12th April 2007 Archive

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  • Sony US yanks 20GB PlayStation 3

    Demand for 'budget' console too small

    Games 12 Apr 07:32

  • Shuttle debuts firey hued, liquid cooled gaming PC

    Dual-core CPU, twin GPUs

    Hardware 12 Apr 08:00

  • Ebuyer caught pinching content again

    Once is a misfortune but twice looks like carelessness

    The Channel 12 Apr 08:02

  • Orange unpeels Samsung BlackBerry-esque i600

    Coming this month?

    Phones 12 Apr 08:32

  • Intel Core 2 Celerons benchmarked

    As-yet-unannounced CPUs take on AMD Athlon 64

    Hardware 12 Apr 09:00

  • Hitachi Consulting acquires Impact Plus

    Plans for growth in European market

    The Channel 12 Apr 09:02

  • Finisar unwraps cure for SAN fabric blindness

    I can see! I can see!

    Data Centre 12 Apr 09:14

  • Government predicts one third of people will resist ID checks

    But Home Office says 'pah, the figures are out of date'

    Security 12 Apr 09:16

  • Overlooking tradeoffs could kill your project

    Tradeoffs are good

    Developer 12 Apr 09:19

  • Trading Standards officers become copyright enforcers

    Search and seize

    Law 12 Apr 09:33

  • Nintendo upgrades Wii web browser

    Games 12 Apr 09:37

  • Samsung 10.9mm skinny phone slips into Europe

    Phones 12 Apr 10:00

  • Dell and Adobe UK look for their calculators

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    The Channel 12 Apr 10:08

  • EU poised for vote on roaming cap

    Could reduce charges by 70 per cent

    Mobile 12 Apr 10:11

  • ATM blagger cuffed after artificial leg falls off

    California ne'er-do-well caught on the hop

    Bootnotes 12 Apr 10:12

  • NHS patient site set for summer launch

    Free choice

    Government 12 Apr 10:18

  • Big Blue boffins build 3D chip stack tech

    Look, ma, no wires

    Hardware 12 Apr 10:30

  • Thai king pardons spray-painting Swiss man

    Ten years' jail commuted to deportation

    Bootnotes 12 Apr 10:39

  • Opera brings 'speed dial' to browsers

    An easy ride for surfers

    Applications 12 Apr 10:40

  • Update opens 'hidden' GPS on HTC P3600

    Hardware 12 Apr 11:13

  • LeftHand takes iSCSI to 10Gig

    Slapping SAN and the LAN together

    Data Centre 12 Apr 11:52

  • EU data protection chief slams police data sharing treaty

    Questions 'democratic legitimacy'

    Law 12 Apr 12:04

  • US border patrol tests 98-foot networked radar towers

    Yearning to breathe free? Push off

    Government 12 Apr 12:42

  • NASA plans mission to sweep away cloud mysteries

    Climate change indicators?

    Science 12 Apr 12:46

  • Enormo remote ends lost-under-sofa misery

    Hardware 12 Apr 13:01

  • Loose mouth and loose change - $5 tip leads to terror finance rap

    Small scale danger to fleet indicted

    Law 12 Apr 13:15

  • Kurt Vonnegut dies at 84

    So it goes

    Bootnotes 12 Apr 13:23

  • Peak perfects retractable USB Flash drive

    Hardware 12 Apr 13:25

  • Amazon pushes sex toys to random punters

    Dildo email sent out willy-nilly

    Bootnotes 12 Apr 13:57

  • Sage buys Swiss biz management firm

    And trading on track

    Financial News 12 Apr 14:15

  • Ofcom consults on unlicensed radio

    Free spectrum for all

    Networks 12 Apr 14:48

  • EFF takes up arms against Euro copyright move

    Brandishes web petition

    Law 12 Apr 14:49

  • Sony Walkman NW-A800 media player

    The Walkman enters the digital video arena...

    Hardware 12 Apr 14:50

  • Naomi Campbell MTV 'Minion' show canned

    Search for armour-plated assistant called off

    Bootnotes 12 Apr 14:55

  • T-Mobile 'all white' with blanched BlackBerry Pearl

    iPod-esque smart phone offered in UK

    Phones 12 Apr 15:07

  • HP claims latest printer a record-breaker

    Faster than a speeding jet

    Data Centre 12 Apr 15:15

  • India tests intermediate-range missile

    Looking to boost global status with nuclear muscle?

    Science 12 Apr 15:44

  • Phew! Tila Tequila isn't the future of music

    Top of the Flops

    Media 12 Apr 16:05

  • Microsoft begins virtualization software delays

    Don't! Panic!

    Servers 12 Apr 17:40

  • Technorati stung by ad-friendly vibe

    Media deal

    Media 12 Apr 17:48

  • Woman claims Geek Squader tried to film her in the shower

    Not part of service plan

    The Channel 12 Apr 17:59

  • How much do security breaches cost anyway?

    TJX case sheds light on 'inexact' science

    Security 12 Apr 18:12

  • Red Hat fattens pork pie

    Feds go open source

    Servers 12 Apr 20:35

  • Demo neuters antiphishing measure

    You can be sure that we're unsure

    Security 12 Apr 21:51

  • Apple delays Leopard for your own good

    iPhone's magic to blame

    Hardware 12 Apr 22:06

  • Kepler telescope primed to search for earth-like planets

    Wake me up when you find the space dames

    Science 12 Apr 23:13

  • Wanna copy of Windows XP next year? Forget it

    Microsoft still in withdrawal

    Operating Systems 12 Apr 23:35