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Intuit to refund TurboTax-niks for taxing times onTax Day

Intuit is to refund TurboTax customers who tried to file their tax returns with the IRS on Tax Day using the company's e-filing system - and who got heart attacks instead. As world+dog knows by now, Intuit's servers buckled under the strain of customers trying to fulfil their American taxpayers' duty on April 17.
Drew Cullen, 21 Apr 2007

Palm distances itself from Windows

While Microsoft struggles to adapt its Windows and browser platforms for the mobile environment, it is losing ground to Linux even among new friends, notably Palm.
Faultline, 21 Apr 2007

Creating a Portlet from a JSF Application with WebCenter

A portal is a web application that aggregates a collection of web applications (portlets) running on a page in separate windows. A portlet is a web component (application) that runs in a portlet container, processes requests and generates dynamic content.
Deepak Vohra, 21 Apr 2007

Google's AdWords set to face jury for the first time

Google will face another trade mark law suit over its AdWords system after a judge refused Google's request that the case be thrown out of court. The issue will be tried before a jury for the first time.
OUT-LAW.COM, 21 Apr 2007

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