20th April 2007 Archive

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  • Pirate radio: the pros and the cons

    Good for community, bad for emergency services

    Media 20 00:19

  • ICSTIS denies £250K Richard and Judy fine

    We're still thinking about it

    Networks 20 00:28

  • What's the real cost of internet video?

    The economics of prime time

    Media 20 06:02

  • Cable and Wireless asks Bulldog data theft victims to get in touch

    Information Commissioner: 'whodonewhatnow?'

    Broadband 20 07:02

  • Attackers improve on JavaScript trickery

    Obfuscation is my middle name

    Security 20 07:02

  • Medion muscles into UMPC market

    Launches GoPal S2310 sat nav device too

    Hardware 20 08:51

  • Staff use of Web 2.0 is unseen threat, survey says

    Companies underestimating leak risk

    Small Biz 20 08:54

  • Suing a cartel should be easier, says OFT

    Competition rules under scrutiny

    Small Biz 20 09:19

  • Need enhanced data security? Try a condom

    Google recommends prophylaxis

    Security 20 09:24

  • ORG plots e-voting observation

    Keeping a watchful eye on things

    Government 20 09:55

  • Bell Micro talks up record-breaking Q1

    Stock options practices under review, though

    The Channel 20 10:11

  • NASA, DoD in underwater astronaut doc-bot trial

    IP-controlled surgery may give new meaning to the term 'hacker'

    Science 20 10:21

  • BOFH: Geeks on heat

    All's fair in love and war

    BOFH 20 10:37

  • Chinese translation software blamed in racist sofa outrage

    'Mommy, what colour is that?'

    Bootnotes 20 10:55

  • Lyrid meteors to sear Sunday's skies

    A show for insomniacs everywhere

    Science 20 10:58

  • Alcohol boosts health benefit of fruit

    Strawberry daiquiris all round

    Science 20 10:59

  • And the centre of your desktop is...

    The poll results are in

    Business 20 11:28

  • Lloyds TSB certificate glitch sparks concerns

    Trust no one

    Security 20 11:36

  • Oracle shuts Windows on data integrity drive

    Multivendor data checking spec will be Linux-only

    Servers 20 11:45

  • 'Mary Celeste' yacht mystery puzzles Oz

    Abandoned vessel adrift off Queensland

    Bootnotes 20 11:50

  • Kremlin touts plan for Siberia-Alaska tunnel

    Digging for victory?

    Science 20 12:40

  • ESA gives MoonTwins project to UK firm

    Brace yourself for the acronym attack

    Science 20 12:41

  • Handwrite onto your BlackBerry

    You want me to sign where?

    Mobile 20 13:09

  • Dutch escort agency to service geek virgins

    'A lot of demand' from IT sector

    Bootnotes 20 13:22

  • Click fraudsters flick industry the finger

    Bots still faking it with online ads

    Financial News 20 13:28

  • UMPCs: still a gimmick despite Intel's best efforts?

    It's the battery life, stupid

    Hardware 20 13:44

  • Dodgy accountants sup Um Bongo from exposed holes

    To subscribe to The Register's weekly newsletter - seven days of IT in a single hit - click here

    Business 20 13:49

  • Nokia boosts downloads with low-cost 3G phone

    Phones 20 14:05

  • Disgruntled techie attempts Californian power blackout

    Counter-terror feds swoop after data centre sabotage

    Security 20 14:12

  • Bull goes industrial with software factory

    Open source code fuels distributed development

    Developer 20 14:18

  • Intel extends market share gains

    AMD's share back to where it was in Q3 2005

    Hardware 20 15:10

  • IT firms compromise on global injustice

    Unions sceptical

    Financial News 20 15:20

  • BT buys more of Latin America

    Comsat deal takes 21CN south of the border

    Financial News 20 15:22

  • Talking and driving more dangerous if you're alone

    Mobile phone use twice as dangerous as talking to passengers

    Mobile 20 15:23

  • Stolen laptops fuel industrial espionage fears for UK software firm

    All hands to the pump

    Security 20 15:27

  • Netgear SPH200D Skype/DECT phone

    New, all-white phone's all right

    Phones 20 15:36

  • Immigration and broadband suffer unpopular limitations

    And we're moving to France

    Letters 20 15:51

  • RIM explains BlackBerry failure

    Upgrade to non-critical system led to critical failure

    Servers 20 15:52

  • Airwave strike threats as Macquarie takes over

    Aussie subtlety could leave coppers radio-less

    Financial News 20 15:54

  • Russians crack OpenOffice security

    Software utility unlocks locked documents

    Security 20 17:11

  • On the Office format wars

    Politics and ODF vs OpenXML

    Applications 20 17:21

  • Texas Senate waves through cell phone wiretapping bill

    Harder to buy pre-paid cell phones, easier to bug

    Law 20 17:38

  • Panasonic CF-Y5 Toughbook laptop

    A Navy SEAL of notebooks... a lumberjack of laptops

    Hardware 20 18:41

  • Nokia plunders Motorola's market share

    Mobile phone market growing more slowly lately

    Mobile 20 19:52

  • Cheaper phones crimp Nokia profits

    North America remains indifferent to company's charms

    Financial News 20 20:05

  • Satnav hacking made simple

    Create your own traffic jam, bull fight or air raid

    Security 20 21:19

  • Dell offers XP again amidst Vista complaints

    Users ask to party like its 2001

    Hardware 20 22:59

  • Safari zero-day exploit nets $10,000 prize

    Pwn'd in 12 hours

    Hardware 20 23:38

  • Overland feels overstaffed

    Reducing 14 per cent of its workforce

    Storage 20 23:53