18th April 2007 Archive

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  • Hitachi woos mid-sized Americans with new blade

    560 cores, 110 volts

    Servers 18 Apr 00:05

  • Curl back with Web 2.0 punch

    Style and substance

    Developer 18 Apr 00:32

  • University admins lend phishers a hand

    Hacked cluster serves up addresses

    Security 18 Apr 00:35

  • IBM fires on some cylinders in Q1

    Software and services good

    Financial News 18 Apr 00:53

  • Yahoo! profits nothing to shout about!

    Panama fails to cap sales

    Financial News 18 Apr 00:55

  • Intel introduces ultra-mobile PC platform

    'Stealy' revealed as Centrino for UMPCs

    Phones 18 Apr 02:36

  • Chip giant pledges integrated graphics boost

    Render mender

    Hardware 18 Apr 03:52

  • $1m concept PC contest winners named

    But neither of them on the public shortlist

    Hardware 18 Apr 04:31

  • Woven threatens to make 10Gig E cheap and stable

    Fibre Channel? Infiniband? Forget it

    Data Networking 18 Apr 04:58

  • Quote of the Day

    What tickles Intel veep Steve Smith

    Hardware 18 Apr 06:27

  • C2000 projects high hopes for AV biz

    Targets SMEs and education

    The Channel 18 Apr 08:02

  • Finance managers top company fraud list

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely

    Small Biz 18 Apr 08:57

  • Delusional thoroughbred chief wants US out of GATS

    Horseracing head keeps head in sand

    Law 18 Apr 09:10

  • Orange and Vodafone cripple Nokia's flagship

    N95 comes with VoIP disabled

    Mobile 18 Apr 09:19

  • 'Please read this important email: you are being shot'

    Are you Twittering this?

    Government 18 Apr 09:33

  • Intel inserts hack into Celebrity

    Cast aside like Monday's mat

    Hardware 18 Apr 09:42

  • Google grants webmasters the power of China

    Deindexing for the masses

    CIO 18 Apr 09:43

  • US Navy malware infection risked submarine prang

    Disgruntled contractor donned black hat after losing business

    Security 18 Apr 09:46

  • HP ProCurve gets the NAC

    The enforcer at the edge

    Security 18 Apr 09:49

  • BlackBerry network squashed

    Email-push pushed over in USA and Canada

    Mobile 18 Apr 09:51

  • MS Office versus the browser

    What's the centre of your desktop?

    Business 18 Apr 10:13

  • Spanish flag flies over Gibraltar

    British sovereign territory violated, military action likely

    Bootnotes 18 Apr 10:15

  • Austrian OAPs in crazed hare terror ordeal

    Police shoot would-be leporine assassin

    Bootnotes 18 Apr 10:19

  • Fast trekkin' to requirements

    Who's afraid of requirements management?

    Developer 18 Apr 10:59

  • UK crematoria eye heavyweight incinerators

    Coffins growing with the nation's waistlines

    Bootnotes 18 Apr 11:57

  • Dual- and quad-core 'Penryn' CPUs benchmarked


    Hardware 18 Apr 12:02

  • Data chief does a Bronson over Grange Hill firm's CV exposé

    You boy!

    Security 18 Apr 12:02

  • 'Smart dust' to explore alien worlds

    Or assemble itself into shapeshifting android vampire assassins

    Science 18 Apr 12:16

  • Goldsmiths appoints professor of games

    Ex-IBMer joins Brit art's alma mater

    Government 18 Apr 12:16

  • Orange broadband trials error hijacking

    ASP: advertising service provider

    Networks 18 Apr 12:17

  • China fails to ban nude web chats

    No basis in law for a cover-up

    Law 18 Apr 12:18

  • Midlands police cuff war driving duo

    Cardboard camouflage ruse fails Wi-Fi 'thief'

    Security 18 Apr 13:08

  • Workplace smut runs rampant

    Security policies honoured in the breach

    Security 18 Apr 13:10

  • The VoIP wars: air supply is an optional feature

    Mobile carriers seek to choke new market

    Networks 18 Apr 13:51

  • MPs give Ofcom a high def battering

    Don't mess with Chorley

    Networks 18 Apr 13:53

  • UK's 'elitist' immigration rules billed for January

    Byrne gets tough on border control

    Law 18 Apr 14:29

  • Rookie plumber torches £5m mansion

    First day on the job goes up in smoke

    Bootnotes 18 Apr 14:31

  • Barclays deploys PINsentry to fight fraud

    Chip-and-PIN marches into the home

    Security 18 Apr 14:42

  • LG launches first foray into dual-format HD arena

    UK release of Blu-ray/HD DVD high-definition player

    Hardware 18 Apr 14:49

  • Ethanol cars unhealthier than petrol ones?

    Quixotic Californian boffin favours windmill-powered motors

    Science 18 Apr 14:50

  • HD DVD player sales pass 100k mark in US

    Rising demand

    Hardware 18 Apr 15:02

  • Afghanistan succumbs to killer virus hoax

    Mobile message of death crosses border

    Bootnotes 18 Apr 15:27

  • Reg readers admit to faking it

    Poll results: The frustrations of front line support

    Reg Technology Panel 18 Apr 16:12

  • Heavy competition hits Motorola's bottom line

    Slumping phone sales

    Financial News 18 Apr 18:01

  • Study: Users pay for Microsoft patent woes

    'Patent tax' of $21.50 each

    Operating Systems 18 Apr 21:28

  • eBay profits jump 52 per cent

    More, more, more

    Financial News 18 Apr 23:21

  • ICANN gets restraining order against RegisterFly

    $6000 chihuahua brought to heel at last

    Law 18 Apr 23:26

  • Role-players amok in Second Life

    Games within a game

    Media 18 Apr 23:34