30th April 2007 Archive

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  • Marshal aims to secure laptop content

    Will extend its messaging security to control PC files too

    Security 30 Apr 07:02

  • Adding mobility with Antenna Software

    Mobilise everything

    Developer 30 Apr 08:02

  • Vodafone's new pricing model excludes VoIP and P2P

    How much is your application worth?

    Mobile 30 Apr 08:51

  • Ofcom and DTI slam Murdoch TV strategy

    'Scuse me, while I piss off Sky

    Broadband 30 Apr 08:59

  • Google cedes Chilean village to Argentina

    Government demands return of Villa O'Higgins

    Applications 30 Apr 09:02

  • OLPC bumps prices, adds Windows capability

    The $175 '$100 laptop'

    Hardware 30 Apr 09:28

  • Yahoo! buys! ad! exchange!

    Right Media joins the club

    Applications 30 Apr 09:32

  • Get bug-free with these software testing titles

    Test your way to success

    Site News 30 Apr 09:43

  • New law could save internet radio

    Congress looks to overturn crushing royalty ruling

    Law 30 Apr 09:47

  • Samsung speeds Flash for MP3 players

    Hardware 30 Apr 09:52

  • 'Artificial snot' enhances electronic nose

    Nothing to sniff at

    Science 30 Apr 10:17

  • Scotty blasts off on final mission

    Actor's widow beams him up

    Science 30 Apr 10:45

  • Satisfaction guaranteed by ComputerLand

    Books shutting anytime now

    The Channel 30 Apr 11:00

  • BT wants your small business juice


    Small Biz 30 Apr 11:05

  • PlayStation mag tears out 'unsuitable' slaughtered goat pic

    Would entrails have revealed future furore?

    Games 30 Apr 11:13

  • Sickly NHS provider still seeking saviour

    iSoft in advanced talks

    Applications 30 Apr 11:15

  • BT brings Wii-like remote control to PCs

    Shake, rattle and roll

    Hardware 30 Apr 11:34

  • ID card will be needed to vote, says UK election watchdog

    Use it to fix the bit that isn't broken...

    Government 30 Apr 11:38

  • BT furnishes strategy boutique

    Top brass installed

    Broadband 30 Apr 12:32

  • Apple 'revises' sub-notebook Mac release date

    Mac Mini not due until 2008?

    Hardware 30 Apr 13:13

  • Lords investigate 'unconstitutional' surveillance society

    Call for evidence goes out

    Government 30 Apr 13:27

  • Peter Gabriel takes sledgehammer to music downloads (again)

    Genesis of ad-supported services

    Media 30 Apr 13:31

  • Top scientists list favourite gizmos

    Innovations that changed the world

    Science 30 Apr 13:50

  • Beeb's iPlayer service gets greenlight

    Video thrills the radio star

    Applications 30 Apr 14:26

  • F1 engineers plan appeal in Ferrari espionage case

    In the pit

    Security 30 Apr 14:50

  • Euro police data plan attacks 'fundamental rights'

    EDPS slates police data sharing proposals, again

    Law 30 Apr 15:05

  • Home Secretary bigs up fingerprint-activated iPods

    Jeesh Maria

    Law 30 Apr 15:23

  • A tribute to Jim Gray

    Lost, but not forgotten

    Software 30 Apr 15:38

  • EVGA 680i LT SLI nForce-based motherboard

    Cut-down 680i - or shoved up 650i?

    Hardware 30 Apr 15:49

  • MS to 'backport' Office 2007 security improvements

    Papering over the cracks

    Security 30 Apr 15:52

  • Xbox 360 Elite arrives in US - or does it?

    Big-name sites show limited availability

    Games 30 Apr 16:28

  • Supreme Court: Microsoft off the hook in AT&T case

    Decision could save companies billions in future patent battles

    Software 30 Apr 18:27

  • On Business Objects' Cartesis acquisition

    Performance management consolidation

    Developer 30 Apr 18:43

  • DSDM Atern goes beyond IT

    Fast project principles extended to all business change

    Developer 30 Apr 19:00

  • Child porn investigations keep FBI agents busy

    Guilty plea, charges in two unrelated cases

    Security 30 Apr 19:09

  • Microsoft flashes up Silverlight media challenge

    So many languages, so little time

    Software 30 Apr 19:28

  • Rackable president ousted after two days

    Ejector Board seat

    Servers 30 Apr 21:05