1st May 2007 Archive

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  • Study: Idiots may cause data-center apocalypse

    Ill-conceived moves to blade servers cause outage 'crisis'

    Data Networking 01 00:23

  • Owners of E-Gold indicted for money laundering

    Service allegedly popular among child pornographers and other low-lifes

    Law 01 01:44

  • Hotmail's antispam measures snuff out legit emails, too

    No warning, little recourse

    Broadband 01 01:50

  • Observers forced to 'negotiate' for evote access

    Electrical electoral injustice

    Policy 01 06:02

  • Orange becomes more like bank: launches overdraft facility

    Pay £1 to get £2.50 into debt

    Mobile 01 07:02

  • DoubleClick redefines the rainbow paradigm

    Invents new colour for 'exciting' rebrand

    Bootnotes 01 09:02

  • Why Last.fm isn't sweating the RIAA's royalty hike

    The day the music survived

    Media 01 09:05

  • Ann Summers love egg fails to crack Cyprus

    Island deprived of 'serious clitoral lovin'

    Bootnotes 01 09:08

  • MoD encourages SMEs

    Easier bidding for defence contracts

    Small Biz 01 09:28

  • Silverlight glow dimmed by cross-platform concerns

    Bad for web health

    Software 01 09:35

  • Corsair deploys Bond-friendly Flash drive

    Hardware 01 09:43

  • MPs criticise combat ID systems

    Troops can't tell who's friend or foe

    Government 01 09:46

  • Sony eyes add-on camera for PSP

    Picture perfect?

    Games 01 10:04

  • Second Life: the campaign for real life

    Sense and Sadville don't mix

    Bootnotes 01 10:13

  • 'Rally my inflated ego', declares Nicolas Sarkozy

    Sack for TV subtitle prankster

    Government 01 10:19

  • Reuters snaps up search company

    Findable financial info

    Applications 01 10:19

  • eBayer unleashes defecating dog to punt kayak

    Crap selling technique?

    Bootnotes 01 10:20

  • Living optical fibres found in the eye

    Moving light past all those synapses

    Science 01 10:47

  • Scots stump up £3.5m for Highland broadband

    Can you connect the unconnected?

    Broadband 01 10:53

  • Bug brace menaces Adobe Photoshop

    Unpatched graphics flaws menace mankind

    Security 01 11:02

  • Fifa's 'wranking cock' shown red card

    Suspect file name trips net filters

    Bootnotes 01 11:05

  • Dell Linux is go

    Ubuntu named as distro for desktops and laptops

    Operating Systems 01 11:08

  • Vote for sale on eBay

    No ginger politicians need apply

    Government 01 11:12

  • Sling throws in Mac-friendly SlingPlayer

    Apple TV... not on your TV

    Hardware 01 11:13

  • Institutional investors push Google on China

    Vote to be held at AGM

    Financial News 01 11:29

  • Estonian/Russian statue riots spill online

    Uncivil unrest hits govt websites

    Security 01 11:36

  • Brits pitch 'extreme conditions' video cam

    Go shoot it on the mountain

    Hardware 01 11:57

  • Kutaragi to pilot PlayStation development?

    Vision too vague to be sure

    Games 01 12:44

  • Home Office promises proactive powers for info commissioner

    Surveillance to police the surveillance society

    Law 01 13:02

  • Nokia N95 multimedia slider phone

    Yes, it does everything - but is it any good?

    Phones 01 14:08

  • IT firms band together to shrink carbon footprint

    How green is your bandwagon?

    Management 01 14:27

  • Orange doles out an IOU to Christian pareidolians

    While monitored by EU police

    Letters 01 14:53

  • China's largest ecommerce site set to float

    Record breaker

    Financial News 01 14:55

  • BEA issues profit warning

    BEAten up in licensing market

    Financial News 01 14:59

  • Sonnet add-in to tune UK MacBook Pros into to eSATA

    Hardware 01 15:02

  • RFID-tracking Segways unleashed on hoi polloi

    'Mobility platforms' to menace mankind

    Bootnotes 01 15:11

  • Malaysian astronauts told: Space is no bar to prayers

    Guidelines issued

    Science 01 15:16

  • BlackBerry finds Outlook 2007 an upgrade too many

    But RIM denies any problem

    Applications 01 15:35

  • Joost on brink of adding commercial breaks

    Beta testers dole out invites as official launch nears

    Broadband 01 15:41

  • Velocity Micro buys Overdrive PC

    Overclocking in the USA

    Hardware 01 18:20

  • Gateway ships quad-core desktop into US stores

    Retail proposition

    Hardware 01 19:00

  • 'It'll be ugly when half the software industry goes away' - pundit

    If by 'ugly,' you mean great

    Applications 01 19:36

  • VeriSign will ship two-factor authentication for debit cards

    What took so long?

    Security 01 20:40

  • Disappointed Glastonbury fans spammed by rival festival

    Muddy feet all round

    Security 01 21:25

  • Microsoft puts some iron into Ruby

    Scripts .NET open source support

    Developer 01 21:41

  • Microsoft polishes the Silverlight

    Still to prove itself against Flash

    Developer 01 22:04

  • Microsoft super sizes multi-threaded tripe

    Pretty sure that we might be ready

    Hardware 01 22:37

  • 'IE8 compatible' - the cure for web standards headache?

    A problem shared is ... a problem shared

    Applications 01 23:39