two extremely hot, distant planets.

Ballmer: Submit and OBA-y

Software 2007 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hawked Office Business Applications during his keynote at the Software 2007 conference, but conceded during a Q&A session that the company's best-known OBA, called Duet, has not made the progress desired, given the time invested in it.

Sun looks to outsiders to script Java's future

JavaOne Sun is seeking developers outside the "Java rank and file" to join the Java Community Process (JCP) standards body. The company is eying up content authors and scripting developers as JCP recruits to deliver feedback and drive platform and language changes.
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Grappling with eels - first wriggle

Column Harry the Rottweiler puts down his corporate-branded coffee cup next to his spiral-bound Book of Names and cheap plastic retractable (which also doubles as a sacrificial weapon in extreme management meetings).
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UK threatens TV premium rate ban

The Government will ban television premium rate phone-ins if the industry cannot better regulate itself, broadcasting minister Shaun Woodward has warned.

E Ink reprints electronic paper for all handheld gadgets

'Electronic paper' developer E Ink yesterday paved the way for bigger, brighter displays for almost any handheld gadget you can think of - all consuming a tiny fraction of the power today's LCDs do and all able to continue showing information even when the power is cut.
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MS fixes Vista iPod corruption glitch

Microsoft has posted a patch for Windows Vista that finally allows iPod owners to eject their music player from PCs running the new operating system without the risk that songs will be damaged.
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Latent problems with people, not networks

Column I have a useful hot air detector. It listens for two or three keywords and marks the output of anybody using them as suspect. For example, "video conferencing", or "artificial intelligence", or "cheap fusion power".
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Coalition forces offer Iraq action footage

The coalition forces' HQ in Baghdad has decided not to let the opposition keep on grabbing all the internet-video eyeballs, and has started its own channel on popular upload portal YouTube.
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Gaming, music and TV to drive mobile market

Mobile content is set for a revolution, with gaming, music and TV all poised to transform the market in the next five years.
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Watchdog slams tax credit system

Software upgrades and a redesigned e-portal have failed to convince the Public Accounts Committee that problems with tax credits can be solved.
Kablenet, 10 2007

Electro-optic film set to foil DVD shoplifters

For once here comes a digital protection technology designed to stop shoplifters rather than prevent consumers copying content. US-based Kestrel Wireless this week announced a plan to make DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs unplayable until they've been purchased.
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Data centre firm in €50m expansion

Data centre firm Interxion is to invest up to €50m to expand its data centres across Europe.
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Patent damages not refunded if EPO cancels patent

Damages for patent infringement awarded by a UK court must not be paid back even if the patent is later declared invalid by the European Patent Office (EPO), the Court of Appeal has ruled.

Don't let Windows Indexing Service know too much

Privacy workshop The Windows Indexing Service catalogues the contents of your hard disk, and even the contents of files, to make local searching faster.
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From information overload to communication overload

Most new technology goes through a number of cycles as its use evolves - the novelty of invention, the feature explosion of differentiation, then hopefully the robustness of consolidation.

Motorola greenlights movie phone

Motorola will next week take the wraps off a phone capable of showing "full-motion" Hollywood movies, the company's chief said yesterday, though he went some way from promising a true personal media player experience.

Good news drowned by wave of security blunders

As always, we'll begin with the good news, not because we're people who like to look on the bright side of life, but because it's quicker to get it out of the way now.

Google Earth to get sound enhancement

The sounds of the planet are to be linked to Google Earth to enable users to hear what a place sounds like, as well as what it used to sound like.
Bill Ray, 10 2007

Online ads rouse 33% hike in complaints

Complaints about online adverts in the UK rose by 33 per cent in 2006, according to an annual report from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

It's no lemon: MS shows yellow Simpsons Xbox 360

It's the ideal games console for anyone who's too kack-handed to be any good at games: Microsoft's Homer Simpson-styled limited edition Xbox 360 Pro, announced today to tie in with this summer's The Simpsons Movie.
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DTI poses perennial sci/tech problem

As the UK's political class tots up Tony Blair's scorecard, there's one area where New Labour hasn't made much progress: Whitehall still feels compelled to organise summits to ask how we can all turn the UK into the world's greatest knowledge econonmy.
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NASA releases movie-style trailer

Clearly influenced by the styles of modern sci-fi, NASA has released a movie-style trailer promoting the next Moon missions.

Evesham makes compact LCD TV, builds in DVD

A second LCD TV for the bedroom, sir? With this little 'un from Evesham you won't be stuck for stuff to watch. There's a Freeview digital tuner. And a DVD player. And a Flash drive-friendly USB port. And a three-in-one memory card reader.
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Terminator-style flying-HK killbots join US, UK forces

The US Air Force has announced it has ordered a further quartet of MQ-9 'Reapers', worth $59m, to supplement its initial fleet of seven.
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Credit card fraud fears cloud Operation Ore

Many of the child abuse download suspects snared in Operation Ore may have been innocent victims of credit card fraud, according to a BBC investigation.
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Google gives UK mobile maps the green light

Google Mobile Maps is now available to UK users for route planning and local searching.
Bill Ray, 10 2007

Big Blue puts power-guzzling data centres on a diet

IBM is expected to announce a $1bn per year plan to double the worldwide computing capacity of its data centres by 2010 without increasing power consumption.
Fujitsu Siemens

