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CDs, chocolate, and cigarettes dumped in favour of phones

The latest survey of how da youth uses mobile phones, due to be released soon, shows that European youngsters will get their first phone around the age of 8, and will sink $28,000 into the device during their lifetime.
Bill Ray, 15 Apr 2007

Inside Amazon's web services

In 2006, Amazon.com launched several web services aimed at developers: the Simple Storage Service (S3) offering unlimited internet storage, the Simple Queue Service for reliable message delivery, and the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) which lets developer create and manage virtual server instances programmatically.
Tim Anderson, 15 Apr 2007

Nextwave plan begins to take shape – as IP Wireless finds a home

AnalysisRags to riches broadband wireless operator NextWave has acquired TDD pioneer IP Wireless, completing a cluster of acquisitions that make a nonsense out of the age-old rule that operators should not own the technology they use.
Faultline, 15 Apr 2007

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