13th April 2007 Archive

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  • Cisco wireless products suffer multiple vulns

    These bugs can bite

    Security 13 00:34

  • Citrix goes whole hog with virtual Windows

    Made to order Vista

    Servers 13 01:10

  • Sun buys MIA SavaJe's IP

    Mobile match

    Mobile 13 01:15

  • ESA spies space tsunami

    We're in it for the pictures

    Science 13 05:02

  • Games swap site goes live

    Games 13 08:02

  • Are songwriters double-dipping?

    When a performance isn't a performance

    Media 13 08:28

  • AMD to brand ATI Radeon 2000 series for HD era

    R600 details finalised as launch nears

    Hardware 13 08:39

  • Sony revamps satnav line-up

    Science 13 08:43

  • Linux and Solaris face off

    Some reader experiences

    Developer 13 09:05

  • Samsung says 'yes' to dual HD DVD, Blu-ray player

    Didn't appear in 2005, 2006; will ship in 2007

    Hardware 13 09:10

  • Vonage chief walks


    VoIP 13 09:17

  • Public private partnerships no panacea, report says

    Magic bullet not quite on target

    Policy 13 09:20

  • Google offers UK payments

    Checkout checks in

    Financial News 13 09:37

  • Wi-Fi equipped iPod on the horizon?

    Hardware 13 09:46

  • Accused Pentagon hacker prosecution could backfire

    US military security still poor after 'biggest' hack

    Security 13 10:06

  • Qantas jet almost rammed by sky-hog glider pilot

    Mystery birdman wreaks havoc over Adelaide. Sort of

    Bootnotes 13 10:07

  • Brazilian airline takes off in Second Life

    Free flights in saddo paradise

    Bootnotes 13 10:08

  • Hot or not? Nimble vs Bebo

    New social networking site attempts to woo punters

    Bootnotes 13 10:11

  • Global warming threatens Aussie plonk

    Vineyards may head south to cooler climes

    Science 13 11:04

  • German boffins make sperm cells from bone marrow

    What future for boners?

    Science 13 11:06

  • Swiss turn Titanic into timepieces

    Liner's steel plate used for luxury wristwatches

    Bootnotes 13 11:08

  • LG offers taster of candybar Shine

    Metal mobile to appear in all form-factors

    Phones 13 11:43

  • World's biggest tiger stages a clawback

    Siberian population 'finally stabilised'

    Science 13 12:14

  • Evil twins spread zombie plague

    Sdbot and Gaobot infections behind most botnets

    Security 13 12:19

  • PlusNet just wants to be loved - again

    The long and winding road back

    Broadband 13 12:58

  • Loutish users scupper collaborative technology

    Socially inept choose the wrong comms tools - report

    Management 13 13:01

  • China cracks down on net porn

    Cyberspace contaminated, young minds perverted

    Law 13 13:04

  • Feds hail trials of new nuke-sniffing tech

    Neutron beams probe cat litter, bananas

    Government 13 13:18

  • US nailguns itself towards extinction

    The human cost of DIY

    Bootnotes 13 13:22

  • Arrests follow punch-up at Cyprus convent

    Two stabbed as priests and nuns wade in

    Bootnotes 13 13:24

  • Roaming cuts by summer, but other price rises on cards?

    EU shows resounding support for mobile price controls

    Mobile 13 13:41

  • Why the PS3 might share the same fate as the PSP

    Will the Wii beat the PS3 like the DS Lite trumped the PSP?

    Games 13 13:46

  • Visa hit by transactions failure

    Friday 13, unlucky for some

    The Channel 13 13:49

  • HD hackers stay ahead of AACS

    The week's hottest personal technology stories

    Data Centre 13 14:02

  • Servers go to trailer parks in Iceland

    To subscribe to The Register's weekly newsletter - seven days of IT in a single hit - click here

    Business 13 14:02

  • Stripping Belgian lager girl off UK shelves

    Removable swimsuit beer label ruled offside

    Bootnotes 13 14:13

  • Researchers serve up obesity gene

    Not the same as having fat bones, though

    Science 13 14:50

  • Router technology creeps into the space age

    IRIS project opens up IP routing over satellite

    Data Networking 13 15:22

  • House-trash party girl blames 'hackers'

    MySpace invite turned family home into bomb site

    Security 13 15:54

  • Orange suspends extranet after attack

    Enable disabled

    Mobile 13 15:55

  • CBS signs online partners

    Buddies up with AOL, CNet, Microsoft and Sling

    Media 13 15:55

  • Indian tiger starts to waddle

    Infosys drops to fourth gear

    Financial News 13 16:00

  • Future warfare and all that Jizz

    and introducing the flash moon

    Letters 13 16:13

  • Virgin sees Sky in court

    Bluff called: turns out not to be bluff

    Broadband 13 16:31

  • Killer virus hoax panics Pakistan

    Sinister message rattles mobile users

    Broadband 13 16:33

  • New Laws of Robotics proposed for US kill-bots

    Droid-on-droid mayhem OK'd; machines to ask before snuffing humans

    Science 13 17:05

  • Vendors oversell Business Intelligence (now there's a surprise)

    Unrealistic expectations

    Business 13 17:51

  • Kumar to return $800m to CA shareholders

    Assuming he lives to be 250 years old

    Financial News 13 18:49

  • WD touts quieter, smoother drives for video

    Bidding for the DVR and set-top box business

    Hardware 13 19:24

  • Unified storage combo binds NAS, SAN and DR

    Nexsan and Reldata ally for low cost network storage

    Storage 13 19:25

  • US agencies cybersecurity defences are outstandingly mediocre

    From Dunce's cap to C- in one bound

    Government 13 19:39

  • Pork-stuffed Cray parades CEO and product

    Slow smoked profit

    Servers 13 19:47

  • Of HP's Virtual Connect

    Young Blades

    The Channel 13 20:09

  • Net does its part to bring down American Idol

    Have you?

    Bootnotes 13 20:19

  • DiData sells sub-scale Swedish sub

    Home is where the money is, which is not Sweden

    The Channel 13 21:14

  • Attacks exploit Windows DNS server flaw

    Only workarounds for now

    Security 13 22:36

  • Calif. techies sue AT&T and Yellowpages in overtime spat

    Exempt? We don't think so!

    Law 13 23:26