Fujitsu Siemens hits the road

Computer maker Fujitsu Siemens (FSC) has said it plans a series of channel roadshows in the UK for its Primergy servers.
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Joost gets $45m to play with

Joost; the peer-to-peer video service developed by those behind Skype, has raised $45m from Index Ventures, Sequoia Capital and the Li Ka Shing Foundation, to "...accelerate product development, global expansion, localization, and service offerings".
Bill Ray, 10 2007
Xoro HSD 7510 LCD TV

Xoro HSD 7510 DVD player-equipped LCD TV

Review Portable TVs are hardly a new idea. Neither for that matter are portable DVD players. However, put the two together, add a host of other features and then you do have something that feels like it's breaking new ground.
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Computer saves shredded Stasi files

East German historians have employed the help of a computer program to reconstruct 16,000 sacks of shredded paper that once documented the snooping of the Stasi police.
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Banks put customers in Swift Catch-22

Bank customers wanting to make international transactions are being asked to sign a waiver to allow their personal details and financial records to be scanned by US anti-terror investigators.
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Oral sex could be more dangerous than cigars

Painstaking academic research indicates that promiscuous oral sex can carry a higher risk of throat cancer than smoking or boozing.
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George Lucas bitch slaps Spider-Man 3

Star Wars creator George Lucas has slammed Spider-Man 3 as vacuous.
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Amnesty backs Google shareholders

A Google shareholder has called for the search giant to clean up its act, a move that's been welcomed by Amnesty International.

HDS gets new UK channel salesman

Storage vendor Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has taken on a new UK sales boss with the aim of increasing its stake in the indirect channel market.
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UK ID card costs climb £600m in six months

The government's cost estimate for its identity card scheme has risen at least £600m in the six months since its last disclosure.

Intel swallows Itanic Java pill

JavaOne It's a tough job. Convincing Java developers that any hardware vendor - let alone Intel in the wake of roadmap set backs - has any immediate relevance.

Microsoft opens kimono for 'Katmai' SQL Server

Microsoft's first-ever BI Conference kicked off this morning in Seattle with a keynote that promised the next version of SQL Server will hit the streets sometime next year.
Mio C520t personal navigation device

Mio motors latest satnav kit to UK

First shown at CeBIT, as we reported a couple of months back, Mio's new satnavs, the C320, C520 and C520t are now available in the UK along with a new variation, the C320t. All of them sport a 4.3in widescreen display and split-screen view.
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Red Hat sees GOD

Summit Red Hat confused world+dog yesterday by dishing out two, new desktop visions, while trying to catch both projects with the same glove. So, let's try and clean up the mess.
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Give people back more time and they will buy your IPTV - Microsoft

Research conducted by Screen Digest for Microsoft suggests that there is a target audience of around 230 million people that might consider buying into IPTV or another pay TV service in seven top TV countries, and the software giant reckons that 75 million of them say they would switch TV suppliers if they have the right features and channels, especially those features, such as the DVR, which help people get back control of viewing times in their busy lives.
Faultline, 10 2007
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Red Hat RHXes out to open source partners

Summit Red Hat has, at long last, rolled out a broad partner program around bringing better support for business software running on its operating system.
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Spike Lee, Babelgum do the Right Thing

Joost and Babelgum are two new start-ups that deliver TV-quality streaming to broadband-connected PCs. They're so similar it's hard not to think of them as Tweedlegum and Tweedlejoost. But already there are signs which one has the better prospects of success.
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Migration tool builder eyes up broader market

DW Blog With release 3.1 of its Celona migration tool, Celona Technologies claims to be a step nearer providing complete automation of data migration projects. At the same time, it plans to extend its patent migration technology to a broader business market.
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Horizon sees sunny skies ahead in 2007

Horizon Technology, the Irish-owned reseller, expects 2007 results to be in line with market expectations.

HP Neoview comes out to play

Hewlett-Packard sort of announced its data warehouse appliance (if that is the right term—see later) last autumn. The company refers to this as a soft launch in the sense that they didn't talk much about it except to a few beta clients. Well, now it has had its hard launch (which is officially version 2.0) and the company is going to be talking about it much more widely.
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Lenovo pays Microsoft $1.3bn for software

Lenovo will pay up to $1.3bn over the next year to pre-install Microsoft software on its computers. Of course, it is not really doing the paying: it is a Microsoft OEM and so is reselling passing the costs on, along with a little margin for itself, to its customers. So the more it pays Microsoft, the more it is making in PC sales and Office apps sell-throughs.

NEC storage line plays its scales

NEC is rolling out a line of modular storage arrays that scale from gigabytes to a petabyte without going offline.
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Acer sues suppliers over HP patent lawsuit

Acer is suing a posse of suppliers to share the pain of patent infringement suits filed by rival PC maker Hewlett-Packard.

Microsoft misses performance and scale goals with Viridian – Microsoft

Viridian has gone on the Redmond Diet with Microsoft today ripping some of its most exciting planned features out of the virtualization software.
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Red Hat and Sybase needle Oracle with appliance

Summit Red Hat couldn't resist jabbing Oracle during its Summit user conference. The software maker today announced a deal with Sybase to create so-called database appliances.

iPods 'mess with pacemakers'

iPods have joined late-opening restaurants and children playing on old people's lawns on the list of things that can make pacemakers go haywire.