2nd May 2007 Archive

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  • IBM cuts 1,300 jobs

    Pink slipping in the USA

    Business 02 02:01

  • Apple patches security hole in QuickTime

    QuickTime one of four popular apps currently at risk

    Hardware 02 02:04

  • The Economist de-rails Microsoft media love in

    Content or Diss content?

    Media 02 03:56

  • Info chief voices doubts over surveillance tech

    Airs scepticism at Westminster hearing

    Law 02 05:02

  • ISPA to members: play fair on fair use

    Savaged by a dead sheep

    Broadband 02 06:02

  • Nvidia whups Intel in Q1 desktop graphics

    But a poor quarter for the biz as a whole

    Hardware 02 09:21

  • VXers push small coc Trojan on unwilling world

    It's not the size that matters

    Security 02 09:25

  • Sony says public to test Home for PS3 this summer

    Console fans get Sad Life all of their own

    Games 02 09:54

  • Survey: open source shows progress in public sector

    Firm foothold established

    Operating Systems 02 09:58

  • Defence firm loses domain case against cannabis site

    Lockheed Martin's appeal for ukskunkworks.co.uk fails

    Law 02 10:13

  • Moto gives thumbs-up to 'imperial purple' RAZR

    Those about to dial, salute you

    Hardware 02 10:22

  • iGoogle launch fingered in user data loss furore

    Hiccup may have eaten your data

    Applications 02 10:25

  • The Pirate Bay launches music sharing site

    Promises online musical treasure chest

    Media 02 10:39

  • Sky customers spending more than £400 a year

    HD and Sky+ promote growth

    Hardware 02 10:45

  • Boo.com back from the dead

    Web 2.0 lives

    Small Biz 02 10:47

  • IBM markets up-beat service under legacy brand

    Lotus - what's in a name?

    Applications 02 10:58

  • Intel slices chip workers in New Mexico

    As SIA confirms industry sales falling short

    Hardware 02 11:20

  • CA gets new UK channel boss

    Ex-Dell man takes on 'indirect route to market'

    The Channel 02 11:21

  • Jesus appears in Samsung Flash memory chip

    Electron microscopy reveals 4-gig Messiah

    Hardware 02 11:27

  • Ballmer: Apple's iPhone will be a niche player

    That's right, Steve - and it's a good thing too

    Phones 02 11:27

  • Electrode hats to exploit soldiers' subconscious powers

    Helmet mind-probe madness at DARPA

    Science 02 11:31

  • Digg buried by users in piracy face-down

    The mob rules

    Media 02 11:39

  • Cambridge gives e-marking a tick

    RM plugs markers into hive mind

    The Channel 02 11:45

  • Russians tell aliens to suck on a fat one

    хуй to you too, mate

    Bootnotes 02 11:46

  • ION USB turntable

    The vinyl countdown

    Hardware 02 12:04

  • E-voting as secure as an insecure thing

    No hostages to fortune here

    Policy 02 12:11

  • Woman serves hubby really crap curry

    Dog excrement stunt ends in court

    Bootnotes 02 12:12

  • Tessa Jowell stands up for blogging code of conduct

    Let's have a worthless debate

    Policy 02 13:02

  • 60% of laptops to have Flash storage by 2010, claims researcher

    Notebook vendors cache in

    Hardware 02 13:18

  • Poisoned MP4 files threaten Winamp users

    Play it again, hacker

    Security 02 13:24

  • Blockbuster says Game Over on Game Station UK

    Hopes sell-off will bust debt

    The Channel 02 13:26

  • Hot-air powered railway to harvest energy from cars

    'Solve problems by building stuff,' says architect

    Science 02 13:30

  • Nvidia GeForce 8800 Ultra card available in two weeks' time

    Hardware 02 13:44

  • The surveillance arms race

    Just what is excessive?

    Law 02 13:56

  • O2 re-embraces HTC with XDA Argon launch

    Phones 02 14:11

  • DDoS attacks fall as crackers turn to spam

    Baron Samedi and chums redeploy zombie armies

    Security 02 14:20

  • ITV plays catch-up

    Last will be first

    Broadband 02 14:59

  • Mobile Spy ups mobile snooping powers

    Big Brother calling

    Mobile 02 15:18

  • Month of ActiveX bugs yields results

    On the up and up after all

    Security 02 18:48

  • Judge in MP3 case to Microsoft: time to pay up

    $1.5bn, please

    Law 02 21:37

  • How a Rock started the venture capital biz in the Valley

    Money monopoly

    Business 02 21:58

  • Vonage wants retrial of Verizon patent case

    Supreme Court ruling to the rescue

    VoIP 02 22:43

  • Fujitsu swoops on GFI Informatique

    But does GFI want to be bought?

    The Channel 02 23:29

  • Dell's dance with Ubuntu: True love or farce?

    Here we go again

    Hardware 02 23:33