27th April 2007 Archive

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  • AMD and Intel take potshots in dueling court complaints

    Oh no you didn't!

    Hardware 27 00:17

  • $1bn lawsuit takes novel approach in fighting spam

    Harvesters of sorrow targeted

    Security 27 00:30

  • MPAA chairman promises legal DVD copying, interoperable DRM

    The Invisible Hand

    Media 27 00:46

  • IAB raises touchy subject of internet audience measurement

    Measuring sticks and stones

    Media 27 00:54

  • Congress may loosen noose on internet radio

    Bill seeks to reverse Copyright Royalty Board decision

    Media 27 01:14

  • Rackable's margins enter witness protection program

    Rivals hold MS, Yahoo, Amazon and Q1 profits hostage

    Servers 27 01:53

  • Payroll specialist fails to pay staff

    Mission critical, you say?

    The Channel 27 06:02

  • MPAA veteran Jack Valenti dead at 85

    Champion of free speech, and DRM

    Media 27 06:41

  • Nominet board election is go

    The runners and riders

    Law 27 08:02

  • Dell finally switches on PC network in Glasgow schools

    177 schools left without computers for weeks

    Policy 27 08:37

  • Rep. Barney Frank takes a gamble on online wagering

    Sticks it to the UIGEA

    Law 27 08:39

  • Man snaps up Sea Harrier on eBay

    A piece of Falklands history for £10k

    Bootnotes 27 08:59

  • US Army to fund Stanford-led supercomputing team

    Plastic tanks, trouser-launched flying spy bots

    Data Centre 27 09:06

  • Survey: young Brits ready to embrace evoting

    The over 55s, not so much

    Policy 27 09:09

  • MPs warned about e-health records

    Government 'pressuring' patients to not opt out

    Policy 27 09:12

  • PlayStation pioneer hangs up his joypad

    Exit comes as Sony projects $2bn loss

    Games 27 09:40

  • From managed chaos to coherent infrastructure

    Poll results: The management information journey

    Business 27 09:59

  • Nintendo pledges to pour out more Wiis

    Admits demand-anticipation failure

    Games 27 10:01

  • 'As I watch England turn into a quivering pile of dung'

    Reasoned analysis of Iranian nuke claim

    Letters 27 10:38

  • Sony snapper to see further with 6x optical zoom

    Hardware 27 10:43

  • 'Traffic Taliban' moots speed cameras in cats' eyes

    Richard Brunstrom's latest cunning plan

    Policy 27 10:45

  • Canada announces monster solar plant

    40MW from one million panels

    Science 27 10:55

  • Sky+ Anytime, but not last time

    Upgrade deletes recorded shows from some Sky+ boxes

    Media 27 11:01

  • iSymphony tunes up Bluetooth wireless hi-fi

    Hardware 27 11:01

  • UK airline pilots spot giant UFO

    'Mile wide' mystery object hovers off Channel Islands

    Science 27 11:33

  • Engineers write defence against aliens manual

    NASA consultants advocate sci-fi mujahideen tactics, call Sagan 'total jerk'

    Science 27 11:55

  • Apple TV hackers called to create open source set-top

    You have nothing to lose but your CableCards

    Hardware 27 11:55

  • Japan wants levitating trains by 2025

    Feel the force

    Science 27 12:03

  • Nominet gets academic on abuse

    Boffins take aim at scammers

    Security 27 12:12

  • Spectrums and Sea Harriers: ah, those were the days

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    Business 27 12:32

  • BOFH: Fishbowl this

    Glug glug glug

    BOFH 27 12:35

  • Fujitsu threaten one redundancy

    Union baffled and baited

    Business 27 12:37

  • Sage chairman leaves after seven months

    Horn-Smith gives himself the chop

    Software 27 13:01

  • Free BBC HD satellite TV service given green light

    Sky alternative to launch 2008

    Hardware 27 13:29

  • A hosted 'Web 2.0' requirements management experience


    Developer 27 13:58

  • IBM touts complete IPTV systems

    You want it really, you know you do...

    Data Networking 27 14:00

  • Hawking amazed by weightlessness

    Next stop, space

    Science 27 14:04

  • Wal-Mart denies cheap HD DVD deal

    Scheme simply hadn't got that far?

    Hardware 27 14:12

  • Nokia N93i camera phone

    It's a phone. It's a camcorder. It's a robot. Well, maybe not a robot...

    Phones 27 14:21

  • Firm offers Indian maths graduates by VoIP

    All-the-the-boffin-you-can-take at a flat rate price

    VoIP 27 14:23

  • Man demonstrates extreme geekiness, reviews 105 PSUs

    Magnum opus

    Hardware 27 14:36

  • Virgin lays down case against Sky

    While ITV buy-up referred to Competition Commission

    Broadband 27 14:46

  • Fungus fingered in US honeybee wipeout

    Possible cause of Colony Collapse Disorder?

    Science 27 14:52

  • Enraged AC Milan fan eBays goalie Dida

    €71 top bid for blundering Brazilian

    Bootnotes 27 14:55

  • BT slammed in broadband cut off battle

    'Victory for consumers', claims mortgage firm

    Small Biz 27 15:09

  • Schools ban iPod cheaters

    Broke the first rule of Cheat Club

    Policy 27 15:32

  • Virtual overdoses of chocolate Wi-Fi

    As well as trains, drunks and exoskeletons

    Letters 27 15:41

  • IBM servers get 10 Gig boost

    TCP offloaders aim to sharpen BladeCenter

    Servers 27 16:55

  • Thai insurgents move to keyless-entry bombs

    Cellphone devices blocked by security forces

    Security 27 16:59

  • Acer acquisition will be bigger than a breadbox, smaller than Gateway

    Oh, you tease ...

    Hardware 27 18:25

  • Cause of global warming found

    Discovery revealed in letter to editor

    Bootnotes 27 18:45

  • HP: 'IT, as we know it, is over'

    Ships same new products to prove it

    Servers 27 21:27

  • Reg readers total 3,238 years against cancer

    The final score as grid.org closes shop

    Storage 27 21:49

  • Apple releases MacBook battery update

    Rest easy, not the explosion-preventing kind

    Hardware 27 23:36