25th April 2007 Archive

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  • Hitachi's server HDDs get debigulated

    That's 2.5-inches of small

    Storage 25 Apr 00:14

  • SAP and Microsoft play Duet in Office love-in

    Fighting is for later

    Applications 25 Apr 00:20

  • Head of DrinkorDie cops to copyright charges

    After more than five years, Feds get their 'Bandido'

    Law 25 Apr 00:26

  • QuickTime, not Safari, to blame for MacBook vuln

    pwn-2-own update

    Hardware 25 Apr 02:37

  • Green Bar of Shangri-La

    On unit testing and code coverage

    Developer 25 Apr 07:02

  • Nvidia updates multi-GPU SLI box for DirectX 10 era

    Hardware 25 Apr 08:34

  • Tesco punts anti-Tesco diatribe

    Buy Tescopoly and save 20%!

    Bootnotes 25 Apr 08:49

  • Cloud Jesus floats over Mount Sinai

    Epiphany or mistaken identity?

    Science 25 Apr 08:50

  • LG brings Google phone to Europe

    'Super 3G' slider debuts

    Phones 25 Apr 08:57

  • Samsung sends S60 slider phone West

    Phones 25 Apr 09:18

  • Strategy Boutiques brainstorm to 50th birthday

    Whalesong and joss-sticks all round

    CIO 25 Apr 09:36

  • What the hell is an information delivery strategy anyway?

    You got us thinking

    Business 25 Apr 09:56

  • Air of desperation encircles SIM Summit

    Cool technology seeks killer application

    Mobile 25 Apr 10:31

  • Website prompts sex offender arrests

    Five missing offenders nicked

    Law 25 Apr 10:33

  • Battling Swiss woman starts petition against Adobe

    Latterday William Tell rallies against Adobe CS3 Euro ripoff

    The Channel 25 Apr 10:35

  • Northgate swallows another payroll firm

    Confidential an entrée in acquisition buffet

    The Channel 25 Apr 10:40

  • Optical link hacking unsheathed

    Tripping up the light fantastic

    Data Networking 25 Apr 10:42

  • Iona misses forecast, expects better results in Q2

    'Complex transaction' to blame

    Financial News 25 Apr 10:56

  • HP slaps 'sold' sticker on DIY design service

    Offers online strategy boutique for SMBs

    Small Biz 25 Apr 11:07

  • Another 419 scam ring nicked

    Hundreds to go?

    Security 25 Apr 11:13

  • Privacy activists attempt block of Google's purchase of DoubleClick

    Too much power

    Financial News 25 Apr 11:15

  • Open Wi-Fi proves no defence in child porn case

    Appeal court allows evidence despite unsecured network

    Law 25 Apr 11:33

  • Lawyer says accused 'sharers' should resist legal claims

    Ignorance is a defence, after all

    Law 25 Apr 12:17

  • Vonage gets injunction stay made permanent

    Still confident of victory, but squirreling away cash just in case

    Financial News 25 Apr 12:44

  • Dell to fit laptops with Flash drives

    SanDisk driven?

    Hardware 25 Apr 12:55

  • Ads police say 128Kbps AAC is CD quality

    Nokia 1, Consumers 0

    Phones 25 Apr 13:05

  • Robo-rights speculation rubbished by researchers

    Vibro droids won't be allowed to decline sex with humans

    Law 25 Apr 13:10

  • Hackers debut malware loaded USB ruse

    Litter bait used as phishing lure

    Security 25 Apr 13:17

  • EDS vet eBays 10 year service award pin

    'All I got was this lousy badge!'

    The Channel 25 Apr 13:21

  • Irish kids' literacy hit by txts

    SMS 'a significant threat to writing standards'

    Mobile 25 Apr 13:23

  • AMD aids Dell tree-planting fund

    Hardware 25 Apr 13:48

  • Sun re-resellers launch OFT complaint

    Grey marketeers see red

    The Channel 25 Apr 13:53

  • WMG settles with Bertelsmann over Napster

    German firm coughs up $110m but 'admits no liability'

    Financial News 25 Apr 14:07

  • SAP swears off buying binge

    Steady as she grows

    Financial News 25 Apr 14:22

  • Collabnet fills its boots

    Acquires Sourceforge

    Developer 25 Apr 14:26

  • Anti-Apple lawsuit cites 20-year-old patent

    Xerox UI technique dusted down, sent to court

    Hardware 25 Apr 14:27

  • ISPs to 'strengthen ties' with UK government

    24-hour customer details hotlines for law enforcement

    Government 25 Apr 14:38

  • Aliens exoskeletons for Japanese old-timers

    Wrinkly-minding droids to staff nursing homes in 20 years

    Science 25 Apr 14:59

  • Do Microsoft's EULAs have any real legal basis?

    Asking the question is easy...

    Developer 25 Apr 15:37

  • UK spooks offered 10Gig wire-speed processor

    Bivio runs deep packet inspection apps in the network

    Data Centre 25 Apr 15:40

  • BT drives unified comms downmarket with upmarket chef

    Gordon Ramsay-fronted push is go

    Networks 25 Apr 15:56

  • US to fund 'man-made lightning' raygun tech

    $10m for quasi-lethal cattleprod blasters

    Science 25 Apr 18:32

  • Lumeta mines routers for network discovery

    You can't secure what you don't know about

    Data Networking 25 Apr 18:35

  • Cryoserver back from the dead

    Sealed box merges regulatory compliance and email archiving

    Storage 25 Apr 18:41

  • IBM lines up MySQL blue corner against rivals

    Frenemies forever

    Developer 25 Apr 18:54

  • Texan researchers cheer tera-op chip endurance test

    'We'll rock 2012'

    Hardware 25 Apr 19:49

  • Phishers add call forwarding to their arsenal

    The evolution continues

    Security 25 Apr 19:55

  • Man learns bombs not best way to raise tech stocks

    Even if Satan tells you it's OK

    Security 25 Apr 20:19

  • Sun throws new switch and three racks of metal at video

    Bechtolsheim's YouTube plea

    Data Networking 25 Apr 21:45

  • RegisterFly fire sale at hand?

    Offer for beleaguered registrar

    Law 25 Apr 23:26

  • Frank plots US Internet gambling ban repeal

    No slam dunk

    Law 25 Apr 23:38

  • Apple board backs Jobs against ex-CFO allegations shock

    Sales rise despite Apple

    Hardware 25 Apr 23:43