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Why the world has lost interest in IPTV services

CommentWhile doing the research for the very first issue of Faultline, one IPTV specialist (who shall remain nameless) told us "you can't send video across the web", and proceeded to lecture us on the finer points of Quality of Service protocols.
Faultline, 22 Apr 2007

Microsoft Silverlight to copy Flash video tricks, Adobe responds

AnalysisMicrosoft last week made what is likely to be a lame attempt to slam the barn door after the video horse has bolted, copying the Adobe Flash Video strategy with a product that is quite simply too late.
Faultline, 22 Apr 2007

Another postcard from Intel in Lisboa

Intel has to find something to do with all that processing power it supplies and perhaps rendering yer actual Avatar is it. Well, whatever the driver, at the Think Parallel Intel EMEA Software Conference 2.0 in Lisbon, Jonathan Erickson (Editor-in-Chief, Dr Dobb’s Journal) gave a convincing presentation of Second Life as the new developer community. It’s just like an extension of Dungeons and Dragons really - not that I was ever a Dwarf in a distant castle dreaming of being a nerd programming banking systems, oh no, that wasn’t me at all, that was some other Dwarven manifestation….
David Norfolk, 22 Apr 2007

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