23rd April 2007 Archive

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  • Salesforce.com opens back office door

    Decoupling for ERP

    Applications 23 06:02

  • Implementing platform independent data with SDO

    A practical example of using Service Data Objects

    Developer 23 07:02

  • Dell: vertical lines, what vertical lines?

    Er, the dirty great big one on my Inspiron...

    Hardware 23 07:02

  • Corporate Web 2.0 limited by IT resources

    Death by dearth

    Applications 23 07:02

  • Internet gambling crackdown hits Taiwan

    Officers using protection

    Law 23 08:44

  • China arrests Betex executives

    Shares, software in limbo

    Law 23 08:48

  • Are vendors looking after the BI needs of small biz?

    When scale is not the issue

    Business 23 08:56

  • NASA gunman: police blame work grudge

    Performance review triggered shooting

    Science 23 09:02

  • Barclays' chip and PIN readers will work for other banks

    PINsentry will read all APACS-standard cards

    Security 23 09:20

  • If Google kills penguins, is it doing evil?

    Earth Day disclosure

    Servers 23 09:38

  • Liverpool uncages pigeon-busting 'robofalcons'

    Flying rats face expulsion from city centre

    Policy 23 09:39

  • Samsung adopts latest 3D chip stack tech

    Follows IBM, Intel

    Hardware 23 09:58

  • Milton Keynes: world centre of porn and sex

    Google Trends tells it like it is

    Bootnotes 23 10:17

  • O2 offers incentives to end phone upgrade insanity

    Keep your old handset and gain call credits

    Phones 23 10:19

  • UK and US agree plan for joint space missions


    Science 23 10:19

  • Europe makes 'progress' on police data protection

    Regression, says human rights expert

    Law 23 10:36

  • Online impersonations: no validation required

    How do you know what's real and what's not?

    Security 23 10:40

  • RIM rolls out 'virtual' BlackBerry for Windows Mobile 6

    Carriers to choose which handsets get it

    Phones 23 10:49

  • A Mac gets whacked, a second survives

    CanSecWest PWN to Own contest beaten

    Security 23 10:56

  • Greece and William Hill get ready to rumble, as gambling arrests continue

    Placanica to be put to the test

    Law 23 11:11

  • iPod add-on draws out dock connector

    Hardware 23 11:27

  • Wipe your arse less, suggests Sheryl Crow

    One sheet per sitting to save the planet

    Science 23 11:39

  • Program Names govern admin rights in Vista

    It's not what you do, it's what you say you do

    Security 23 11:47

  • Google snubs St George - again

    By the Lord Harry...

    Bootnotes 23 11:48

  • Royal Society calls for UK space agency

    BNSC just not up to the challenge

    Science 23 11:50

  • Gordon Ramsay mashes up small businesses for BT

    'F*ck off 2.0'

    Small Biz 23 13:54

  • Captain Cyborg invades Second Life

    Appearing this afternoon in Sadville

    Bootnotes 23 14:00

  • IT staff set for chop in Barclays-ABN Amro merger

    'Synergies' mean job cuts in double dutch

    Management 23 14:15

  • BA edits Branson from Casino Royale

    Virgin boss excised from in-flight version

    Bootnotes 23 14:40

  • LG displays TV-PC monitor combo

    Hardware 23 14:50

  • Teachers demand Wi-Fi health investigation

    Making us sick, students crazy

    Data Networking 23 15:26

  • Hunters bag one of last Amur leopards

    'Cowardice or stupidity' does for female

    Science 23 15:28

  • UK bank switches off to go green


    Servers 23 15:28

  • Sony shrinks UK PSP price

    Cheaper in Euro-zone too

    Games 23 15:38

  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 25 today

    The rubber keyboard that saved Britain

    Games 23 15:44

  • The Cloud descends over City

    Free Wi-Fi for a month

    Data Networking 23 15:47

  • Commodore prices up games machines

    Hardware 23 16:19

  • IP networks create pain

    Our survey says...

    Data Networking 23 18:24

  • CA boss says strategy on track

    govern, manage, secure

    The Channel 23 18:29

  • CA shakes up European channel

    Partners face weeding out

    The Channel 23 18:48

  • AMD: very hush hush

    Where's Mr Skywalker when you need him?

    Hardware 23 19:03

  • HP pitches Acer another sueball

    HP v Acer 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Hardware 23 19:15

  • IBM Powerizes Linux on Intel apps

    The AVEs and the AVE nots

    Servers 23 19:34

  • Ex-editor decries article suggesting he kept child porn

    15,000 porn images found on Mac used by him and others

    Law 23 20:36

  • Cordys scores $80m for US roll-out

    'If you don't grow fast you might as well go home'

    Financial News 23 22:10

  • Microsoft to EC: define 'unreasonable'

    Seeks numerical value of reason for royalties

    Servers 23 22:51

  • AMD's CEO doesn't have Intel to kick around anymore

    Wall Street measures Ruiz's head

    Servers 23 23:03

  • CA bigs up service quality management

    Wily’s working

    Applications 23 23:42

  • AMD tells Wall Street: 'Will dance for cash'

    $2.2bn for the poor, please sir

    Financial News 23 23:55