19th April 2007 Archive

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  • Student loan companies illegally use US database

    Education department shuts down access

    Security 19 Apr 00:04

  • Which games console is most web 2.0-friendly?

    Surf's up for the Wii and the PS3

    Games 19 Apr 08:02

  • Samsung adds picture-in-picture to DMB phone

    Postage stamp 'o vision

    Mobile 19 Apr 08:02

  • Quad-core won't make it big until 2009 - reseacher

    Intel agrees

    Hardware 19 Apr 09:02

  • Data theft replaces malware as top security concern

    Reality check

    Security 19 Apr 09:09

  • Copyright protection warning for Web 2.0 start ups

    Stand by your lawyer

    Law 19 Apr 09:12

  • Phishing attack evades bank's two-factor authentication

    Man in the middle

    Security 19 Apr 09:13

  • Oracle scoops up AppForge assets

    Mobile apps go west

    Applications 19 Apr 09:16

  • Worker sacked on day before age law took effect is reinstated

    But deadline has passed for similar cases

    Business 19 Apr 09:18

  • Microsoft to fork out $180m to Iowa

    Anti-trust settlement

    Law 19 Apr 09:30

  • Haier raises UMPC to new heights

    Hardware 19 Apr 10:02

  • Breathe coughs to email upgrade bodge

    Nobody mention PlusNet

    Broadband 19 Apr 10:10

  • Scumbag malware authors exploit Virginia Tech tragedy

    Camera phone footage ruse leads to Trojan depository

    Security 19 Apr 10:12

  • The politics of email in the workplace

    Mixing business with pleasure

    Business 19 Apr 10:13

  • Counter Strike firm in credit card hack claim

    Hacker, customers accuse Valve of coverup

    Security 19 Apr 11:09

  • Unions propose global action

    Merger eyes up multinationals

    Financial News 19 Apr 11:12

  • Boffins to test Star Trek space shield

    Set deflectors to maximum

    Science 19 Apr 11:13

  • Tag dementia sufferers, says minister

    'Freedom to roam'

    Government 19 Apr 11:15

  • Hi hon, I'm on d plane

    n flyt fons cum 1 step closer

    Mobile 19 Apr 11:15

  • Beeb extends download trial to Macs

    Apple DRM not helping

    Media 19 Apr 11:50

  • Did Herschel discover the rings around Uranus?

    1797 vs 1977

    Science 19 Apr 11:56

  • Canadian seal hunters trapped in ice

    100-boat ice jam delays cull

    Science 19 Apr 12:01

  • A postcard from Intel in Lisbon

    Intel says 'parallel or perish'

    Developer 19 Apr 12:16

  • XP buried as users roll over, play dead for sex and choccy

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    The Channel 19 Apr 13:01

  • PC shipments are buoyant, says analyst

    Troubled waters for Dell, though

    The Channel 19 Apr 13:02

  • Sky recruiting to fill Sky+ customisation gap

    New product due in 2008

    Broadband 19 Apr 13:13

  • Google bugles death of Froogle

    Do no punning

    Applications 19 Apr 13:16

  • MP plans Bob Mugabe body-blow

    Motion to strip tyrant of honorary degree

    Government 19 Apr 13:16

  • US 'Land Warrior' wearable-computing headed to Iraq

    Despite programme cancellation, poor user reviews

    Science 19 Apr 13:53

  • Musteline menace tests Sheffield steel

    Badger orgy of destruction threatens city

    Science 19 Apr 14:05

  • Cigarette break saves US woman's life

    Warning: Trees falling on your house can kill

    Bootnotes 19 Apr 14:06

  • Robot spacecraft in zero-gee pumping shocker

    DARPA, Boeing claim 'autonomous servicing' now a reality

    Science 19 Apr 14:12

  • FSA lumps £81m appendage on Fujitsu

    52 staff outsourced

    The Channel 19 Apr 14:14

  • Vodafone explains N95 crippling

    It's for your own good, apparently

    Mobile 19 Apr 14:42

  • Ubuntu launch marred by website woes

    Open then shut

    Software 19 Apr 14:46

  • Yahoo! China! sued! in! US!

    Human rights case

    Law 19 Apr 15:07

  • Thunderbird 2 is go

    Scrubbed up version takes flight

    Applications 19 Apr 15:10

  • European e-crime portal scheme floated

    Lending Voice to cybercrime victims

    Security 19 Apr 15:40

  • Operation Ore: evidence of massive credit card fraud

    Innocent until accused of paedophilia

    Law 19 Apr 15:49

  • US State department rooted by 0-day Word attack

    An accident waiting to happen

    Security 19 Apr 17:54

  • Imation buys TDK's recording media biz

    And they can prove it: they've got the whole thing on tape

    Financial News 19 Apr 18:22

  • Sun injects NetBeans into Ubuntu

    Spreading the word

    Developer 19 Apr 18:42

  • Microsoft debuts Windows for the Poor

    $3 suite for students in developing countries

    Operating Systems 19 Apr 19:07

  • Survey: Storage users seek interoperability

    Want products more interoperablebleblerer

    Storage 19 Apr 19:51

  • US backs whistleblower suits against HP, Sun and Accenture

    Kickback Rodeo

    The Channel 19 Apr 21:32

  • Ads surge secures Google earnings

    CEO 'ecstatic'

    Financial News 19 Apr 21:53

  • AMD swings to $611m loss

    800-pound gorilla Intel provides the vine

    Hardware 19 Apr 22:32

  • Apple plugs 25 security holes

    Patch despatch

    Hardware 19 Apr 22:52

  • Embedded devices a cinch to pwn

    The weak link in the chain

    Security 19 Apr 23:10

  • Lenovo sheds jobs to increase profit

    Do these 1,400 employees make me look fat?

    The Channel 19 Apr 23:51