26th April 2007 Archive

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  • TJX finds self at bottom of 300-bank pig pile

    'Negligent misrepresentation' in data handling has its costs

    Security 26 01:06

  • Piloting Adobe Apollo

    An insider's look at the Apollo roadmap

    Developer 26 06:02

  • A modern-day Gerstner is needed to cure all of Microsoft’s ills

    Time for Ballmer to move on...

    Software 26 06:02

  • Amazon flows into digital music sales

    As it announces doubled Q1 profits

    Media 26 08:39

  • Defective automatic trousers hurl pilot from plane

    Rogue expando-pants amok in Wallace & Gromit style devastation

    Science 26 09:06

  • Gowers considered cutting music copyright to less than 50 years

    But decided it was not 'politically prudent'

    Law 26 09:10

  • Acer recalls 27,000 Sony laptop batteries

    Caution not combustion behind the move

    Hardware 26 09:14

  • Is the mainstream ready for SaaS?

    Yes, but IT departments must recognise this

    Management 26 09:21

  • How did we all end up with Windows?

    The Microsoft 'default' phenomenon

    Business 26 09:32

  • 0wning Vista from the boot

    The VBootkit authors speak out

    Security 26 09:51

  • Blue Sky squeezes GPS onto a SIM

    Dawn of the next killer app?

    Science 26 10:04

  • T-Mobile calls up cut-price Sidekick iD

    And Hiptop 3 arrives down under

    Phones 26 10:18

  • Samsung 'world's thinnest' phone goes on sale

    Phones 26 10:39

  • Trend Micro overhauls EMEA channel programme

    Announces strong Q1 performance too

    The Channel 26 10:51

  • Toshiba HD-XE1 HD DVD player

    Tosh brings in 1080p on a budget

    Hardware 26 10:59

  • Wal-Mart orders 2m HD DVD players from China

    Big boost for Blu-ray rival?

    Hardware 26 11:08

  • Ass kickings abound as angry mob vents spleen

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    The Channel 26 11:20

  • Sony spies Eye toy for PS3

    Hip, hip, array

    Games 26 11:34

  • IPRED2 passes, with tweaks to protect personal copying

    File sharers in the clear?

    Law 26 11:56

  • Adobe open sources Flex

    The Mozilla Public Licence is Adobe's Flexible friend

    Developer 26 11:59

  • Hackers debut spam and virus sandwich

    Stock spam points to drive-by download

    Security 26 12:06

  • Hitachi says it did ship 1TB HDD in Q1

    Just in case you missed it...

    Hardware 26 12:11

  • Taiwan mislays millions of honeybees

    'Volatile weather' to blame for mysterious disappearance?

    Science 26 12:11

  • Sony ships 'world's smallest' HD camcorder

    Another day, another superlative...

    Hardware 26 12:19

  • Boffins develop DIY musical Wi-Fi robot kit

    Google/Microsoft alliance behind mooted droid-army fifth column

    Science 26 12:45

  • Peer calls for UK cyber-crime portal

    Is e-crime treated seriously by police?

    Policy 26 12:49

  • IBM mainframe ties the knot with video game chip

    Virtual 3D environments get souped up

    Data Centre 26 12:57

  • AMD Radeon HD 2900 XTX tested on web

    Little benefit over XT

    Hardware 26 13:04

  • Spinal Tap resurface for Live Earth

    Dials to 11 to save the planet

    Bootnotes 26 13:51

  • Super-Earth orbiting red dwarf

    No, not the TV series...

    Science 26 14:05

  • Police charge stripogram cop impersonator

    Boys in Blue unimpressed by student's uniform

    Bootnotes 26 14:06

  • Welsh boffins build 3D solar images

    Wales 1: NASA 0

    Science 26 14:09

  • Japanese actress caught in sheep 'poodle' scam

    Wondered why new pet didn't bark

    Bootnotes 26 14:16

  • Antarctica frozen out of internet revolution

    Who's got the most interweb superhighways?

    Data Networking 26 14:23

  • eBay, PayPal face court action

    Class action alleges unfair monopoly

    Financial News 26 14:24

  • UK police can crime reporting website

    Build it and they won't come

    Policy 26 14:30

  • Sourcefire eyes acquisitions

    Nothing to Snort at

    Financial News 26 14:42

  • Arrest Richard Gere, orders Indian court

    Cuffs readied after Shilpa Shetty kiss outrage

    Bootnotes 26 14:47

  • Who star to make beautiful music with girlfriend's dog

    Barking all the way to the bank

    Media 26 14:58

  • Alpha gets RAD for Web 2.0

    The big IDEa

    Developer 26 15:08

  • DoH's latest d'oh!

    Puts private doctor details on the web

    Policy 26 15:09

  • VMware goes public with $100m plea

    Costs and CEO salary way up

    Storage 26 15:43

  • Orange boss walks out

    Replaced by half a CEO from HP

    Mobile 26 15:45

  • Hawking is leaving gravity on a jet plane

    Back again in 20-40 seconds

    Science 26 15:46

  • Pentagon 'hacker' questions US cost claims

    Gary McKinnon pops down to Infosec

    Security 26 16:08

  • Website offers virtual substance abuse, P2P pressure

    No activity too mundane for doleful online saddos

    Bootnotes 26 16:11

  • HP clusters up blade boxes

    One rack: made to order

    Servers 26 17:53

  • American boffin touts sugar-fuelled mobile phones

    Gadgetry to run on spuds, Coke, even dead flies

    Science 26 17:57

  • Google glitch loses user data

    Malfunctioning personalized homepage has users fuming

    Applications 26 19:00

  • North Carolina residents still want their $280m back from Dell

    Challenge court's no-backsies ruling

    The Channel 26 19:55

  • Websense buys Surf Control

    Larded up with debt

    Security 26 21:51

  • Microsoft feasts on Vista coupons for record quarter

    Profits up 65 per cent

    Financial News 26 21:59

  • Court sez music downloads aren't performances

    ASCAP sings the blues...

    Media 26 23:29