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Germans invade Second Life

Second Life has become the David Hasselhoff of internet gaming.
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IBM will erase 100,000 workers - man with one name

IBM could layoff - get out your really, really big box of tissues - more than 100,000 workers, according to some guy at PBS.

Google's country-fried data center

Google confirmed the deaths of more penguins this week by admitting to a mega data center in Oklahoma.

Clearing swap and hibernation files properly

Privacy workshop Most privacy-conscious users are familiar with deleting files securely, that is, destructively with overwriting and with wiping free space on their disks. But two items that often get overlooked are the swap file (or swap partition), and the hibernation file.
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US Trade Representative tests his verbal jujitsu out on the WTO

House of Cards The US Trade Representative (USTR) spoke out yesterday against the compliance panel report that slammed the US for failing to bring its online gambling policies in line with previous WTO rulings.