24th April 2007 Archive

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  • High level Night Elf druid saves PC gaming

    3.4 million unwashed nerds really can make a difference

    Hardware 24 00:07

  • ICANN is the USSR of the internet - Karl Auerbach speaks out

    Rococo meets West Virginia trailer park

    Law 24 00:38

  • Feds urge tougher ID theft laws

    Can 'strategic plan' save bureaucrats from themselves?

    Security 24 00:44

  • SWsoft dangles server slicing taster at MS and Linux types

    'I'm a fire starter'

    Servers 24 00:51

  • Stock probe guts Juniper's profits

    CEO enthused and in-line

    Financial News 24 01:08

  • Process improvement essentials

    You picked the short straw. Now, what?

    Developer 24 07:02

  • Germany moots higher EU roaming caps

    Where ever I lay my cap, that's how I roam

    Mobile 24 07:02

  • Intel slashes desktop processor prices

    Cheaper PCs ahoy!

    Hardware 24 07:30

  • Battered AMD guns Opteron to 3.0GHz

    Barcelona now with 10 per cent more 'wow'

    Servers 24 07:46

  • Sony signals fall in Blu-ray, HD DVD hardware prices

    You want blue-laser diodes? We got 'em

    Hardware 24 07:49

  • GMTV suspends phone-ins over scam allegations

    Are viewers a: furious b: seething or c: livid

    Broadband 24 08:02

  • SAP takes mixed view on on-demand

    Lateral thinking

    Software 24 08:23

  • SAP outlines roadmap and partner plans

    Information worker

    Software 24 08:51

  • Intel expands Core 2 Duo line-up

    Cache question

    Hardware 24 09:14

  • French politicians vote non to voting machines

    Not popular

    Government 24 09:23

  • Attempt to limit FOI will be heard again on Friday

    Filibuster delays amendment bill

    Law 24 09:24

  • Sony sticks it to Spider-man

    Hardware 24 09:34

  • Girls Gone Wild boss gets 35 days' jail

    Contempt of court ends in tears and chokey

    Bootnotes 24 09:41

  • PI firm nicked for pretexting

    'Blaggers' get personal info of 250 DWP customers

    Law 24 09:46

  • 'Kryptonite' discovered in Serbia

    Superman chooses new holiday destination

    Science 24 10:05

  • Web 2.0 baffles businesses, says survey

    Lack of know-how prevents cash-in

    Small Biz 24 10:06

  • Motorola teases Hong Kong girls with gilt-y pleasures

    Gold KRZR K1, anyone?

    Hardware 24 10:10

  • Carphone Warehouse mounts US invasion

    While promising better customer service at home

    Mobile 24 10:19

  • Blu-ray builds big lead in US, mag claims

    Sales figures suggest victory's still not certain

    Hardware 24 10:32

  • Business Objects buys up France's Cartesis

    Cogito ergo acquiro

    Financial News 24 11:59

  • Dark mutterings on killer Wi-Fi in schools help no one

    An Open Letter to Sir William Stewart

    Policy 24 12:08

  • SEC charges two over Apple options backdating

    Ex-CFO hands back $3.5m of gains

    Financial News 24 12:34

  • AMD tries to woo back channel

    Radical plans afoot after Q1 'arse kicking'

    The Channel 24 12:46

  • Iran 'eight years' from operational nuke

    President's uranium enrichment claims 'misleading'

    Science 24 12:50

  • Teradata Universe in Warsaw

    Is data warehousing writ large an opportunity for developers?

    Developer 24 13:04

  • Orange broadband converges out of ISPA code of practice

    Another catch for 'free' customers

    Networks 24 13:29

  • PKWare punts free secure archiving tools to consumers

    Zip it up

    Security 24 13:33

  • Easy cam, easy go: camcorders on test

    'This is incredible. A portable television studio...'

    Hardware 24 14:04

  • T-Mobile 'super 3G' modem tackles Vodafone on price

    HSDPA via USB

    Hardware 24 14:16

  • BT redesigns its strategy boutique

    'Unrivalled agility'

    Broadband 24 14:18

  • I've got some sawdust: can I call it chocolate?

    Terrible things afoot across the pond

    Science 24 14:24

  • GMTV suspends competitions, axes telco

    TV boss on the couch

    Broadband 24 14:52

  • Serco snaps up Cornwell

    Engulfs management consulting firm

    The Channel 24 14:54

  • Daily Telegraph rattles legal sabre at Google

    Battle of Belgium bound for Blighty?

    Law 24 14:55

  • Morse demerges from Monetise


    The Channel 24 15:00

  • The Kremlin uses kryptonite to silence Sheryl Crow

    And even Superman can't save the world from Wi-Fi

    Letters 24 15:18

  • Mashing up a minefield

    AJAX could cause as many problems as it solves

    Developer 24 15:25

  • Pentacles to honour US's fallen

    Department of Veterans Affairs settles headstone lawsuit

    Government 24 15:52

  • Red Hat goes prix fixe with JBoss

    Too much choice, y'see

    Applications 24 15:54

  • WTO head optimistic about US compliance with WTO gambling rulings

    Republicans to continue going down?

    Law 24 16:02

  • AMD's 'R600' benchmarked on web

    Card slips out, website tests it

    Hardware 24 16:19

  • SAP claims SOA future is here

    Forget the past

    Applications 24 18:58

  • HP's data warehouse dandy comes out of the closet

    CEO and CIO gang up on Teradata

    Data Centre 24 19:01

  • California is America's Cyberia

    Tech jobs rebound

    Business 24 19:09

  • Sun turns a Q3 profit despite lackluster sales

    Two in a row

    Servers 24 20:33

  • Analysts confirm ugliness of AMD's Q1

    Intel scores share gain trifecta

    Hardware 24 20:46

  • HP to sell low-cost ink

    Change of attitude

    Hardware 24 21:16

  • IBM prepared to break knuckles of low-income students

    No intention of forgiving Faustian pact

    Policy 24 21:18

  • Rumor: Symantec and Huawei prep storage and security JV

    Routing around 3Com

    Data Networking 24 21:59

  • Amazon bigs up March quarter

    Big sales, reasonable profits

    Financial News 24 22:04